Bhutan The Secluded Heaven of Asia

Bhutan is the forgotten city, one of the most isolated countries in the word! Perhaps it is a lost spot for the majority of people, what makes it one of the charming territories because of its exclusive mystery and privacy usually cherished by those who desire discovering a new world or lands that no traditional tourism has yet reached. The Bhutanese call their country “Druk Yul” meaning the land of the dragon whose existence seems clear in their culture especially that it is present on their flag constituted of yellow and orange colors with a white dragon in the middle. As if the flag reflects the fact that Bhutan is a small, independent and strong Kingdom located between two giants, China and India.

Bhutan is located in Asia between People’s Republic of China “Tibet” and the Republic of India, surrounded by neighboring territories. It is situated at the heart of the land and protected by the high Himalayas. Bhutan has a unique charming nature untouched in most of its regions; its people relatively isolated from the world, are naturally good and very happy according to a rating conducted by the Business Week magazine, which also revealed that Bhutan is the happiest country in Asia and the world’s eighth happiest country, as per a global survey conducted by the University of Leicester in 2006 called “World Happiness Map”.

Protecting the environment in the country is a top priority whereas the government takes great measures to preserve the traditional culture of the nation, its identity and its unparalleled architecture. The religion in the kingdom is the Buddhism, and Bhutan is considered the second lowest country in population after the Maldives.

For information:

The Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most closed countries in Asia and visiting it as a solo tourist is almost impossible. Even if they have already canceled the system of fixed number of tourists welcomed each year, exploring Bhutan costs a lot. To obtain a visa you must first book through the government-owned tourism company and pay for the flight in advance even before you arrive there. In addition the Bhutan Tourism Board is the authority that completes all the arrangements for you if you ever get the approval to enter the state.

Where to live in Bhutan?

When Six Senses Resorts chain owners decided to provide the best experience in the hotel and resort sector, they chose the charming Bhutan to host a unique experience of varied accommodation in the resort. The “Six Senses” decided to not limit the hotel location in one region, but to make it present in 5 different areas of the kingdom. The adventurous visitor can move in Bhutan and stay at Six Senses Hotel in the capital Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey, Bumthang and Paro.

Accommodation there is no longer restricted to one area only under the banner of the resort, but in several areas where the hotel offers 82 suites for visitors with five-star service. This idea emerged out of the Kingdom’s overall beauty and depth related to the rich Bhutanese culture and the hospitality of the Bhutanese people in various regions of their state. The five hotels were designed differently under one single theme so that the visitor can live an unforgettable journey with Six Senses.

Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas has designed a project that is actually five individual satellite resorts in five separate locations, but all under the umbrella of one all-encompassing name: Six Senses Bhutan.

The tourist will realize at first glance that the landmarks and decorations of the five resorts are entirely inspired from the nature of Bhutan and its cultural heritage. The wood, bamboo and bright colors beautifully blended with the natural backgrounds of the forests, mountains and trees are what distinguish these resorts and make them part of a unique experience in itself. When you are in an exclusive area like Bhutan, you should feel the privacy of the place and its uniqueness that makes it different from everything you have heard or seen before.

In all of the five locations, the tourist will feel that he is part of a wonderful painting with charming atmosphere and beautiful nature. One view outside the room window in Bhutan can change every mood to the best. The green farms, the clear sky, the snowy mountains and the refreshing air are all factors that help purifying the tired spirit from the city chaos, and clearing the mind completely. Bhutan is a unique destination, definitely worth the experience.

What to do in Bhutan?

There are many activities you can do in Bhutan other than exploring the state and getting to know its people. Walking in the landmarks of the Kingdom will enable you discover the culture of the country represented by the daily lives of its inhabitants. These trips will show you the life of agriculture and farmers in the region, as well as some primitive tribes that live there freely and comfortably. They will also reveal to the visitor how special this place is through its history exhibited in numerous museums and ceremonial events that the people organize to celebrate their history and traditions.

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