Deconstruction and reconstruction: reclaimed with worn-and-torn couture inspired pieces.

Checked silk cotton kilt dresses are deconstructed and buttoned to the throat.

The Barbour-like oil skin country jackets and trousers re-appropriated into something a biker would wear.


The Shining armor: De-constructed silhouettes with a feminine feel

Tailored suits in varying scales of hounds-tooth with broad shoulder, exaggerated, rounded hip and cropped, kickback trouser in black and Grey.

Deconstructed heirloom dresses are shredded and cut in a mix of floral jacquard, washed organza, and silk tulle.


Savage garden overload: An overdose of florals as prints, embroidery, and embellishments

Oversized, slashed mouliné knit sweaters embroidered with heirloom brooches.

She interpreted the idea of floral healing in deconstructed classic English mackintosh coats patched together again with precious floral textiles

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