Denise Kabbani… All about Wedding Cake & Sugar Flowers!

Denise Kabbani

All about Wedding Cake & Sugar Flowers!

Denise Kabbani… The Cake Maker… The Dream Maker!

Who among us does not like cakes? And who again did not stand amazed in front of a big wedding cake all decorated with beautiful edible flowers?

For some people, the wedding cake is considered the charming part of the celebration! And many of us sometimes feel that the cake is so beautiful and elegant that we do not want to eat it.

The Lebanese Wedding Cake Designer Denise Kabbani knows a lot about cakes, it’s her passion for more than five years now, and because she knew that wedding cakes design is her hobby and work, she made sure to catch up with this art from country to country and from school to another. Her main purpose was to discover all the secrets of this art in order to perfectly master it. She says:

My real journey began when I first met the international cake designer Sylvia Weinstock, one of the most famous bakers in the world. She’s the best in designing sugar flowers on top of wedding cakes in the United States. Her job was a reflection of my dream, she does exactly what I want to learn and master. I went to New York and got a training under her supervision until we decided to open a cake design shop in Kuwait City.

For Denise, the wedding cake is of great importance, and the bride should take all the necessary time in choosing it like she does with her wedding dress. It should reflect the couple’s taste and fit the wedding decors and colors. The bride and groom should also choose their favorite flavor for the cake: “Each girl dreams from an early age about her wedding night, her dress, the flowers and the cake. In fact, my work starts when I first meet the bride for the first time and get to know her personality. I discover from my conversation with her, her taste and tendencies, and during the meeting also, I take a look at the wedding details, like the items used for decoration, the ceremony theme, the colors used, the size and length of the desired cake.

The cakes we design in our bakery are very artistic, we start with consultation then draw a preliminary scheme for the cake, after that we start with baking and choosing the fillings and creams that we will put it on the cake and then comes the decoration. We are known for our edible sugar flowers that take a lot of time to be amazingly executed. These flowers are pieces of art by themselves. One cake can sometimes take up to six months to be executed counting from the first meeting to the wedding date. It may also consume sometimes 1000 to 50.000 flowers!

What really helps Denise in her work is that today’s bride comes to the bakery with a design in mind. With infinite choices and ideas on the internet, it’s easy for the bride to get inspired: “The bride should know exactly what she wants, she must think well about the quality and the shape of the cake she wishes to be part of her big night.”

Denise says as well: We sometimes receive orders for gluten-free cakes, sugar-free cakes, vegan cakes or organic cakes. People nowadays realize the importance of a healthy cake: It’s not necessary for the cake to contain harmful and unhealthy ingredients. As for the designs, they are unlimited. There are a lot of ideas and special wishes that reflect the taste of the ceremony hosts. I once made, upon a bride’s request, a cake of 8 floors, each with a different Pantone color chosen by the bride. We had to mix many grades in order to get the required color. It was called the colors’ spectrum cake. I was afraid at first because it was an extraordinary wedding cake that at the end I found out that it was one of the best designs I’ve ever made.

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