Lana Al Rusheid… About love, hope and giving!

Lana Al Rusheid

The Many Shapes of Love!

Lana Al Rusheid, a well known name in Kuwait with remarkable success. She is the first Kuwaiti hotel employee to work in the field of hospitality for 10 years. She quickly graduated from a sales employee to the head of sales and marketing sector. She built a large network of connections and relations in Kuwait, the Gulf and the Arab and Western worlds, thanks to hosting thousands of visitors and supervising a lot of exhibitions and conferences.

In fact, she never felt fully satisfied with the success she has achieved so she moved to another field, media, where she also thrived when she established a Kuwaiti English spoken magazine “The City” that supports Kuwaiti youth projects. This enabled her to enter a new world of charity and volunteering, relief campaigns and care homes. It pushed her to undertake a new challenge that is changing people’s view towards this domain to make it more humane and positive and she really succeeded.

She still has lots of things and challenges to talk about. That is why we arranged this interview with her so she can reveal to us some of her dreams and aspects of her personality.

Who is Lana Al Rusheid? Tell us things we don’t know about you?

No one can talk about himself and enumerate his qualities and characteristics, because this is something people discover when they get to know him better. What I know is that I am a sociable person close to people and I noticed this thing out of their love and acceptance towards me.

As for the things I love, jewelries are a woman’s best friend and a reflection of her personality, but despite my love for this kind of luxury, I don’t acquire it because I always think of people in need and say to myself that helping and assisting those is more important than all the treasures of the world.

When did Lana find herself? Is there a story or incident that has led you to your goals or role in life?

I find myself in giving and offering love: pleasing the poor and bringing happiness to their hearts makes my heart happy. Giving doesn’t mean only to live and care for you but also assist others and wish the best for them. Giving is the beautiful value in our lives. When we give, we may think that we are giving or offering something to others but in reality we are taking more than we are giving. When we consider the value of giving, we will find that the blessings of God and his gifts are countless.

As for my goals, they are many and I really still don’t know what my role is, only God knows, but what I believe is that I can do whatever I want and the impossible has no place in my life.

People think the act of giving is one dimensional! You give and the other receives. That’s not true, giving is the ultimate act of gaining. It gives you self worth & happiness.

What are your most important targets in life that you are still striving to achieve?

I think that the first things the world aspires to today are peace, safety and security all over the world, especially after what we have witnessed in the previous years from brutal wars that has stolen innocent lives and displaced millions of people. One of the goals I seek and wish to achieve is the implementation of the World Peace Plan and to be one of the key elements in the execution of this global dream.

I would love to be a very small part in the world’s journey to peace.

What is your greatest passion in life?

Each of us has his own passion that distinguishes him from others. There is one who has passion for work and another who has passion for success. As for me, my passion is to be the first in every field I work in and if I wasn’t so, I would love to be the first in something new since I don’t like copying others.

What are the dreams you have achieved until now and are proud of?

Of course, every dream I realized, I was proud of because I sought for it and made a great effort to reach it. One of the most important dreams I accomplished is utilizing social media networks to help the poor, and through the SnapChat application, I’ve established a role for the orphans on the Syrian-Turkish border.

In addition, my friends offered me one of my dream gifts, an orphanage carrying my name “Dar Lana” and hosting orphans and widows. I really wish them the best and for me to be part of their happiness.

A friend of mine gifted me an orphanage house that carried my name. “Dar Lana” hosts children with no families & widows in need of help. It was one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received.

How did you start your journey in giving and volunteering? Can you provide us with your definition / personal concept about giving?

Giving is a beautiful word that comes out of a pure and faithful heart. I started my journey to giving since I was little. I used to watch my mother approaching a woman we don’t know and assist her. She also used to take me to Beit Al Zakat and explain to me the concept of Zakat and its importance and why we do it. And that is how we grew up in Kuwait loving charity and giving.

Tell us about a story or experience that has changed your life and was a milestone for you?

Every story I encountered on the Syrian-Turkish border changed the course of my life and gave me a lesson in contentment and satisfaction. When we see what people suffer, we praise God for the blessings we are in, as well as to make us a reason to helping people, fulfilling some of their needs and putting a smile on their faces.

What do you think about the current voluntary movement in Kuwait?

The voluntary movement in Kuwait is the most active and wonderful in the world, but it needs more organization. We have voluntary teams that exceed the size of our country and that is amazing.

Kuwait’s approach to supporting young people’s involvement in local volunteerism has been a fertile ground for attracting many of them to join volunteering groups and teams with different views and goals. As well, difficult humanitarian circumstances in many regions in the world have recently led many young Kuwaitis to volunteer in order to assist these populations despite the great challenges they face.

Kuwait is rich with givers & philanthropists which is a great indication of the hospitable environment of good.

You are a journalist, a media person, an activist and an employee, how do you do to harmonize all these roles?

I think that organization is very important; through it we can do a lot of things. And if you love what you do, you will be able to accomplish it perfectly.

I work as a manager in public relations, advertising and marketing, an activist in the humanitarian field and this is my work and part of my duty and I cannot give up on any of them or prefer one over the other.

Where do you find beauty in this life? How do you maintain a high positive spirit all the time?

The beauty has standards that depend on the senses and others that depend on the sensation and feeling. Beauty is not limited to what we see with our eyes, what we smell, what we taste or what we hear. Beauty may be something tangible or something we feel with our soul, conscience and mind.

What are the most important tips you give to the woman to seek a life where she is strong and productive?

A powerful woman is attractive and beautiful for everyone around her, both males and females. She is appreciated in the different situations where her personality is manifested and her presence is always distinctive. For me the most important characteristic a woman must enjoy to be strong and productive is to focus on what she does, so it will be an accomplished and useful work.

Fashion is keeping up and not alienation! Follow fashion, but keep your eastern heritage and identity shining through your choices of style.

In your opinion, how can we overcome life difficulties and obstacles?

There is no doubt that each person in this life with its sweet and bitter taste, can face difficulties and tensions, this is certain and inevitable as long as the human being is alive. Every man enjoys a strong internal force that helps him face everything in his life; his will, power and strong discipline suddenly appear to help him overcome the difficulties in his life with all faith and determination.

God assists his sons but in return they should do something to help themselves… Everyone faces difficulties in his life but in different ways and at the end God is present to help.

What do you think of fashion? Do you follow it in your life?

I love painting and colors and if I didn’t join my current field, I would have become a fashion designer. In fact I do not follow the stupid fashion but the classic smart one, the timeless princesses’ fashion that never dies. For me, I care more about the beauty of the piece than its brand or name.

What are your favorite brands from Al Ostoura?

I do not prefer specific brands, but I wear what suits me and fits my personality and style. As for colors, I am a fan of black.

How do you describe your personal style?

Classic with a twist

What are your next projects? Future plan you want to share with us?

Since I work with the Kuwait Airways, I will change the marketing plan of aviation and countries. I will reveal new tourism countries that Kuwaiti people have not visited yet and I will market them following Lana Al Rusheid’s way. On the other hand, I will continue helping others until good prevails everywhere.

A message to Kuwait on its next Eid?

You are the sheikha of this time and every time.

A final idea?

Smile every day and all the time.

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