And what is more delicious than Peacock? The Timeless Peacock!

The famous Chinese restaurant “Peacock” at the SAS Blu Hotel is one of the most famous and fancy restaurants in Kuwait. Peacock customers have a nature of their own; they usually love authentic Chinese restaurants, and appreciate the privacy of this Asian place, famous for over than thirty years in Kuwait. At Peacock the lighting is dim and the smell of green tea is the first thing that greets you at the door with a smile from the receptionist who knows exactly what visitors expect at this place.

Just as in all Chinese restaurants, the menu seems at first to be full and intriguing. The offered food is varied, and each type of meat is featured on special pages and in special dishes, not to mention the vegetable and seafood dishes. But once you take a look at the menu you will automatically realize that the chef will not hesitate to prepare the most famous Chinese dishes and the most demanded: At Peacock you must taste the “Peking Duck” whether full or prepared with the delicious “Hoisin” sauce and the light pancakes specially baked for this dish. The duck is soft and tender, and the crunchy skin is naturally the star of this dish. There are a lot of small appetizers such as the “Spring Rolls”, the soups and the “Dim Sum” cooked in porcelain pots, but do not let this diversity distracts you from the main dishes, which are for me the most important and the most distinguished with their taste and cooking method.

The Chinese restaurant usually depends on the fast frying technique or Stir Fry that uses deep and large pans which help to blend the contents and the flavors together while cooking, so the taster gets a homogeneous variety of flavors. In one Chinese dish, you will taste sweet, sour and salt. At Peacock it will not be different: the sour shrimp is sweet, the chicken fried in lemon sauce and the mustachio meat must be tasted and enjoyed in its different flavors with a side dish of fried rice, whether with vegetables or garlic. One should also try the most popular noodle dishes in the Chinese cuisine; it is light and delightful, especially with fresh vegetables or prawns.

The Peacock Restaurant is a traditional Chinese restaurant in Kuwait that offers you the simplicity and the diversity of the Chinese cuisine in an atmosphere of sophistication and style. Just make sure to book your table few days before the date of your visit, wear wide and comfortable clothes, and come to the restaurant hungry.

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