Asma Al Mulla.. A first class classic!

A Fashionable Interview with Vintage Baza

Asma Al Mulla… A first class classic!

Asma Al Mulla is calm and serious, but despite all that, she is one of the most influential fashion bloggers in Kuwait. She has the qualities of an ordinary Kuwaiti girl; she looks like a sister or a friend. Asma is known for her simple and soft style. She wears what she likes… and she influences according to her own concept of beauty.

– Who is Asma Al Mulla? Give us a small description of yourself.

I am a simple Kuwaiti girl; I know exactly what I want so that I have referred my love and passion towards everything that is beautiful around me to my career in life. My journey is about different adventures and collaborations in projects that are specialized in fashion and beauty and I am still following this path.

– What is your greatest passion in life?

My passion is beauty in all its forms! But what really inspires me is the creativity I find in the art of making clothes, the art of choosing them, wearing them and decorating them in general.


– What is fashion for you? How do you define it from your own perspective?

Fashion is the act of self-expression. Its effect on the world appears in the patterns of colors, prints and cuts we find in markets, and are inspired from the time and place in which we live, and the need that changes as they change. Fashion is a factor of documentation, codification and history of mankind since we can make history out of fashion.


– You are simple and classic, how did you adopt this “style” and how did you reach it?

I admit that over the years I have committed many fashion mistakes, I wore things that did not suit me and followed some trends that were not mine. I can say today that these mistakes and gaps helped me discover who I am today, and taught me what works for me and what does not fit my personality or the look I want to show out. At this point in my life, I get naturally inspired when I choose what I want to wear. Now, I know myself, I know fashion and I know exactly what suits me.


– Who is your permanent fashion icon?

This year I am fond of the Italian fashionista Giovanna Battaglia.


– What are the three most important trends that will remain immortal in the fashion world from your point of view?

The white t-shirt will remain stylish forever, the classic Trench coat and the Power Suit. I think these three pieces have defied time and came back in each season better than in the previous one.


– How should a woman choose her clothes in general? What factors should she consider when choosing her looks?

First and foremost she must know who she is, and what are the appropriate cuts, looks and colors that don’t only suit her body but also her personality! Choose what makes you feel happy and confident.



-What is your secret in reaching an integral look from the hair to the makeup and clothes?

There is no secret to harmony! It is the simplicity I adopt in all my looks. When I choose my clothes I stay away from exaggeration, and pick the pieces that make me feel natural, especially the pieces that highlight all the natural qualities that I want to show.


– Why did you choose the name of Vintage Baza for your blog?

Baza is an old Kuwaiti name that my close family members call me with since I was a little girl. It has become a second name for me and reflects my personality. As for Vintage, I began long time ago to collect and acquire antiques, and I am passionate about old clothes that are being worn again. Accordingly, my friends on twitter started calling me Vintage Baza so that’s how I came up with this nomination.


– From your point of view, how does the fashion look like in the Kuwaiti street? And how do you find the general level?

I love the fashion of the Kuwaiti street because it is really inspirational. Kuwait’s girls succeed in fashion. They are up to date with the latest trends and know how to use it in a wonderful way according to the environment in which they live. On the streets of Kuwait fashion is always renewed, there is something new every week and this is really interesting.


– What brands do you prefer from Al Ostoura? And why?

In fact I can’t choose because I love them all! I love Alaia because I think every girl should own a piece of this brand that has a clear feminine imprint. Balenciaga has been and remains one of my favorite brands especially when it comes to accessories and bags. I also love Chloe and Delpozo.


– A Red Carpet look that you will never forget?

I rarely focus on the red carpet, but I am eager to follow fashion weeks. That’s why I will choose the look of the Indian actress Sonam Kapoor who wore a Ralph & Russo dress in Paris.

– Tell us a bit about your personal observations of fashion trends in the last season?

I am happy that the fashion of the nineties is back this year and the majority of the collections are offering a wide range of basic and simple pieces that are easy to wear in our daily lives.


Why does fashion occupy a big part of your life?

I have always felt that I understand fashion well, just like a talented artist draws… I wear clothes.


Asma’s 5 tips for a perfect look:

  1. Adopt simplicity and stay away from exaggeration.
  2. Make sure when you choose your daily clothes to have a main / classic piece to style your look accordingly.
  3. Know exactly the place, time and occasion you are attending then choose the right look.
  4. There is no need to exaggerate in two things: accessories and makeup.
  5. Invest in high-quality pieces because they will stay in your closet for a long time.

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