The One & Only Q.D Wedding planner … Magic Creator

Qasem Dashti is a Kuwaiti wedding planner who adores small details and works hard to help the bride and the groom get a unique wedding full of enthusiasm, taste and love so that it remains an everlasting memory in their minds and their guests’.

His excitement and passion have put him on top of the best wedding organizers in Kuwait. He works with passion and love, organizes each wedding in tune with the imagination of the couple and their love story. He works tirelessly and passionately to understand their vision and make their dreams come true.

How does the process of wedding organization begin, what factors are necessary to form a successful relationship with the parties to the agreement?

In Kuwait, the agreement is done with the bride and her mother. We first meet with them and come to know the wedding atmosphere they want: do they prefer a modern wedding or a classical one? What is their favorite kind of flowers and what do they prefer to see in the decoration?

That is how I begin to assemble my thoughts according to the things they love. And during the subsequent meetings with them, I submit more than one design so they can choose the most appropriate for them. Sometimes we end up with a design different from what the bride has chosen at first but the most important is that she likes it and feels satisfied with it.

Before planning the wedding, when should the bride get in contact with you to organize her wedding?

This is supposed to happen 3 months before the wedding date, but sometimes for some reasons she calls us at a late time and that is not a problem for me, since I am well experienced and I have a successful team working with me. The most important rule is that if we want a successful and dazzling wedding, we should start preparing 3 months ahead the date so that we have enough time to bring the required flowers and decorations from Lebanon or China or other countries because shipping these things needs time.

What are the basic preparations you make to plan a wedding?

I start with designing the koucha being the basis of all arrangements, and after that it inspires me to design the invitation cards, the decoration and all other details related to the hall, the utensils that can be used and the hospitality that can be provided.

How important is the first interview to get to know the personality of the bride and her taste?

There is no doubt that the opinion of the bride and her taste are the things that take over the decoration atmosphere that should resemble her and be part of her personality. I really feel happy when the guests enter the hall and say that the decoration reminds them of the bride’s character, style and spirit. With some experience, I became able to execute what the bride wants and add my touch without she even feels.

Which one you prefer: the classic wedding or the modern one and which one gives you the ability to innovate and create more?

Of course, the modern or contemporary wedding in which creativity is unlimited. It helps me innovate and execute extraordinary ideas, while the classical wedding is linked to specific time periods that restrain me as a designer and limit my possibility of using a lot of colors.

What colors do you prefer in a wedding decoration whether it was indoor or outdoor?

I really like the black color and I love using it in the decor so it highlights the other elements such as the flowers, candles, lighting and other.

How much does the location space affect your work?

A lot, the location space determines the design shape because there are designs suitable for some hotels and non suitable for others. And there are many ideas that cannot be implemented in small spaces.

We can see in your designs that you use flowers a lot, what is their importance in the wedding hall and what kind of flowers do you prefer?

Flowers are essential in every wedding being the title of joy. Flowers are a major element and play an important role in the wedding décor because they give the place glamour and radiance and a wedding without flowers would look very normal and without essence but the presence of flowers announces the wedding and their existence is in itself a form of celebration. The importance of flowers is that they break dullness and silence in the decor whether in the furniture or the accessories. In addition, white flowers on the Koucha make it look stylish and prominent.

What about accessories that add beauty to the wedding décor?

I call them small details and they include wedding cards, perfumes, flower vases, desserts plates, nuts, main and small tables at entrances as well as the service team clothing. Every detail in the wedding is important but it should be linked to a certain theme in order to highlight the beauty of the celebration.

And how candles are employed?

Candles give the place a charming romantic atmosphere and I consider them complementary to the decoration and their importance is not less than the importance of the flowers and lighting.

The presence of candles in the buffet halls is as important as the presence of lighting. How is lighting selected?

I like lighting to work on highlighting other decorative elements such as these present in the hall corners and in the koucha. Lighting has become an important aesthetic element in parties’ decoration. Personally, I use the Spot Lights in the Koucha: They bring out its beauty and add an elegant touch to its color. I use as well the LED and BEM that are important in lighting the parties since they show up the beauty of the dress and the entrance, and the CAN lighting illuminates the wedding hall.

It is best to have lighting under long vases to give it beautiful shape and add a beautiful and charming atmosphere to the place. And personally, I prefer the natural lighting that highlights things and does not change the essence of colors.

What is the fashion followed in weddings today?

Putting candles in the hallways and lanterns on the stairs leading to the door and entrance and using Plexiglasses, crystals as well as chandeliers that help create a fabulous atmosphere and work on improving the lighting and the wedding atmosphere.

How do you describe the taste of the Kuwaiti bride in terms of designing wedding parties?

Gulf people in general like everything new and trendy, and weddings like any other field are affected by fashion, so our work varies from one season to another and we offer ideas in new and different ways.

The Kuwaiti taste differs from the Gulf taste: It is sweeter and full of details and is closer to the Lebanese taste in terms of design, hospitality, fashion and jewelry.

What is the enjoyable part of your business and how do you work on renewing?

The enjoyable in my work is that it is full of challenges and competition, and this drives me to offer the best, especially that I work in a field full of competitors. Also I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them and their culture, and that enriches my culture and improves my knowledge and my curiosity because in fact the designer eventually develops according to the quality of the customers he deals with.

In our field of ​​work, we have the pleasure to deal with different people, and we feel satisfied to find out that helping a couple organizing the most beautiful day in their lives have made it a more distinguished one.

In your opinion, what are the components of a successful wedding?

The first and most important thing is to choose a luxurious wedding site, as a 5-star hotel or a high class tent with a large space. Second, guests should be distinguished and from the same level as the hosts and their family and they should be enthusiastic and love music and tarab because a successful celebration is an expression of happiness, dance and enjoyment.

Hospitality and good service play a big role in raising the level of the ceremony because at the end wedding reflects hospitality. The food should include luxury sweets and crudités, and the guest who came to share with the couple their happy day should get all what he desires. A successful hospitality is among the basics of a successful celebration.

What is the design that you have done and is still engraved in your mind?

Each wedding I design is a dream of mine, I add my touch to it with passion, love and attention to detail. And the most important is that the wedding should simulate the bride’s dream and identity and be a window to more innovation in my achievement book.

Many designs are still engraved in my mind and some of them gave me a push forward. I remember a wedding with a design inspired from the palaces of the Shah of Iran. In fact, I produced the mirrors I used in the decoration in Iran. There are many other designs I like for celebrations by the sea.

How do you deal with emergencies during a wedding?

For me the whole wedding is an emergency event, because there are a lot of things that we design but find difficult to implement on the ground, so I always have a plan “A” and “B”.

What advice do you give to the bride to have a successful wedding?

I encourage her to remain calm and organized, and I would like to point out here that the basis of any successful ceremony is the hosts and their family’s style and the quality of guests. The wedding hosts must reflect joy and show the guests the most beautiful of what they have. As for the guests, they must appreciate the hosts’ hard work and share with them their joy and happiness because harmony here is very important and beats all remaining things.

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