Honeymoon on an island? 3 Destinations for Island Honeymooning

Honeymoon is always considered the beginning of the beginning and the most important journey in each couple’s life. During this trip, they get to know each other better. And from this trip, their relationship’s form and quality take shape, and the tie that will connect them in their coming years together becomes clearer. Opinions vary regarding the best destinations to spend this journey between cities and villages, but the picturesque islands are still a first destination picked by newlyweds to spend a pure interval of companionship.

Take a look hereunder at the stunning islands we encourage you to consider if you are planning a lifetime trip:

Bali, the charm of the picturesque nature

Why Bali?

A dream island in the middle of a beautiful catching nature with golden beaches, overcrowded forests and warm sunshine stimulating meditation and relaxation! It has been crowned world’s best destination in the prestigious Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice Award for its rich culture, being the only Hindu island remaining in Indonesia, and for its scenic nature where visitors can benefit from high waves beaches, watch the sunset, visit the vast rice fields, volcanoes, river valleys, heavy waterfalls, lakes and tropical forests during just one day. Bali is also rich in arts that reflect local traditional and modern culture and rituals. In the 1930’s, dance, music, sculpture and painting were the first characteristics to attract visitors, those arriving on ancient Dutch steam ships. Today, the art scene on the island is still vibrant. And you will also find there the utmost spirituality and wellness believed to be ancient healing rituals that balance between the “Sekala” (seen world) and the “Niskala” (unseen world). Bali has a tropical humid and dry climate, where temperatures vary between 20 tand 30 degrees Celsius.

Where to stay in Bali?

Four Seasons Resort

The Four Seasons Resort in Bali – Jimbaran Bay offers couples the originality of the island of Bali, represented by scenes, sounds, architecture, arts, traditions and innovations in the charming Indonesian island.

The resort consists of 147 villas each with a swimming pool; 7 complexes with a design copied from the traditional villages on the island, in addition to the wholly new “Royal”, “Imperial”, “Premier Ocean” private villas where newlyweds can freely enjoy some necessary privacy.

The Four Seasons offers as well a superb semi-independent villa on the river banks amidst a tropical forest or at the beach. It provides all means of luxury and romance, and it’s the perfect place to spend an unforgettable honeymoon in a villa.

Romantic atmosphere and recreational activities

Experience with your husband exceptional activities at the Modern Academy of Culinary Arts, a delicious interactive experience full of fun thanks to Jimbaran Bay Academy for Culinary arts where guests can discover some of the Indonesian cuisine mysteries unveiling thereafter the secrets of the local cooking techniques using organic Indonesian ingredients.

Pamper yourselves in a unique journey of healing and relaxation in “The Healing Village Spa”, and with some windsurfing classes and tours full of enthusiasm and excitement with Tropic Surf. You can also lie down by the pool and savor the juices and drinks of the Southeast Asian region of Sundara with great waterfront overviews. Get away on a journey to the summit of Mount Batur, take a tour in the local fish markets, and enjoy watching international traditional dances at the Uluwatu Temple, or even visit the island’s many villages and art galleries, and spend unforgettable nights at Seminyak.

John Hardy

The legacy and the tradition

If you are a jewelry lover, don’t forget to explore the world of John Hardy. Designs inspired by Bali’s natural views are executed by local craftsmen and represent the island’s heritage and traditions. What distinguish John Hardy are the chains designed in a powerful and contemporary creative style that reflects the bond between generations strongly symbolizing the society and the connection there.

On a special spot, you will find the world of John Hardy joining a team of designers, craftsmen and more than 700 employees as well as galleries.

Antigravity Yoga & Meditation

Bali, a health and wellness land

You will enjoy many therapeutic benefits at the Yoga Antigravity or Aerial Yoga at Bali’s Four Seasons Resort in Jimbaran Bay. You will be amazed by the unexpected easy way of feeling relaxed. This kind of sport will stimulate your blood circulation, strengthen your body and enhance its flexibility. It’s an excellent spiritual activity you should definitely try with your husband on a lovely morning.

Hand in hand … Take a walk in the tropical forests

Take him on an exceptional outing from the Jimbaran beach to the depth of a tropical forest in Sayan where the Four Seasons is located in a tropical fertile forest between two rivers. The hotel is 10 minutes away from Ubud village, and is the ideal starting point for exploring the scenery natural mountains and cultural monuments in Bali. The entrance consists of a pedestrian bridge hanging over the tops of the trees leading to a pool of Lotus flowers. And if you ever felt scared to get lost, don’t worry, the resort organizes long distance tours, hiking trips, biking activities, and mountains climbing.

Four Seasons also offers its visitors an opportunity to spend a day with the local farmers. Start your rural journey with a guide from the resort across rice paddies and forests leading to the Ayung River. Don’t forget to take your breakfast in a rice field surrounded by vast green spaces and shimmering water. After breakfast you can help the local farmers planting rice.

Where to Eat?

Da Maria Restaurant will transport you from Bali to the Italian Amalfi beach.

If you love traditional Italian food we recommend you to try the Italian Da Maria located at the heart of Seminyak, Bali. The restaurant offers a diversity of Italian food, music, fashion and arts. It is characterized by its distinctive interior designs and creative touches.

Capri… The Immortal love Island

“It was on the Isle of Capri that he found her”

Words extracted from the famous song “Isle of Capri” composed by Jimmy Kennedy and performed by many artists like Frank Sinatra and the French singer Tino Rossi. We should definitely propose Capri, the most beautiful Italian island on a newlywed couple. It was known among the ancient Arabs as Cabra, this dreamy island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea of ​​the Gulf of Naples, is one of the best destinations for couples, for its warmth and small space in addition to its beautiful views and the wonderful activities there. The island is about 10.4 km² and has a population of 12,200 citizens. The island belongs to the Campania region of the province of Naples. Capri boasts many interesting leisure activities, including many historical sites and amazing natural wonders, with rocks and caves that have been visited by many tourists. Capri Island was immortalized by many artists from all over the world, and this is where lovers have found home for their passionate hearts.

Where to live in Capri?

Hotel Punta TRAGARA

When the engineer Lombardy Emilio Erric wanted in 1920 to pick a spectacular spot to build his villa, he couldn’t find better than Punta Tragara, this site perched high above the sea with views on the coastal rock formations. Before its transformation into a hotel this villa played a key role in history when it became home for generals Eisenhower and Churchill during the Second World War. But when peace brought life back to Capri, the duke Goffredo Manfredi bought the villa and turned it into a charming hotel for the lovers of Capri. Visitors at the boutique hotel Punta Tragara will feel like at home and will enjoy an elegant hospitality under Capri sounds and lights. From the hotel terrace you will be able to see the whole island, the large coastal rocks in the middle of the sea, the port of Piccola, and the distant city borders. Be sure to take your husband to the balcony at the time of sunrise and sunset, because the scene is breathtaking, especially when the sun sets in the lap of the sea behind the cotton clouds and the rose pink romantic sky.

Punta Tragara rooms

Each guest room at this luxury 5-star hotel is modern and spacious, and features a unique design and free internet. Some rooms have views of the sea, some others of the garden. But we recommend the Master Deluxe rooms that are spacious and very suitable for a new couple. They are equipped with all the privileges and requirements to ensure a luxurious and comfortable stay with a balcony overlooking the sea to ensure the greatest privacy. The rooms are decorated in a Middle Eastern style, with a walk in closet. If you are a fan of modern art and decoration, the Art Suite is a wonderful space with ideas and creative graphics that will be the most suitable for you. The sea itself is an extension of the art in this suite located on the fifth floor of the hotel, and the privileges granted to the couple staying in this suite are wonderful. No place like this to summarize Capri’s unique experience.

What to do in Capri?

First of all and before going out to visit the island, you must enjoy the hotel’s various annexes, such as booking a relaxation session at the hotel’s spa that offers a variety of massage treatments and wellness packages that include exclusive products made from sea salt and algae. Punta Tragara hotel has two swimming pools; one of them is heated with sea water healing sprayers. On the island itself, you must visit Piazzetta, which means the little square; it is the most famous square in Capri, and is 10-minute walk away from the hotel. It was used in the past as a fish market. Today, it is the city’s social life center where you can have coffee or enjoy a delicious meal with wonderful views of the island around you in the open air. You will even have the opportunity to meet a lot of locals there.

You can also visit the Blue Grotto, or Grotta Azura, one of the most beautiful sea caves in Italy, where the sun passes through a cavity below the surface of the water to illuminate the cave in a beautiful aesthetic scene. A boat tour with an equipped camera is enough to record the most beautiful memories in this wonderful location. Take your husband on a journey to discover the natural beauty of the island. We recommend you to walk along the coastal road of 17 kilometers, to enjoy the turquoise sea away from the crowds. And if you are an adventure lover you can climb the summit of Monte Solaro that rises 589 meters above the sea level. You will discover endless landscapes from the top of Capri Island. Shopping in the island of Capri is unlike any other place in the world. The island has some of the world’s largest linen and handmade leather sandals stores. There are also many shops and boutiques selling the world’s most famous brands.


Hawaii the Blissful Island

Who has never heard of Hawaii? And who has not dreamed since childhood to spend one summer or even a lifetime in that green island? Hawaii is a blessed island, covered with greenery and volcanic mountains submerged only from its peaks. Hawaii is the land of good souls. It is, of course, a very far destination, and a much diversified one for a couple seeking total isolation, curiosity and adventure. Hawaii is an American state in the form of an archipelago consisting of 19 major islands in the Pacific Ocean. Honolulu is its capital and the largest city in it. Hawaii is the last state to join the United States of America, and the only state that is fully located in the tropics with a geographic area that is constantly increasing due to the active volcanic activity and lava flow. Hawaii is considered the capital of endangered species in the world and is the only place where the coffee industry is considered part of the industrial production in the United States of America.

Where to live in Honolulu?

Halekulani Resort just as in the sweetest dreams, this resort is one of the most important destinations visited by lovers from all over the world. Located on Waikiki beach and overlooking the Diamond Head (Lihi), the Halekulani resort overlooks the splendor of the area and the glamour of the site, reflecting the spirit of the Waikiki Scarlet region. Ancient legends talk about the healing power of the Waikiki water, and this area has long been known for its hospitality and generosity. People there are simple and love guests, and they never hesitate to do their best to draw a lasting smile on the visitors’ faces.

The resort’s history is long: It was built by its first owner Robert Lewers as a 2 floor house for him and his family. Fishermen used to stop there to rest and they have always found hospitality and good company so they called the place “The Paradise House”. The place had many owners over the years but it was lastly bought by the Halekulani Company which turned it into a luxury resort with 453 rooms, 3 restaurants, a live jazz lounge and a day spa. There is a spacious balcony in all guests’ rooms, with stunning views of the charming Blue Waikiki.

Where to eat in Halekulani?

Of course at the international award-winning restaurant La Mer, overlooking the oceanfront! It is open daily for dinner and features fine French cuisine using fresh local ingredients from Hawaii. As for Orchids Restaurant, it serves seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a sumptuous brunch on Sunday. At House without a Key, one can enjoy dining and night entertainment on a relaxing terrace overlooking the ocean coast. The special Hawaiian cuisine should not be missed, as you will find authentic restaurants in various areas and alleys outside the resort. It is known that the Hawaiian cuisine uses in the preparation of food many kinds of fruits, especially tropical ones, and it also depends on China and Philippine cultures considered part of the cultures that colonized Hawaii in ancient times.

What to do in Hawaii?

Make sure to take some time off to rest and relax at the Halekulani Spa, which offers a complete list of traditional Polynesian treatments. Book a double massage for you and your husband, and enjoy a deep relaxation and physical comfort. Early in the morning, take a dip in the heated swimming pool with stunning views on the Waikiki Beach.

Ala Moana Shopping Center is 5-minute drive away from the resort. There you can do luxury shopping and dine. Don’t forget to visit the Maui Island, the second largest island in Hawaii, where humpback whales live and present spectacular marine shows. And if you were interested in architecture, visit the Iolani Palace, the only palace in the United States. This place that has been completed in 1882, is considered one of the most important features of the island of Oahu, and it should definitely be visited. For nature and volcanic formations lovers, the 1308-square-kilometer Hawaiian National Park is one of the most spectacular adventures’ destination that attracts thousands of tourists visiting Hawaii Island.

The park includes the volcanoes of Kilauea and Mauna Loa, the world’s largest volcanoes. Visitors are advised to wait for the end of the road, they may end up seeing active lava flows. The Hawaii National Volcanoes Park is classified among the World Heritage Sites. You can walk hand in hand along the beautiful coast of Naples, this coast that offers the opportunity to hike in one of the most beautiful natural areas on the island of Kauai, the oldest island of the Hawaiian archipelago. It is a rugged road with a scenic beauty, including cliffs, valleys and rivers, to the sandy beach of Kauai Island.

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