a spell between cacophony and charm of prints & patterns.

A key look: structured, peplum slip bodice over the full skirt, in a mash-up of flowery prints.

A collection with a lot happening, but in a season, sometimes strange and mostly ho-hum, it was welcomed stuff — for its audacity, ideas, and realization. 


An out-there collection brimming with engaging overstatement.

curvaceous tailoring was evident in the silhouettes of this collection.

Slightly retro silhouettes were brought up-to-date with exaggerated proportions and consisted of dresses and skirts.


Unraveling regal florals and checks, and everything in between.

Dresses made from panels of heavy satin were worn over long skirts and a 1950s-style print bathing suit became a top worn with a floral skirt.

While this was hardly a collection for the Street-obsessed set, Risso gave a wink and nod and endless yardage to outsized polo shirts.

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