Be strong this winter! Winter Power: Healthy Body, Happy Soul & Glowing Skin!

Winter is upon us with its climate fluctuations and cold that negatively reflect on your skin and body. The changing seasons can cause dehydration and cracking of the skin. The body is also affected by winter, as it becomes tired and exhausted due to the lack of movement and activities that provide it with energy.

Facing this harsh season requires changing some major habits that usually cause damage to your skin and inflict fatigue on your body.

In this article, we will help you prepare your skin for winter by enumerating the steps you need to follow to keep it fresh, moisturized and healthy; we will show you the things you can do to enjoy a strong and healthy body.

1 – Preparing the skin…Preparation Mode

Replace your face wash with a cream wash

Use cream wash instead of face wash as it moisturizes the skin, prevents it from water loss and protects it against low temperatures and other climatic factors. It is recommended to use a cream wash because it is better than the face wash that contains small amounts of water and it is preferable to apply it at night.

Moisturize as much as you can in this period, keeping your skin nourished will help fight winter dryness.

Shift to Quick Baths

It is true that bathing and relaxing in hot water can make you feel relieved and pleased, but it will damage your skin and its hydration. Take a quick bath with lukewarm water then apply a moisturizing cream from your head to your toes. It is recommended to use shower gel instead of soap as it moisturizes and protects the body against external factors and cleanses better.

Do not forget to use Sun Screen… Always Sun Screen

Although you are less likely to be exposed to sun in winter, this does not mean that you can stop protecting your skin from sun. Some face creams contain protective component but make sure it is present in at least 15 SPF. If you are one who spends a lot of time outdoor or skiing, the protection ratio should be 30 and above.

Avoid Pressure & Stress

Stress and tension affect your skin negatively, and this leads to the appearance of acne and other problems. Some foods play a role in causing you stress and anxiety and other skin related problems, especially fast and processed foods that are rich in sugars and carbohydrates. It is certain that in winter there are many holidays and events that create opportunities to go out and celebrate. It is true that eating is a pleasure by itself but it has bad repercussions on your skin, so you have to be careful about these things and work to avoid them.

It’s Time for Gloves

Many girls ignore wearing wool gloves, but it is advisable to do so from winter to spring to prevent skin from cracking. The use of gloves on cold days helps protect the skin and prevents it from being damaged by external climate factors. The same thing applies to the lips; they should be moisturized with a lip palm, especially when leaving the house.

Prevention is better than cure… Be Precautious

Avoid or reduce your exposure to wind and cold as much as possible, as well as extreme changes in temperature, too much heat or too much dryness where moisture levels are low and cause skin dehydration. Keep your skin hydrated all the time and choose a cream that is well absorbed by the skin, since non-absorbent cream is not effective.

2 – Prepare your body and soul

Eat Vitamins… Vitamins are your Friends

Nutrition experts say that taking vitamins can reduce the mental disorders that can affect your body in winter, so make sure to eat fish because it is rich in vitamin D and A and protect your body from vitamins’ lack that may occur in winter. If you do not like fish, you can replace it with vitamin pills, as well as eating plenty of vegetables and fruits.

Taking care of your body help you go through winter. Sleeping well, taking vitamins, exposing yourself to the sun and fresh air help balance your mood, which boosts your psyche.

Sun exposure… The sun is your Second Friend

In winter it is important to expose your body to sun in order to get the needed vitamin D that provides you with all the energy and activity as long as you do not expose yourself to a high level of sun rays. You can also get small doses of vitamin D from fish.

Go out and stay active…Trump the Cold by being Active

In winter the available activities are few; you stay at home a lot and go to sleep early. What you have to do is create your favorite activities such as skiing, gym and other things that keep you active. And it is preferable to do these activities while exposing your body to some sun as it plays a role in regulating your body’s internal clock.

Not only does exercise help you get a beautiful body, but it also boosts your immunity, improves your sleep and strengthens your body.

Socialize… Hibernation is only for Animals

Visits and meetings decrease in winter so make sure to communicate with your surroundings, converse with your close friends and organize dinners especially on holidays. Having a wide range of friends and acquaintances can have some psychological benefits, such as increasing optimism, reducing depression thus strengthening the immune system.

Quote: Washing your hands and face regularly protects from infection during winter. The lack of proper hygiene habits exposes your body to germs, thus weakening the immunity system.

Relaxation and positivity… Be Positive

The way you look at things determines how well your immune system can cope with diseases. Your positive view on life positively affects your health and strengthens your body’s immune system, so be quick to adopt positive thoughts and get rid of negativity, because optimism is beneficial to your health and enhances your body’s ability to fight infection.

Laugh & Be Happy

Joy, laughter and fun play a major role in reducing common viral and bacterial diseases. Laughing, feeling happy and satisfied is the most powerful natural stimulant for the immune system, while chronic stress and depression can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to  diseases.

Quote: Studies show that social people who have multiple friendships enjoy stronger immunity compared to others, and therefore are less vulnerable to disease. People with friends live a healthy life and enjoy a strong immunity system.

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