8 Local restaurants… You need to try before the end of the year!

We all know that Kuwait has become the country of million restaurants! The number of restaurants and cafés is increasing, and the ideas emanating from this world have become a fast-paced revolving wheel. Whenever a new restaurant opens, we hear news about a new place under construction or in soft opening phase. And because we love to inform our readers about everything that is worth trying and visiting in this field, we offer you here a list of eight restaurants you must try before the end of the year:

  1. M.E’at

Middle Eastern Eatery is a small restaurant located in Al Seef restaurants complex in Salmiya. It is a Deli restaurant but with a modern and sophisticated way of serving fresh food from display windows; it gives the visitor an opportunity to choose the components of his dish, rather than the sandwich in the traditional Deli. There is a paper containing more than 100 selections, so you just have to put a small mark next to what you want to eat between meat, fresh or cooked vegetables, supplements, nuts and cereals.

  1. Satay

A modern Thai restaurant where authentic Thai flavors are mixed with the chef’s passion in blending traditional with contemporary, a mixture that satisfies all tastes. Satay is the way of grilling meat or vegetables in Thailand on small wooden skewers. The menu is very large and varied and Asian food lovers can find all what they desire especially all what is related to lemon grass, coconut milk and noodles.

  1. ananas Equatorial Bar

A picturesque place with an amazing tropical outdoor garden that invites you to sit with a group of close friends in order to have a cup of coffee or fresh, multi-ingredient juices. The menu is still very limited, ananas offers two types of sandwiches, few blended juices, coffee and cookies. But the wonderful decors take you from your place to the ambiance of an island, and the outdoor place is surrounded by a wide range of live tropical plants that add a different feeling.

4 Eyescream & Friends

The Eyescream shop was recently opened in the 360 complex in Zahra area. The idea is very attractive; they transform the form of ice cream from traditional to creative by putting eyes of sugar candies on it, so it looks like a weird and funny creature. The taste of ice cream is very traditional and there are also sauces that can be used with the ice cream.

A place children will definitely love.

5 La Flor

Tex Mex restaurant combines between Mexican and American food from Texas. The owner’s wife is American of Mexican origin and he himself spent many years in Texas. Together they decided to combine their passion for this type of food and opened up this place here in Kuwait. The restaurant is situated in the restaurants complex The Village in Abu Al Hasaniya. We can say that the food in this place is the closest in Kuwait to Texas authentic Tex Mex flavors.

6 Dampa Feast

For seafood lovers, we announce you the opening of this restaurant which has taken the concept of feast to a new level! You will find there a variety of seafood, fish, prawn, salmon and crab cooked with delicious sauce on white rice spread directly on the table. The restaurant is located in Salmiya market and is very suitable for banqueting and for all who enjoy eating seafood in all its forms.

7 Be Café

A place dedicated to nourishing the body and the spirit through vegetarian dishes full of nutritional value and components of great benefit. Located in Rimal resort, it is a comfortable place with scenic spaces. The menu is still small and limited but they offer special extras on Saturday. The place offers of course fresh juices and vegetarian sweets.

8 Habra

The latest creativity of the famous Kuwaiti chef Ahmed Al Badr, dedicated to all meat lovers. “Habra” is a Kuwaiti word meaning a large, heavy and tasty piece of meat, and it is the new description given to all the dishes that Al Badr offers in his menu rich in meals designed with meat. There are of course on the side luxury salads and desserts. But the star of the place is certainly the steak and everything that follows it and is served with it.

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