Fashion IT Girls we absolutely LOVE!

Fashion IT Girls we absolutely LOVE!

Famous fashionable girls…

Fashion and couture is a huge industry that generates billions of dollars in the global economy. In fact, it is an industry on which rely other secondary industries. Photographers, media, press in all its forms, home accessories, etc, all of them witness success whenever they get inspired by fashion. And because this wheel is in continuous rotation and non-stop evolution, we are likely to see every day many new faces for girls who dream of entering this world, either through designing, modeling or even writing or blogging about everything that happens in the world of fashion.

In this article, we will talk about four relatively new girls who have recently joined the world of fashion and created a certain excitement and change.



1 – Bella Hadid

Out of the Shadow

Super-model Gigi Hadid’s younger sister is no longer working under the shadow of her sister. And even though her mother, Yolanda Hadid was a Dutch super model in her youth, and her billionaire father of Palestinian origins moved to the United States many years ago, Bella has made her way to fashion shows because of her classical beauty and shape.

Bella lived in a rich environment that was very familiar with fashion and arts in all its forms. Taking pictures of the family was a routine she got used to in her everyday life, and during vacations and journeys, and these pictures were behind her fame at a future stage when the world began to see her in random and natural photos with her famous friends Kylie and Kendal Jenner. Not long ago, Bella seized her golden opportunity when she swayed to the music of her boyfriend at the time, The Weekend, in one of the world’s most famous fashion shows, Victoria Secrets.

Bella is currently studying photography at Parsons School of Design. She has always wanted to work behind the camera, which led her to experience modeling and standing in front of the camera in order to understand the concept of the two positions. What the public does not know is that Bella is a professional horse rider who has been hoping to participate in the Olympic equestrian events at the Olympic games but her passion for fashion and catwalks stole her dream, and even as a fashion model she excelled and won the Breakout Star award that grants to each model who deserves the title based on her dedicated work and designers who prefer her.

People usually compare Bella to her sister Gigi even before fame! Perhaps this is what pushed Bella to dye her hair dark in order to build her own identity since she is originally a blonde like her mother and sister.

Bella is currently working with the finest and most famous fashion houses. Nothing stands in the way of this woman, even the fact that she is suffering from a chronic disease called Lyme, like her mother and her brother Anwar. Bella is a strong and fighting young woman who evaluates her decisions before choosing the best for her and her future.

2.Margaret Zhang

The Talented Go Getter!

The creative petite Asian Australian Fashion Blogger is one of our favorite fashion bloggers. Her charming touches, whether in the daily clothes she wears or the random photos she captures and publishes on her social accounts are enough to put her in the category of artists in general, not just in fashion. Margaret is a girl who does it all! She is a photographer, stylist, creative consultant, writer, and blogger. Not to forget that she’s also studying law at the University of Sydney.We really don’t know how this gifted girl can do all this with such dazzling dedication and still show up in a unique and extraordinary look every time the paparazzi cameras catch her.

Margaret began blogging at the age of 16 in a blog named Shine By Three and she never knew at the time that she would become few years later one of the most influential bloggers in the world of fashion in her country and the world. The purpose of the blog was to expose everything she likes about art and fashion. Margaret used to take photos for herself by herself, style her clothes and write about what she sees and admires in the fashion world until one day calls, offers and proposals emerged from everywhere. Everyone wanted something from Marguerite’s creativity in its printed media or photography session. That is how she became famous among international companies and prestigious brands that offered her multiple partnerships in the largest projects of beauty, art and fashion.

When people ask her how she does to execute all the projects, Margaret confesses that she is really tired, but her passion for fashion drives her to do more. For her, every opportunity is an adventure and every project is a unique learning experience.

Margaret is characterized by her unique style. When she debuted, her appearances were based on cute clothing that enhances the innocence of the young girl, but with time everything changed since she grew older and advanced at work. Her clothes became more confident and powerful, relying on formal looks and jackets with clear cuts and wide pants.

  1. Amelia and Delilah Hamlin

The Next Millennial Models to Watch

Their famous parents may have opened the door for them to enter the amazing fashion world! But the reputation of their family couldn’t get them offers if they were not fully ready in all respects. Amelia and Delilah Hamlin are the new faces in the modeling world. Amelia (16 years) participated in Dennis Basso’s latest show, and captured the attention of the press and interested entities. As for the 19-year-old Delilah, her photos on her instagram account attracted the International Modeling Company that seized the opportunity to conclude a contract with her and she was firstly introduced to the fashion world through a Tommy Hilfiger show at the New York Fashion Week.

The rising stars’ mother is the veteran actress Liza Reina, who appeared for many years in morning soap operas and who wished to become a model in her youth but was not lucky enough to fulfill her dream! Their father is the actor and director Harry Hamlin.

Since their debut, the two girls have been compared in the media and press to the two sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, and stories emerged about the fact that the sisters Hamlin and Hadid experience an ongoing struggle for fame and work. But the sisters always affirm that there is no room for competition between them and Hadid. The fashion industry from modeling to media campaigns is big enough to welcome everyone. Delilah participated in a fashion show for Tommy Hilfiger, who got inspired and designed his collection in collaboration with Gigi Hadid who gave her name to the collection and added her own touch to it.

At this early age, the Hamlin sisters were able to place their names on the American style map, especially that they always adopt a comfortable and distinctive sport style. Delilah and Amelia travel wearing Adidas and Nike sportswear, but if they ever get invited to extravagant events, you see them in classic looks that reflect their personalities and age.

  1. Micah Gianneli

The Visual Communicator

With more than a million followers waiting for Micah’s pictures every day, this fashion-loving girl is considered one of the personalities who captures the biggest number of photos. The most famous fashion houses and brands hurry to collaborate with Micah. Australia’s most famous blogger receives hundreds of pieces daily to choose what she likes from them in order to market them in her own way.

In general, Micah’s style in displaying items and taking photos of them is characterized by her simple and modest interaction with people. Her photos are always taken in outdoor locations, in the street, parks and public buildings, in front of people and with people in a way that make them appear random and natural, but serious and specific.

Micah studied fashion design at RMIT and after graduation, she worked in the field of styling before starting her journey in blogging and photography that elevated her. Today Micah is one of the leading names in the world of fashion and styling for different fashion houses such as Topshop and Carl Lagerfeld. She is also the ambassador of a wide range of makeup and beauty brands, cars, hotels and resorts around the world.

Nobody wears fur, leather and exotic hats like Micah, even high heels and boots that reach above the knee! This fashionista knows her body perfectly and knows how to transform ordinary and traditional pieces into high-profile, eye-catching looks. Her passion was never limited to fashion, but makeup and beauty occupy a big part of her life and work. For Micah, each look should be integral from the hair to the make-up and clothing from the top of the head to the toes.

For Micah, success does not mean beauty alone but it involves intelligence, determination and enough time to understand the industry in which she works. Those are among the most important factors that any woman should possess in order to reach the summit.

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