Color Your Big Day With The art of Flowers

Flowers are considered an essential element in a wedding ceremony; they are the title of joy, spark and elegance. They hide between their smooth petals and folds lots of meaning and emotions; even with different colors, each type keeps its special character that distinguishes it from all the others.

Since ancient times white flowers have been associated with weddings and have remained over the years the most widely used, being the finest types of flowers that bring peace and tranquility. They symbolize loyalty, fidelity and honesty. These beautiful flowers document happy memories.

Today, weddings are no longer linked in our minds to white, but they became more fashionable, cheerful and innovative. Choose what your heart desires!

Flowers are considered essential elements that complete the decoration and elegance of every venue.

The bride should take into consideration some basic criteria in order to choose the best:

– Let your wedding theme be the fundament of your choices of colors and flowers.

Whether your wedding is in summer or winter, in the city or on the beach, pick the flowers that suit and fit the overall theme of your wedding.

– Think carefully about the type of flowers that will decorate your wedding, since it will reflect the taste and personality of you both bride and groom and it will be the main element that will add magic and charisma to the wedding.

– Choose two types of flowers for your wedding, because choosing two colors and two types of flowers will add more beauty and magic to the place.

– In case you decided to adopt large vases, choose big flowers that match the vase in size and color.

– Get the flowers available during the season of your wedding.

– Choose colors of flowers that match or are close to the decor of the venue.

– The smaller the location is, the smaller the amount of flowers should be to give space and wideness to the area. But if the venue is large, you should use big quantities of flowers and distribute them in the space and angles to give a dreamy look for the venue with elegance and beauty.

– Be careful to shed the light on the flowers and it is preferable to use candles on their sides to highlight their beauty.

– The last and most important point is to have recourse to a person who is able to help you apply all the ideas you like.

Wedding Flowers

The flowers bouquets tied with hanging ivy or orchid flowers are among the most popular styles in weddings. Although flowers differ in their qualities and classifications, they add beauty and sprinkle their magic wherever they are.

Nowadays, there are many types of flowers, but some are more popular in weddings and are often used, including:

Tulips: They come in a wide range of colors and are characterized by their simplicity and elegance and are considered the ideal flowers for weddings as they symbolize wealth and prosperity. They are also characterized by their strong smell and cheerful colors, such as white, yellow, orange, pink and they suit classic and trendy weddings at once.

Stephanotis: A white star shaped flower which is excellent for decorating the venue.

Casablanca lily: Suitable for tropical weddings and comes in large sizes and a variety of colors.

Orchid Flower: it is the symbol of luxury and beauty and is considered a unique flower and is frequently used in high-end and luxurious weddings.

Such flowers symbolize love and are available in several varieties and shades of green, white and purple. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your special day.

Hydrangeas: it consists of several flowers combined together; making one flower that can form a beautiful bouquet. It comes in blue, pink and purple as well.

Ranunculus: it is considered one of the most popular options for its similarity to the peony and has many dazzling colors and can be used in the bride bouquet or to decorate the venue.

Lavender: it symbolizes beauty and serenity and is characterized by its charming scent and is suitable for long bouquets.

Sunflower: symbolizes passion and loyalty and gives a feeling of joy and radiance.

Gardenia Flower: Usually comes in ivory white and it is exquisite individually or within a group and has a good smell. It gives a beautiful and perfect look to the place.

Red Roses: Red roses symbolize romance, dream, and they are certainly the most used color in weddings, along with white. Their presence with other colors creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Peony Flower: It symbolizes happiness and it is a flower that is widely used in modern weddings and for a bride who loves fragrance, this flower is characterized by its great smell.

Anemones: When it comes to modern weddings, it is the most famous flower for weddings, especially white and red anemones.

Clove: One of the flowers that can be used as a symbol of love or hate and it comes in amazing colors and is often used in the decor of the venue and tables, but it is preferable to use it with other types of flowers.

Narcissus: this flower is suitable for decorating tables and large venues because it adds a charming ambience to the decor.

Chrysanthemums: Available in many varieties and colors, Chrysanthemum is considered a traditional wedding flower and symbolizes innocence and purity.

Hold the bouquet that reflects your personality. The bouquet is the heart of the wedding and the accessory that complements its elegance. You will see it in every picture you take and it will document your big day, so it must exceed your expectations and be wonderful and ideal. You can do this by deeply and accurately explaining your point of view to the florist and be aware to choose the best type of flowers.

In the past white was the predominant color for the bride’s bouquet. Today, it has become more dynamic and brighter with the use of many types and colors in addition to pearls and crystals, all tied up in an organza scarf, or a luxurious satin lace that gives the flowers ornament a beautiful look.

When designing a bouquet, it is important to tell the florist what you like and prefer. If your wedding is luxurious, it is preferable to make a luxurious bouquet using peony and colorful bright flowers. And if it is a modern wedding, we recommend you to choose a simple bouquet that includes lilies as a base. The florist should know your favorite type of flowers in order to combine it in the bouquet to match your personality.

One of the most modern forms of bride’s bouquet:

The bouquet with large and long flowers: it suits long wedding dresses with wide skirts.

Small Flowers Bouquet: Fits medium-length wedding dresses and straight skirts.

The round bouquet is a classic and very elegant choice. The medium-sized flowers can be placed in the bouquet with green leaves all around and tied in an elegant way.

The cascade-shaped bouquet: This type of bouquet gives you a strong look and is suitable for luxury and high-end weddings. It also suits long tail wedding dresses.

Spherical bouquet: One type of flower is usually used in this bouquet with one color.

Small bouquets placed on the hand wrist: Small flowers are usually arranged in a bouquet without green leaves. It is placed as a bracelet on the wrist and tied with a silk cloth of a color that suits the color of the flowers.

Popular colors

Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can choose the color combination you want, and whatever you decide, flowers will ultimately make your day more beautiful.

Green is a very popular color in 2017 wedding season: it gives the decor an atmosphere of romance, especially if it is used with charming white flowers. You can use as well the light blue that brings at the same time a romantic and contemporary look. The blue hydrangea flower will help you impose this impression as well as the light green color.

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