Juna’s.. Where Passion & Vegan Collides

At Juna’s… My stomach will be fine

For nearly two months now I’m trying to change my diet plan by increasing vegetables and reducing meat and cheese. I initially managed to control what I eat, especially when I stopped eating out of the house, and started filling my refrigerator with a variety of organic vegetables that help me create dishes I design according to my new diet. But over time, I began to miss restaurant dishes, especially on weekends. That’s why when I heard about a restaurant specialized in vegetarian dishes based mainly on vegetarianism I felt the need to visit it and try.

When I heard of a Vegan sprouted organic restaurant that serves almost every dish I like but with a vegan twist, I needed to try Juna’s right away.

Juna’s, which name has been recently changed from Fed By JM to Juna’s seeing that its owner is called Juna Al Awadi, is located in Galleria 2000 in Salmiya, in the basement, on a warm corner of a small shop with white tables, lavender and violet walls with the owner’s first name on. When we visited the place, Juna was in the kitchen preparing the food herself because she is proud of all the dishes she invented after spending many years searching for her passion. She grew up in a family who was obsessed with health. She learned the right principles of eating on a strictly vegetarian basis, but when she traveled abroad to study, she revolted a bit and began to experiment all the foods that were prohibited in Kuwait.

Juna: I was the rebel of the family, I ate everything I was not supposed to eat, I indulged in sugars & chocolate only to come back to Veganism after a journey of soul searching. I have no regrets at all, as it is the life that made me who I am now. 

With the first small appetizers dish placed in front of me on the table I knew that my stomach will be fine! The size is small and very suitable to taste and enjoy to the maximum all the yummy dishes offered by Juna: the mushroom bags made of gluten-free dough and the potato balls were all characterized by their light taste and homemade flavor. As for the avocado croustini, it was the star of the small appetizers, especially because it featured a mixture of flavors between the cream avocado and the Balsamic Sweet and sour Sauce.

At Junas, I felt no guilt when I ate a piece of pizza prepared with very thin dough; the flavor of the grilled tomato sauce reminded me of my childhood, perhaps a dish my mother used to forbid! The large grilled vegetables on the pizza topping added another dimension to the nutritional value of the dish in addition to the flavor. It is worth mentioning that Juna’s menu changes according to the seasons in Kuwait. Whenever it’s the season during which a certain vegetable is cultivated, the latter is included in the list. From here, the yellow pumpkin risotto dish came with brown rice, mushrooms, and a combination of sweet pumpkin taste and salty rice and mushrooms. This meal can easily be a complete rich meal.

And because each delicious meal should end by a desert, along came the chocolate brownie cake with vanilla cream: a distinguished ending for a healthy satisfactory meal. The chocolate used is dark and organic with no sugar added. This cake will definitely be the favorite for all chocolate lovers. But what I really fell in love with from the first bite were the balls of dates mixed with chia beans, hazelnut and melted chocolate! These balls have a delicious taste and a soft texture that dissolves in the mouth with a delicious crisp. I did not get out of there except with a pack of these delicious balls that I ate the next day.

Juna’s was not established for Vegans only; it’s for everyone & everybody that wants to take a break from meat. Although it’s completely plant based, you will not miss strong flavors & innovative ideas.

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  1. The Style of Laura Jane

    It sounds like an amazing place to eat. I switched my diet to vegan a couple of months ago. Whilst I don’t really miss meat anymore and have found a cheese alternative, it does feel great being able to still eat foods like pizza. Juna’s is a lovely concept. 🙂


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