HAPPY BRIDE… Unforgettable Wedding Night

Get over tension and anxiety on your wedding day!

As the wedding approaches, the bride usually experiences intense pressure and conflicting feelings regarding her future step. With so many questions running in her head, she will feel stressed and anxious and will gradually lose focus and concentration.

Health experts say that tension and anxiety are normal when you’re a bride waiting for the big day: You live under the pressure of planning the day as per your childhood dreams and others’ expectations. You fear to fail in moving into a new life and this can ruin your joy during the most important day of your life.

Accordingly, wedding experts came out with some advice that should help the bride get rid of anxiety and fatigue, thus enjoy her wedding day, the most important of which:

One month before the wedding:

– Hire a good wedding planner: the couple often neglects the fact of having recourse to a wedding planner to cut expenses, but in fact this important choice will help you enjoy your day and reduce the occurrence of some emergencies such as lighting brake down, etc.

– Be organized: Chaos is one of the reasons that can ruin your joy. The more organized you are the less tension you will have and the more time you’ll get to enjoy every moment of your wedding.

– Take a deep breath: Usually there are minor problems when it comes to big events. If you encounter some small obstacles, take a deep breath for two minutes as this helps you clear your mind, see things distinctly and then deal with them easily and quietly.

– Think positively: No matter what happens on the wedding day, it is essential for you to think and speak positively.

It is true that all people live under daily stress, but the pressure you’ll be feeling on your wedding day will be greater. Look for good things in everything that happens and look at them from the bright side.

-Put a backup plan: The best way to overcome stress on your wedding day is to have a spare backup plan, a plan B and multiple other options that can directly be a substitute to the things that may happen suddenly and unexpectedly, such as keeping a makeup bag to refresh your makeup, a knitting kit and extra shoes.

One week from the wedding:

– Sleep… Do not neglect your sleep: It is known that the bride suffers from a lot of fatigue and anxiety before the wedding because she’s worried about the preparations and the follow-up details. It is very important to get a great rest and go to sleep early, especially on the night before the wedding.

– Eat a healthy breakfast: Tension affects the stomach and irritates the mood. From here, nutrition experts advise the bride to eat a healthy breakfast rich in proteins since it is the most important meal of the day and it will help you overcome fatigue all day long.

– Avoid taking stimulants, such as beverages containing high levels of caffeine, because they cause you tension and also contribute in yellowing your teeth and face. Replace them with plenty of vegetables, fruits and water to give freshness to your face and energy to your body.

– Share your feelings with a trusted person: Many questions haunt the bride’s mind concerning her new life and dealing with her partner. In this case, she should share her concerns and anxieties with a person she trusts as her mother, sister, or close friend. Such revelation has a magical effect on eliminating the inner negative feeling.

– Do not leave things to the last minute: leaving some things to the last minute can cause you panic and fear. Prepare to your long awaited day, through serious planning and by doing all the required things in advance. Forget about the wedding details few days before the date and enjoy practicing your hobbies.

– Ask for help from others: No matter what you can face on your wedding day, asking for help might be good and beneficial. It’s true that some people are afraid to ask for help, but that is fine if it is related to the wedding day in order to make sure that everything is good and to not feeling nervous.

One day before the wedding:

– Save time for yourself: The promised day has arrived and all things are ready, but you may forget to give yourself some time to rest and relax even for a few minutes so that you can deal with all the latest incidents. For example you can visit a spa one day before the wedding, or you can walk or even meditate because such things will help you clear your mind, see things distinctly and provide you with vitality and energy.

– Prepare a warm dinner for your loved ones: Before you become a wife, plan a dinner with your family and friends before the wedding so you can relax, enjoy and live some unforgettable crazy moments that you may not be able to experience again after the marriage.

On the wedding day:

– Enjoy the moment: The best advice offered to the bride is to live the moment in all its details and enjoy it regardless the things that may happen because such day will never be repeated.

– Keep smiling: Even if you meet some people you don’t like, don’t let the smile leave your lips. People do not like the angry bride or else you will be subject to criticism and the center of others’ talks for days.

– A thank you letter: It is important to give a small speech with your future partner, in which you thank your family and guests for sharing your joy, and highlight the importance of their presence.

– Have recourse to someone who will be always available to save you from the chitchats with others: Many people start conversations with the newlyweds without taking into consideration the importance of time. You can ask your brother or sister to politely get rid of such disturbances.

– List of songs: prepare the list of songs you want to hear on your wedding day. Listening to the songs you love will make you happier and give you energy and power.

– Dance and enjoy to the maximum: You are the bride and the star of the night, so it is important that you party and dance with the people you love and share with you your joy.

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