Meraas & The Void bring hyper reality experience to Dubai

Meraas has partnered with THE VOID, to bring its critically-acclaimed, award-winning hyper-reality experience to Dubai, as part of a partnership that will see the city become the first destination outside of the United States to host VOID attractions at The Beach in an experience called Ghostbusters: Dimension.

Audiences will step into another world and embark on a journey on the streets of New York in an experience inspired by the Ghostbusters universe. The aim of this initiative is to foster the development of an urban culture where the next generation of businesses and communities can take root.  In Ghostbusters: Dimension, audiences will experience what it is like to be a Ghostbuster, tracking and trapping a supernatural foe through a New York apartment complex in an environment that combines physical props and sets, real-time interactive effects, and virtual reality technology designed by THE VOID. The entire concept is made possible using a customized headset, haptic vest, a backpack computer and a sophisticated tracking system.

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