Latifa Al Loughani talks about weddings and special events’ etiquettes

What do you know about Celebrations Etiquettes?

Because we live in a world full of social events, and because the season of celebrations and weddings is just around the corner, we have hosted the professor Latifa AL Loughani, the expert in Etiquette and International Protocol to tell us about celebrations and weddings etiquettes! She also provided us with some good tips that we should take into consideration when attending different social events.

Who is Latifa Al Loughani?

– She is an etiquette and international protocol expert who speaks 3 languages other than Arabic: English – French – Spanish.

– She’s a well-known media personality who makes many weekly awareness appearances on several television channels.

– She was elected Queen of Gulf and International Etiquette and the most influential figure in the Arab world in 2016.

– She has obtained the first prize in the State of Kuwait in 2000 for writing a letter to former French President Jacques Chirac.

– She has won the first place of the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoom Award in French Art and Literature in 2002.

– She was awarded the Excellence Award by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al – Mubarak Al – Sabah in the 2015 Arabic media forum.

– Writer in Al Kuwaitiya newspaper.

– Author of the book “Etiquette Al Rouh” which won the first best selling place in the Arab world as well as the book entitled “Dustoor Al Ounsa”.

Latifa says:

Etiquette is the art of beautiful behaviors and acceptable and elegant actions; it regulates customs and traditions, and is a very important art that ensures a healthy and successful social life. It is not as complicated as some people think; it is a self-control system that ensures not disturbing others by respecting them and respecting oneself. And in order to fully take advantage of this code, we should first believe in it and its importance in our lives so we can develop ourselves through reading and training courses to be eligible for the right implementation.

Etiquette is a measure of behavior that regulates our actions and reactions in different situations we face from waking up in the morning to dealing with others at home, in the street and at work. Etiquette is in short the art of public taste that organizes our lives.

There are three general behavioral tips that everyone should know:

First; one must accustom himself to being a good listener to others, and at the same time an elegant speaker.

Second: One needs to know that the smart compliment away from hypocrisy is the magic key to successful relationships.

Third: One should stay away from negativity and mannerism.

Here are the important rules to follow in case you were invited to an engagement party:

It’s polite and elegant to confirm your attendance or apologize as soon as possible so that the hosts can arrange things according to the correct number of guests. Make sure as well that your response is clear, if you are hesitant or unable to make up your mind because of some circumstances, you can say: I will get back to you in two or three days and don’t forget to response! And in case you can’t make it to the event, you should only inform the hosts without having recourse to various excuses. You can provide a true and real excuse no matter what it was. And beware of attending after apologizing!

Be sure to adhere to any note written on the invitation card, especially the one related to not inviting children, or not allowing photography or mobile phones. Avoid arguing with the security guards at the entrance, you are there for a very short time; you are invited to share the joy of the hosts and not to criticize their wishes.

Choose the right outfit for each party; know the nature and the tradition of the hosting family and wear clothes that suit the ceremony while staying away from décolleté and exaggerated pieces.

Do not exaggerate in photographing the couple, even if you were a relative, and make sure not to publish or upload their images on social media without their consent. You should avoid as well sending live details related to the celebration to other people who are not invited by uploading pictures or videos on social media. This is a violation of the privacy of the occasion and the couple.

Some guests and visitors’ reception protocols:

The banquet hall and dinner venue (buffet) should be well organized to receive guests long before their arrival under a personal supervision from the hosts who should also be ready and well prepared to receive their guests, what means that they respect them and are happy to host them. The guest should be warmly welcomed and guided to his seat. The same attention should be given to all guests without differentiation.

Leaving the party Protocol:

The guest should know the right time to leave the celebration in order to reflect his full awareness of what is going on around him and how well he deals with everyone. In general, the most appropriate time to leave should be one hour after the dinner ends; it is not polite to leave the place once the dinner has ended!

When leaving, the guest should not suddenly disappear; he should say goodbye to the hosts and exchange some kind words with them without thanking them a lot and commenting on the party even positively, thus making them wait a long time at the entrance. However, the host should thank the guest for coming with grateful and appreciative words.

If you are attending social celebrations and events, take a look at those general tips:

Use your elegant words glossary, and avoid sensitive conversations such as those related to politics, religion or even bold and shameful jokes.

Greet people elegantly with a good smile and hand shake, since those are the signs of courage and confidence. Make sure during such celebrations to consolidate social relationships with relatives, acquaintances and friends you have not seen for some time through attractive and pleasant conversations of positive nature. Stay away from gossips and complaints: Neither the place nor the occasion are appropriate for such type of talks.

Talk confidently and clearly, and do not get confused when speaking or even lower your voice so it becomes unheard. Keep an audible voice with a clear tone and confident words.

Correct responses to greeting and verbal compliments are very important, so if someone praises you or praises something you said or did, do not drown in your shyness and exaggerate in your reaction, just put a nice smile on your face and use grateful phrases such as: “Thank you… This is much appreciated!”

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