A Mother & Son affair with Art!

When a mother and her son have a mutual “art in common”, then you have a quite relationship! Samar Al-Mutawa & Hamed Al-Refaea are not just bonded in blood, but also in colors, drawings and creative visions that make them in a continuous communication about inexhaustible passion. Samar (Artiest and Painter) discovered her son’s talent for art since his early ages, but she did stop there! She started encouraging him and developing his skills till they became partners in passion.

To find out more, we had this lovely interview.


  • Who is Samar Al-Mutawa, tell us more about yourself?

I’m Samar, I’m a single mom of 5 kids, artist and accessories designer, a certified Zumba Trainer/Life Coach, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an influencer, and a fighter for love and life.


  • When did you start taking interest into Art? Can we know the detailed story?

I started taking interest into art since I was 13 years old, especially when I was talking art lessons. I always had a feeling that I’m very good at it and I always had this butterfly tickles in my stomach (Thrill) when I finish an art project.

I didn’t pay any deep focused attention into it until I was majored in publicity and advertising back in collage. I didn’t know that I had a creative sense nor the proper motive for such field, so I decided in my 1st year to enroll myself into a sub-specialty field and choose Fine Arts. Frankly, I was taken by the beauty of all the artifacts around me. Only then I know I have a long journey of work ahead of me. Then my skills got better and I got high scores. I was very proud of myself when I knew that one of my paintings was on the walls of (New England School of Art and Design) and I’m still very thrilled about it.

  • How can you define Art?

Art is purifies the eyes and nourishes the soul, it is very crucial for all humanity.


  • What kind of messages you are trying imply in you art works?

Abstract messages/modern/portraits.


  • What method you do you use in you drawings?

Simple yet deep.


  • What is your source of inspiration?

My intra-connection with my feelings.


  • When did you discover that you son Hamed had such talent and energy towards Art?

It started when he was 3 years old. He used to come back home from school with these flawless colored drawings saying “Mom, I’m gonna be an artist”, not “I can’t be an artist” or “how I am becoming an artist!” he was so positive of it.


I though he was too young to be an artist, yet I kept a close eye on him till he became 6 years old, I realized I had to start off somewhere! Then it all began. He made his first art gallery in our house for our family and friends where part of the profits went to charity. Hamed Is a non-profitable artist, he made many art works and donated it for the “House of Abdullah“. Art helped him to strengthen his self-confidence and becoming more aware and accepting to others. As for a mother, Art was a way of treatment that helped my son starting form how to deal with money and ending with self-building.


  • Hamed, how can you define art? And how could it effect youth in Kuwait ?

As for me, art is everything! It feels great to love something and start doing it when you are still young. I feel thankful and grateful to have such a supporting family that helped me to achieve my dream in an early age.


  • Do you think that your country supports your talent? Moreover, is there a healthy artistic environment for artists?

Absolutely, I know that my country supports my talent as an artist but I expect that support to be much more, as I was very lucky for my mother was an artist and she understood me quite well. There are plenty of healthy artistic environments, but as the world goes, some are in favor for art and the others are not just into it.


  • Do you have something to say to a youngman starting his art career here in Kuwait?

Keep following your dreams, no one will achieve them but you! You and you only the one who can limit others’ negativity that can withhold you from seeking what you want and making your dream come true. Stay crazy, positive, and creative!


  • How did art build such communication between you and your mother, did it help strengthen up your relationship?

My mother runs my artwork gallery, which gave me the chance to have better communication with her in that field. Our thing together has always been tight; we go back before I even started my relationship with art. Art was just an add up towards bonding more with my mother.


  • What are the similarities between both of you in that field?

Both of us are very bold in using colors and structuring faces, besides our familiar abstract point of view.

  • What is your favorite painter, and hers?

I don’t have an answer for that question, every artist has his own style and it would be left for artist fans to have a say about his artist and about special touch.


  • Did your mother guide you through while working?

She gave me several notes when I was young, and it paid off quite well in developing my artistic skills.


  • Samar, having an artist as a son, did it enrich and renew your artistic point of view?

Certainly! Especially in such quick life rhythm. He surprises me each and every time.

  • Tell us more about your artistic adventures, galleries you went to visit, and artists you met together?

We joined an artistic gallery called “A family Affair” in 2016 and it was a big success then we went to Madrid to check out Picasso‘s paintings for the first time together, it was a very exciting tour. I hope that i take him to the Louvre in Paris to live the Mona Lisa experiment.


  • Any other thoughts you want to share with us?

Just wanted to say that Hamed has always been my partner, we share such good talks about life and have numerous joyful adventures. Not only is he my son, but my friend, my first born and my first unconditional love!

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