You, Mom, and an EXCEPTIONAL TRIP!

You, Mom, and an EXCEPTIONAL TRIP!

Mother’s day Trip….. Discover Love in Fascinating Morocco


March is coming up! It’s time you wonder about a heart-taking gift suitable for moms in Mother’s Day.

Despite many ideas, TRAVELLING always seems to be a perfect choice as a gift, so moms can take a break from their duties and blow off some steam!

Do not think twice! Pack both of your bags and let us take you on a wonderful trip to Morocco, check out a lot of mind-blowing places you never thought about and enjoy plenty of unforgettable moments!

Casablanca – the city that never sleeps!

After checking out of Mohammed V International Airport, we will head straight up to the wonderful-rich in landmarks and sightseeing places- Casablanca. Which includes the Historical Center in the ancient city fortressed by walls and lots of doors, featuring the main Door of Marrakesh.

 Casablanca contains many splendid places and parks such as The Arab University Park and hosts many annual festivals such as the most notably Festival de Casablanca.

 To enjoy your stay in Morocco, we recommend you check-in to the Kenzi Tower Hotel, one of the most breath-taking hotels in Casablanca‏, it is located in one of Casablanca’s Twin Towers with an outstanding view for the whole city, very near to city center and Hassan II Mosque, a few minutes away from Mers Sultan train station.

Your mother can also enjoy booking a room at Hotel Sofitel Casablanca, one of the best hotels in Casablanca featuring a marvelous location near to down town, the Ancient city, Seaport and the Airport.

Also, do not miss checking out the famous Arab League Garden, one of the most millstones of Casablanca, it does back to the 20th century, exactly in 1913. Is was designed to be like the French Gardens Model and contains a variety of plants and trees such as the huge palm trees and surrounded with wide cheerful green areas.


After seeing The Garden, enjoy taking a small break, put on your great alphet and some flats shoes and head straight to the Morocco Mall with your mom, as it’s the largest mall in morocco and Africa, hosting more than 600 world-known brands and comes in a lead place among the biggest 5 malls around the world.

You can also enjoy the large pond’s performances inside the mall, and see vivid sea creatures and coral reefs and sea stars or you can watch the latest Hollywood productions in 3D or you can just hang out around the mall and enjoy the mall yard, which contains a large musical fountain, with water stream dancing on the sound of music.

When the night comes, in case you wanna take your mom for a walk, you can have a blast by walking on Ain Diab Beach and enjoy it’s parks and a lot of entertaining places that attracts both locals and tourists around the world. You sure gonna like how it’s full of life day and night.


The beach is always full of visitors, and contains a lot of classy restaurants and cafés and fancy hotels all beach long from Hassan II Mosque till Phare d’el Hank.


Chefchaouen- Land & Earth

If you want you mom to experience one of a kind tour between nature and water, all you have to do is take her to the city of Chefchaouen also known as (The Blue City) as for the blue colored houses all around. It is to be one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. It’s located on the north-eastern coast and has a lot of waterfalls, natural places and historical monuments.

Chefchaouen city is a beautiful maintained city in the northeast of Morocco with a splendid dramatic background sights of Country Mountains and plenty of beautiful white houses.

You can surprise your mom with some exclusive hand-crafted local gifts like wool cloths and knitted blankets.

Akchour Waterfalls- Water and Vintage architecture

Nerveless, beauty of this city has no limits, and there is a lot to discover such as the beautiful Akchour Waterfalls that contains Tala Sultan’s Natural Reserve and with its marveless blue water.


In case your mom is a fan of old and ancient buildings, you can take her for a tour inside Sweka neighborhood, which is considered the second oldest residential compound in the city and hosts lots of old-type houses owned by an andalusian family lived in the neighborhood a long time ago, you can also see how blue and white color dominates all houses in this neighborhood.

Have a lot of fun buying breath-taking souvenirs or customs from around, where you can see a variety of places that sells these kind of special made gifts as a local Moroccan product.


In case you wanna spend the night at Chefchaouen City you can stay at Dar Zambra Hotel, featuring a traditional Moroccan guest house with a wonderful mountain view and a traditional-garnished Moroccan rooms.


Al Qasba- History and Culture

No doubt, of how proud we feel about of ancestors for excavating and opening many countries, in case your mom loves the old andalusian style, all you have to do is pay a visit to Al Qasba city in the western side of Chefchaouen city. This city was modeled upon the Andalusian Style and contains 10 large towers with a huge garden, alongside with the ethnographic museum that holds many artifacts and ancients pieces revealing the culture of Chefchaouen City that blended and interacted with several Andalusian and Jewish elements that inhabited the city for not less than 5 centuries.


Feast your eyes with a panoramic view of the Chefchaouen city from the

you can check-in Chez Aziz Hotel, ranked as one of the top hotels in Chefchaouen city as it provide residential hotel units with (help yourself) services, located 700m from Al Qasba and near to markets and restaurants. The air-conditioned apartments contains a TV and a Saloon.

With a full equipped kitchen and kitchen tools, with a private bathroom with a shower tub and a hair dryer. You might wanna enjoy the mountain and city views from the room.


Souss Massa National ParkRare animals and plants

Take the chance and have a splendid walk the Souss Massa National Park in Agadir City Square where you can join a lot of cheerful activities.

Choose a proper alphet (you can choose a sports wear) and a sun-blocking hat and enjoy your walk inside the park that is ranked as a natural reserve that contains a wide variety of plants and wild/home raised animals besides enjoying the beach, the sands, and all the wet grounds.


The Park is the homeland of the rare Aibes Bald Bird, Marbled Duck and many rare Mammals such as Scimitar oryx, Addax and Dama gazelle.

Do not forget to take your mom for a visit to the famous castle park and enjoy the view of carved rooms inside the mountain rocks that goes back for hundreds of years.


Agadir Valley Park- Adventures and Safari

In case your mom adores nature and safari take outs, Valley of Birds Park

Would be quite a destination as it is part of Tamra Gut river valley in the famous Moroccan Atlantic Mountains and considered a natural reserve famous for its plenty of natural water pools and small waterfalls that shapes the rocks underneath.

The valley is also called (Paradise), as the Park Admin. Organizes many safari trips inside it to check out a lot of beautiful and natural places and enjoy water games and sports.


If your mom has the sense of dare and boldness, she sure will enjoy cliff jumping.


Have no worries about being hungry after all these activities, The Park has a lot of cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy having The Famous Moroccan Tagine.

Agadir Beach- Relaxing

Check out Agadir Beach where you sure will enjoy worm sun light, soft sands between your feet and crystal clear blue water. You can either swim, surf or enjoy various aqua sports or you can stay in a classy beach hotel along the coast and have unforgettable moments in the Moroccan style cafés and restaurants.

Sea of Sands

If you wanna a getaway place for your mom, just visit the amazing orange one of kind dunes of Erg Chebbi-Grand Desert.


Celebrity Neighborhood

Enjoy having a classy tour in Darb Al Sultan, one of the largest and oldest historical neighborhoods in Casablanca and a current resident for a lot of Moroccan celebrities, athletes, actors and artists. it has a way of attracting merchants and tourists form different cities till It became the key market in Folk Casablanca. Visitors can acquire a lot of gifts and souvenirs at affordable prices.

Playing with Snakes

Surprise your mother with an exquisite entertaining tour and take her out to AlFanaa Mosque Square, one of the most visited places on Marrakesh and considered one of the most sightseeing places in Morocco.

It is full of marveless snake shows and lot of street cries.

Old but Gold

Your mom is an ancient art fan? We have got a great deal!

Enjoy visiting Dar Batha Museum as it once was a summer vacation and a guesthouse palace with an Andalusian/Spanish design model. It has a wide collection of exhibits such as artifacts and hand-crafted products.

It’s a must-see place frequented by many world wide ancient art fans who are interest in  familiarize themselves with the Moroccan art in the city of Fez.

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