Weirdest Health Treatments in the World

Weird treatments and unique experiences!

We get news from all around the world regarding treatments and practices that freshen up the spirit and improve the health. Despite being out of the ordinary, it is interesting to at least know about them. It is worth mentioning that these treatments or health adventures are not for everyone, they target that kind of people who usually overcome their fear, and dare the unknown in anticipation of a beautiful adventure and an interesting story.

1 – Dracula therapy, Vampire Inspired!

Kim Kardashian and the wife of the famous surgeon Terry Dubrow, Heather  Dubrow tried this treatment which consists of using human blood plasma platelets by drawing blood, separating the plasma from it before re-injecting it into the skin using tiny injections. Heather has also tried the very natural way with the “Gout worms” insects that absorb blood which is then applied on the skin. It is said that these Dracula-inspired treatments have several benefits, including: rejuvenating the skin, healing scars, wounds, acne, and filling small wrinkles as well as regenerating damaged skin cells.

2 – Kerokan skin scratching

Ancient Chinese people, especially traditional believers in this old “JAVA” treatment, are convinced that there is a specific spot in the lower region of the human back where rotten blood and toxins accumulate. To get rid of these toxins, the therapist moisturizes the body with oil and then scratches the area of ​​the neck, back and shoulders with a coin following some specific directions. This treatment is believed to increase blood flow and strengthen physical immunity, which relieves the patient from catching seasonal and severe flu.

3 – Snail Facial!

Can you imagine a group of snails crawling slowly on your face? This famous treatment in Japan is considered one of the best skin treatments, whereas the mucus produced by snails while crawling on the face exfoliates the dead skin in a safe and natural way, eliminates the effects of fatigue, lack of sleep, moisturizes the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

4– Cryotherapy

Finland was the first to be known for this treatment. They used to grant an achievement award for every person who stays in the frost room for a full treatment period of 3 minutes. During this treatment all you need is to enter a small room with special pumps that produce frozen air with a temperature reaching – 184 ° F. It is said that this practice can get rid of infections, bloating and physical swelling. It also relieves joints, bone pain, and improves symptoms of anxiety and sleep troubles.

5 – Sleep Therapy to combat insomnia

In the Maldives, the Four Seasons Resort offers a natural treatment for those who suffer from permanent insomnia and sleep disturbances. In two and a half hour of a quiet night under a mild atmosphere, the therapist will take you away to a quiet forest to enjoy a multi-stage relaxation treatment. At first you will enter a warm pool with pink Himalayan salt known for its natural deep relaxation benefits. Then you will go through a meditation and relaxation session that invites the mind to rest and slows the speed of thinking. Finally, you will head to a bed hanged in a quiet and safe spot in a natural forest to enjoy a quiet and deep sleep.

6– FaceGym

The latest health trend in London, it is designed for technology and screen addicts whether they are addicted to mobile phones, tablets or iPad. This treatment consists of complete face exercises’ sessions that improve the blood circulation in the head, thus contribute in increasing the production of collagen, which tightens the face and ameliorates the tired skin appearance because of the lights of devices.

7 – Silent Therapy

“Silence is gold” This is what many believe in India, this country that provides in its clinics and quiet temples various psychological treatments, most important of which is the silent treatment for long periods of time. It is said that prolonged silence ranging from four to seven days will clear the mind and get rid of depression and anxiety, especially if accompanied with physical relaxation sports such as long walks in the nature and swimming in lakes.

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