Let’s Talk about Periodical Changes…

What to eat… What to do… How to train during every period of your life?

In the twenties:

Here you are at the beginning of the age of freedom and the first signs of independence, you graduated from the university and began your first job. You now have your own salary, you’re financially independent and you already enjoy a great sense of maturity and responsibility mixed with a desire to experience everything new. In this period, friendships are determined and you frequently go out to gain experience and explore. Maybe you fall in love, get married and become the lady of your own house. Maybe during this period you will also give birth to your first child. In your twenties, your principles will be formed, your thoughts will be arranged and your mind will be slowly organized. You will be a little lost in this life but you will inevitably find your way. When you reach the age of twenty, take into consideration these information:


  1. Habits
  • Stop! Or Make Junk Food Healthier!

Studies say that people in their twenties eat fast food 25% more than during their past ages because they are of course more free to move and they have their own financial resources that allow them to choose their meals. The life of people in their twenties is very fast, which makes them prefer to cut time especially when related to eating. We know how hard it is to stop eating junk food full of fat, sodium and preservatives that are very harmful to our health, so we recommend you here to improve the process. Instead of hamburgers, choose a grilled chicken sandwich and forget about fries. Instead of soft drinks, familiarize yourself with drinking water or fresh juices. Eat grilled chicken, and shrimp cocktail. Choose natural sweeteners, and baked food instead of fried. Start with these important changes early to get used to them so they become part of your next lifestyle.

  • Do not skip Breakfast

Although it is difficult to adhere to this meal, it is the most important one responsible of organizing blood circulation especially after a long sleep and improving metabolism. In our twenties we forget about the importance of our health perhaps because we believe that we will enjoy lasting youth and energy but that is impossible. The twenties is the most important preparatory phase for what we will face in the future, so if we prepare it well, we will have more stable and healthy future life stages.

  • Make Time for Exercise

At this particular stage your body will be able to bear the maximum exercise intensity. Start with yoga or Pilates early in your life. Run every day, start participating in marathons, carry light weights, join Cross Fit groups, and go on trips dedicated to sports and exploration.

  • Drink a lot of right Things

During this period, you are frequently awake and you sleep a little, not to mention your regular feeling of anxiety, tension, mood swings, emotional stress, and extreme sweating due to permanent movement. All of these things play a big role in decreasing the proportion of fluids in the body! It is very necessary to drink lots of useful liquids during this period and most importantly water. Your body needs every drop of water or useful fluids such as natural juices to compensate what it loses during the day.

Dryness is the enemy of everything from slowing down metabolism and internal body functions to causing damage to the skin, hair and nails.


  1. Food

You need in your twenties:

Protein: You urgently need this ingredient especially with the lack of time and the abundance of snacks. Protein is very necessary for muscle building and bone strengthening, as it is an effective ingredient that accelerates the process of burning calories. You need daily from 60 to 70 grams of protein that you will find in white skinless meat, fish, eggs, legumes, and skimmed milk products.

Potassium: Very useful for the muscles and heart. Studies say that a girl in her twenties gets 20 grams less than her need for potassium in general. Get the potassium from fruits especially bananas and boiled vegetables like broccoli.

Omega 3: This component will increase the production of serotonin hormone that gives you a feeling of happiness and comfort especially that twenties is a period that causes depression and psychological disorders. Block these possibilities and make sure to get a good amount of omega-3 from salmon, tuna, and lots of nuts such as almonds, walnuts, flax seeds and canola oil.


  1. Sport

The most beautiful thing during the twenties is the body strength, its bearing capacity and its quick familiarization.

The best exercise you can start with in your 20’s is:

3 days x 30 minute of cardio

1 day x 30 minute of weight training

From 45 to 60 minutes of heart exercises 3 times a week with one day off


In the thirties:

At the age of thirty, life responsibilities begin: woman’s time at this stage is mostly divided between work and ambition and between home, children and marital life. Signs of anxiety and mental distraction increase, what lead her to forget or neglect her personal comfort and interest. Although she becomes more mature, responsibilities usually lead to imbalance and difficulty in organizing time and priorities. The early thirties phase is difficult and laborious, with many internal and external conflicts, but it’s a period of personal satisfaction, in which lots of dreams and hopes are realized, and new projects that the woman has long planned for, come to light. She may get promoted at work or plan her own project or even find herself, her hobbies and everything she likes. When you reach this stage put the following in front of your eyes:


  1. Habits
  • Learn the art of time management

There is no need for tension and anxiety because of the many concerns and responsibilities. We know that you are overwhelmed by your work, your family, your financial obligations and your social life, but each problem has a solution and each pressure has its release that begins by setting priorities and organizing time. Read about this science and listen to expert lectures, there are simple exercises that can save you a lot of time and effort. Simplify your needs, write down your demands, use sticky notes to remember, share your responsibilities with your husband and let him get involved in the burdens of life and raising children.

  • Put your health first

Do not let those responsibilities and burdens make you forget that overall you are the most important person, and if you lose your balance and your health, the whole family will be affected and problems will increase. Consider yourself first through eating healthy and practicing some activities that enable you to rest and breathe like walking, yoga, swimming, sleeping for reasonable hours, getting some time off, traveling alone, seeing friends and talking to them about everything that bothers you, eating your favorite chocolate and buying the bag you’ve always wanted. Do not forget your mental health that is also very important.


  1. Food

You need in your thirties:

Folic acid: Because the thirties are the peak stage of fertilization thus pregnancy and birth, folic acid is one of the most important elements that ensure an ideal healthy life for the mother and the baby. Folic acid will fight all diseases, especially those related to the heart that can affect the mother, it also helps create new cells.

Folic acid is found in chickpeas, asparagus, spinach, broccoli and avocado.

Herbal nutrients: These supplements contain antioxidants that inhibit DNA changes, prevent the occurrence of various infections in the body, and slow down aging. We usually find these supplements in plants, but also in dark chocolate and coffee.

Iron: Iron deficiency will result in fast feeling of tiredness, fatigue and weakness in abilities and mental skills. Studies have shown that young women who suffer from iron deficiency have difficulties to perform cognitive / mental tasks compared to women with natural iron ratios. A woman in her thirties needs daily 18 mg of iron that can be found in seafood and fruits, low-fat meat, healthy grains, soy and pumpkin seeds.


  1. Sport

There are many activities that do not only positively affect the body, but also the mind and soul at the same time. A woman in her thirties would be very lucky if she started to practice yoga or Pilates constantly as these sports have wonderful psychological effect, and also help strengthen focus and mental skills. As for the sport routine that doctors recommend a woman in her thirties to follow, it is as follows:

4 times a week x one hour of heart and alternating resistance exercises

At least one day per week x 45 minutes of high-intensity heart exercises


In the forties:

Life becomes calmer when you reach this stage. Children have grown and motherhood problems and challenges have changed. You are stable and usually well established at work, you have already reached a good position and found your favorite ways to solve problems and overcome difficulties. You have also determined your friendships and you know with whom you can talk about different things in life. At the age of forty you should focus more on your health and never neglect your periodic medical checkups that will reveal any emergency, even the Pap Smear, and breast cancer screening. These tests can alert you sometimes and draw your attention to more preventive therapies needed by the body at this stage.


  1. Habits
  • Take Long Walks

Nothing is better than starting with this habit when you reach the age of forty. In addition to the many physical benefits of walking such as stimulating blood circulation and burning accumulated fat in a safe way, walking is also one of the sports that clears the mind, increases the secretion of estrogenic hormone that makes us happy, and helps relax and improve the mood and sleep quality. Walk every day for at least 30 minutes and you will notice many psychological and physical changes.

  • Watch what you eat

In the forties, the metabolism slows down naturally and the fat burning process decreases, what accelerates the accumulation of fat in the body especially in the abdominal area. In addition, the body’s production of estrogen becomes less. At this age, experts advise you to reduce the number of calories you eat per day: reduce 100 calories at first then augment the amount gradually until you reach the number of calories that can help you maintain a healthy stable weight.

  • Spend Time with your kids

In Arab societies where women marry at a young age, usually children reach an advanced age when their mother is only in her forties.

You will notice that your children are no longer children, they are in the early stages of independence and self-reliance, and do not absolutely need you as they used to. Benefit from this period to spend intimate times with your children, listen to them and start building beautiful friendships and memorable memories with them.


  1. Food

You need in your forties:

Fibers: They are very important in this period to make the metabolic process reach its natural rates, maintain a regular bowel movement, and reduce the proportion of cholesterol in the blood.

Calcium: As you approach menopause, the production of estrogen (bone hormone) decreases. Many women in their forties suffer from signs of osteoporosis. Taking calcium regularly will increase the body absorption of this useful element. Make sure to take 1000 milligrams of calcium per day from low-fat milk products or calcium pills or both together according to a personal prescription from your doctor.

Vitamin D: This supplement will help your body absorb calcium, will strengthen your immunity, will protect you from breast and colon cancer and will help reduce hearing loss possibility with age. The problem is that we cannot get our need out of this vitamin, which ranges from 1000 to 6000 milligrams from eating only, so it is recommended to get it through daily supplements.


  1. Sport

The most appropriate sport for this age is continuity, if you do not find enough time or energy to proceed with the next plan, make sure you walk at least one hour a day.

But committing to this plan will lead you to an excellent health:

45 minutes of heart exercises, 3 to 5 days per week

1 hour of weight Exercise

1 day to rest


In the fifties and above

This age has many negative scientific and social synonyms such as menopause and we also face during it “Empty Nesting”. But the loneliness we feel because of Empty Nesting is in fact wonderful and lovely since we decide to look at the matter from a different perspective. Menopause will be then called Self Age whereas nature will transport us to the post-hormone and post fertility phase. Time slows down, and the body settles and calms down. Children grow up and move to their own lives, they leave the house and the woman goes back to her habits she left to take care of her children and motherhood requirements.

  1. Habits
  • Do what you like

You are now a mature lady and have reached an age that enables you to do everything you want. At this age you must put your fear of gossip aside, your desire to please others and your fear of your image in people’s eyes! As long as what you wish to do is right and do not harm others, you are now free and independent. Travel to countries you have always dreamed of visiting, spend the night at your close friend’s place, sit in your favorite coffee shop for hours reading your favorite book, write down a diary, get in contact with old friends and work on reviving your social life. Spend a good time with your life partner and get to know him again away from children concerns and life responsibilities. Be yourself again.

  • Improve Your Finances

Whether you are still working or have decided to retire from work, this is the right age to improve your financial situation and adjust your finances. By this we mean that it’s time to pay all your debts and credit cards dues. It is also the optimal age for investing in a house or apartment in a country you like to frequently visit. This investment will generate material and psychological benefits.


  1. Food

Minimize meat: Start with one veggie day per week. Studies have shown that reducing meat consumption, even for one day per week will reduce heart disease by 19%, and will contribute in reducing diabetes and obesity. In your veggie day, eat lots of fresh varied vegetables, delicious fruits, cereals and legumes.

Stay away from sugars: Sugar is the only thing that if you permanently cut off, will result in amazing healthy benefits. In fact, sugar has no benefits at all, it does not contain protein, neither healthy fats nor enzymes needed by the body. Sugar is a Free-benefit food with lots of calories.

Start eating:

Legumes every day because they help lower cholesterol by 5%

Oats because they are rich in good fibers useful for the health of the digestive system

Apples daily because they are very useful for regulating heartbeats

Nuts daily because they reduce heart diseases and prevent the occurrence of heart and brain attacks

Leafy vegetables such as spinach and cabbage because they will maintain the brain functions and prevent Alzheimer and dementia

Yogurt, especially the Greek one because it will provide you with high levels of protein


  1. Sport

There are many sports suitable for a woman in her fifties and above, but the most important of them lies in stimulating the mind to appreciate sport and start exercising regularly. Yoga is a favorite sport for all ages but its benefits are great for a woman in her fifties especially if it is practiced regularly. This magical sport is a natural way to stop the time and restore youth to your body and shape. Walking and swimming are also two very beneficial sports.

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