de GRISOGONO & The Love for Color & Life

This is the second time we meet the world famous jewelry designer who embellishes the world’s greatest movie stars and women passionate about everything rare and beautiful. Mr. Fawaz has a boutique in the Salhiya complex in Kuwait, and he travels the world to inspect his Boutiques scattered in different countries, and visit his employees and clients.

In the newly redecorated de GRISOGONO boutique, we had an exclusive interview with him to know the latest news about the rare diamond found by his company in Angola.

– Mr. Fawaz Welcome back to Kuwait, can you tell us why you visited us this time?

I’m always here, my life is a very long journey, I travel from country to country to be near my boutiques, my staff, my shops, my friends and my customers. I’ve been working since I was nineteen years old, and I do not know a life other than the busy life. I always have a tight schedule and frequent plans and I do not think about retirement or stop working. I consider Kuwait one of the closest countries to my heart, I love the desert and the soil, and I believe that the soil has a great positive energy on the spirit that is why I visit Kuwait frequently. This time I’m here to check the newly redecorated boutique.

– Tell us about the new look of the boutique.

Colors play a big role in my life; they represent love, joy and life in itself, and the design of the new boutique was drawn accordingly. Between dark green and deep red, the visitor will find comfort and peace. The colors of the walls and the furniture blend beautifully with the jewelry and give it a new dimension.

– At the beginning of your career, did you think you would be a famous jewelry designer?

Never at all! I really wanted to be a pilot because I love traveling. I am of Lebanese origin and moved with my family to Italy at an early stage of my life. This was my first trip and I wanted to see more of the world. When I knew that this dream would not come true, I tried my luck in acting. It was a totally unsuccessful experience. During the first play I participated in, I froze in my place and could not pronounce a single word. I was in desperate need of a job after that, and destiny drove me to a jeweler shop in Florence and from here everything started.

I got a generous offer from HW to be their General Manager in Saudi Arabia. I accepted because I thought it would be a great opportunity to re-visit my Arabic roots. I loved living there; I made a lot of clients and friends along the years.

– You followed trainings in the largest jewelry design houses such as Harry Winston and Bulgari, what are the most important principles you’ve learned there?

It’s important to be unique and different and to do what you love with passion and mastery. I learned a lot about jewelry in the first shop then I learned the arts of design, drawing, innovation and creativity in those great houses that are still giants in the jewelry world. But when I decided to open my own atelier, I made sure my designs came from my own thoughts, feelings and personal experiences. It is not harmful to take inspiration from others, but the good designer is the one who follows a unique path.

I never thought of being a jeweler when I was young! I wanted to be a pilot or an actor, but faith had other plans for me when I found myself looking for a job at a jeweler shop in Florence.

How your designs differ from others?

They are different in the content of the design and the idea behind them. When I see flowers I like, I think about how I can translate them from the nature language into the special jewelry language. Diamonds, for example, are a difficult stone to deal with, so how can this stubborn stone turn into a beautiful and delicate flower. There are always ways created by others, and there are also new ways that come from the spirit and experience of the artist.

I realized that my designs need to be originated from my own feelings towards what I see beautiful. It’s OK to get inspired by others, but it’s also very important to find your own voice & vision in everything you do.

– Tell us about the treasure you recently found in Angola?

In fact, I thought my career would not be better than it is, but when our company found the great and rare diamond in Angola, I knew I have reached the glory I dreamed of. The pure diamond is of 404.2 carats and of high purity. We named it “4 de Fevereiro”, and it is the 27th largest in the world. The largest diamond was found in the Angola mines and we announced our finding during the latest Cannes Festival in 2016.

– How was this diamond treated and designed?

After a lot of thinking, research and exploration, the diamond was cut by the best experts in the world in the shape of an emerald, to become the biggest diamond in the D Flawless family. It will be sold at an international auction at Christie’s Gallery. As for the design, it came from the rarity of the piece in the form of a stunning necklace of white gold from which hangs the removable diamond that can be placed on a bracelet that comes with. The piece is dramatically beautiful and of high end and incomparable quality. We at de GRISOGONO are keenly waiting to see who will get this piece in the auction.

When we found that diamond, I knew I reached the top of my career & I surprised how should I go higher than that. The 163.41 – carat emerald – cut diamond is the largest D Flawless diamond ever auctioned.

What is your general impression about the Kuwaiti woman?

She is a high class woman known for her taste, she adores all what is rare and beautiful that’s why perhaps she and de grisogono get along. I don’t design for a specific woman, but the bold and confident lady is the one who will find her fortune in my designs characterized by their beautiful colors and the strength of their designs.

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