Stella McCartney

A really great collection of upbeat, unique but wearable clothes.

A combination of graphic with a touch of glamour was seen in white-and-red paneled shirt paired with an asymmetric gold lamé skirt.

An upbeat keep-the-party-going feel with the tropical prints, embellishments and a little glitter created a unique look.


A birds of paradise motif makes up the second print in the collection in a manipulated volume.

Coolly tailored shirts spliced with ribbed knit panels stamped with “All Is Love” motif in graphic letters.

A real celebration of pattern-cutting, the season of spring and the idea of slicing, disrupting and unfolding.



A more formal-non-fussy lineup with a sense of ease and comfort.

A range of antisymmetric hemlines and loosely fitted pieces with drawstring waists.

This lineup included elaborate gold tropical embroidery on bags and draped-caped dresses and jackets which were elaborated with gatherings.

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