Gift… type, meaning and the art of gifting it!

The Art of Gifts & Gifting!

Occasions are the ideal opportunity to gift people who are important in our lives but the hardest challenge is to choose the gift that suits them and bring joy into their hearts. Therefore it is very important to plan early for these occasions to avoid random selection, especially that the gifting season has come close. You will find hereunder some information and ideas about everything related to gifts and gifting.

The right gift… How do you find it?

There is no doubt that every time you want to choose a particular gift, you get confused, so it is necessary to plan ahead to buy a suitable gift taking into consideration the type of relationship you have with the person you want to gift, as well as his age and the occasion. Here are some steps that can help you in your search for the right gift:

– First of all think about what can make that person happy: this is the fundamental point that you should start with. Every person has different interests and tastes that make them feel happy. There is a gift that suits a person but that does not fit another one. That is why the choice of gift depends on the personality, age, sex, and nature of the relationship between you and the person you want to gift.

– Dedicate some time to prepare the gift list you want to offer in order to be organized and ready for your family and friends celebrations. It is also very useful to create a register of gifted gifts and people who received them in order to avoid repetition and forgetfulness.

– Remember shared moments and memories: Exchanging gifts with people you shared certain moments with, like attending a party or holiday, can have a big impact on them. Here the type of gifts may be like sharing a photo album of you together or photos of the places you have visited together.

– If you are confused about gifting others, you have to focus on what they say. They may talk about things they need or things they lost. This will make it easier on you to choose a gift and thus bring joy to their hearts and fill their needs.

– In order to not be surprised by some unexpected events, put a list with all the birthdays and important events you will be sharing with your family and friends.

– Consider the occasion during which you offer the gift: it must reflect the spirit of the occasion; birthday gifts are different from achievement gifts and others in value, shape and style.

– If you felt confused about the right gift, ask your close friends to help you or ask the person who you want to gift indirectly what he likes and prefers.

Gifts should be presented at the right time. Try to avoid the wrong times so that the gift is not misinterpreted or misunderstood.

Choose the gift according to these criteria:

Gifts are the best solution to strengthen close and social relationships and they reflect the sensational and prestigious spirit of the person who’s offering it. It gives joy and happiness to the person receiving it. Here are some rules to follow when buying a gift:

– Women’s gifts differ from men’s gifts: because their interests are different and what draws the attention of women may not be interesting for men, as his requirements vary greatly. Women tend to favor gifts that combine physical and moral value or that they can keep for a long time, such as jewelry. The man, being a practical person, favors gifts that are related to the nature of his work, such as electronic devices, sports and personal belongings such as watches and leather wallets.

– Choose a gift that the person to whom it is intended needs it because he will feel that you care and therefore he will appreciate it.

Gifting is the most beautiful form of art, the thinking process starts with the choice of the gift itself & extends to the presentation and message.

– Intimate gifts: You should be aware that there are certain gifts that you can only offer to those with whom you have an intimate relationship such as your life partner, for example gifts that contain meanings of love, passion, red roses and others.

– The age of the gift receiver: Buying a gift requires thinking about the age of the person to whom it is intended. Young people and kids today are interested in technology and games, while girls are interested in fashion and makeup, and the elderly are confined to books, movies and antiques.

Mothers gifts: Only jewelries and cookbooks (if she likes cooking), or even a book she wanted to read, a movie you can watch together, or a poem you wrote about her. It is amazing if you can offer your mother a refreshing trip or a therapy session to pamper her.

– Fathers gifts: they may include sports game tickets, a watch, or scrapbook of your memories together.

– Teenagers gifts: Teenagers are known to have a passion for music, movies and technology; you can offer them movie tickets, music CDs or electronic devices to listen to music or play. You can even buy them T-shirts with some of the logos they prefer.

– Young children gifts: Gifts that bring joy to a kid are toys, especially, fun educational games and Arts & Crafts games.

Friends Gifts: Here the options are varied based on what you know about your friends, you can offer them a picture frame of you together, a gift card from their favorite store, a magazine, or a valuable book.

– Wedding gifts: Wedding gifts are usually limited to household items such as furniture and household accessories or a cash gift that will help the couple start their lives together.

– New Year’s gifts: The available options are many, including hand-made items, such as woolen scarves or winter clothes. You can also offer a basket of sweets or bags, or an invitation to a restaurant or a special greeting card and many more.

– Avoid offering expected gifts, such as flowers and perfumes and think of something fantastic and unexpected for the person who will receive it.

The gift value: Do not forget that the gift is not in its physical value, but moral; this does not mean that it can be cheap because it will ultimately reflect your value and the amount of your love for the person dedicated to.

Packaging… The most beautiful impression!

After choosing the gift, the last step is wrapping it with a suitable paper that reflects your touch and adds attractiveness and beauty to it:

– Gifts can be wrapped with satin ribbons, one of the finest and most beautiful fabrics. They add luxury to the gift and you can add your personal touch to it by placing dried flowers. Lace ribbons also provide a simple but elegant touch that is suitable for wedding, newborn and other gifts. Velvet is considered one of the classical traditional ribbons. It is popular nowadays and it reflects luxury and sophistication.

– To give more distinction, you can print the name of the gifted person on a bag made of canvas or linen or draw a meaningful symbol and then put the gift in it… It is a strange but original idea.

– For a more graceful and soft gift, you can fill your gift box with natural flowers of attractive colors and aroma.

-You can use a bright colored chiffon fabric for wrapping the gift.

– If you do not have enough time, you can use plain gift papers that come in different shapes, multiple designs and bright and classic colors.

– You can use some colored papers and cut them in the form of small circles and paste them on the gift box in an innovative way.

– Wool: It may seem strange… but hey it is an innovative and unusual idea that will add warmth to the gift and you only have to find a piece of wool and pack the gift with it instead of paper.

– Turn your gift into a painting by wrapping it with crochet yarns.

– If you want to wrap a gift that is out of the ordinary, you can choose newspapers and envelop them with a satin ribbon in white.

Finally, you can use a glass vase and put the gift inside it and wrap it with wrapping paper in beautiful graphics and bright colors.

Wrapping a gift in a creative way will add another dimension to the act of gifting. Wrapping allows you to put your personal touch and make the gift a part of you going to the receiver.

The message… The feelings behind the gift!

After all the steps we have already mentioned, you are now ready to send the gift, but you’re thinking about what you want to write on it as a message to the receiver?

Some gifts have simple messages such as birthdays, holidays, etc. But whatever the occasion is, you should consider the following:

– If your gift is late, do not apologize about the delay in the first line of the card because this brings focus on you and not on the gift.

– Make sure to write the name of the receiver in a correct way.

– Write what you really feel and what you mean from your gift, and not what the receiver expects from you to say.

Finally, remember that the message that conveys the depth of your feelings and the truthfulness of your emotions remains the most beautiful and expressive of all.

You should choose a long-lasting gift that can be saved for a long period of time. It should also be useful and serves a purpose.

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