Feng Shui Your Office

Your office is the place where you spend most of your time, where creativity and efficiency are enhanced, so this is the second most important spot in your life after home! For this reason, the Feng Shui Global System has dedicated some special office tips in order to create a space for healthy productivity by revitalizing and energizing your office and thus motivating you to succeed. No matter if your office is a home office, a corner office or a small cubicle, feng shui can bring the desired. These tips will bring you the energy you need if you know how to apply it. These feng shui cures are simple and do not have to be dramatic. They are easy to apply in a defined office space, even a couple air purifying plants and smart feng shui images plus a better positioning of your office desk can do wonders for your well-being, and ultimately contribute to your career success. 

Let’s start together with the most important tips:

1) Clear Clutter & Organize 

One of the most fundamental steps in creating a feng shui office is to get rid of clutter. Since clutter has a profound impact on your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. When you clear clutter you bring in vital energy that will help you with mental clarity, focus, and inspiration. Place a set of wooden baskets or boxes vertically on one of the back walls, and arrange your papers and files. Try to provide a clear place for all your needs to find what you need easily.

2) Ensure your desk is in the right position

In a feng shui office you want to make sure that you are sitting in the power position. That means that you can see the door when seated at your desk. Ideally, you should be able to see as much of the room as possible.

Sitting in the power position is a key element in a feng shui office. The person seated farthest from the entrance will have the most power. If you sit too close to the door, you will be distracted by daily/petty details. If you sit with your back to the door, you will suffer inauspiciously to office politics, backstabbing, etc.

If you have to share your office space with another, you should try to avoid sitting back to back. It is also best to avoid sitting face to face. Both positions tend to create conflict. If you can’t avoid sitting face to face, either stagger the desks or create a small barrier with a plant, photo or other object. Concentrate on acoustical privacy use headphones and muffle phone conversations.

In an open plan with many cubicles, use plants to create an atmosphere of delight and comfort. Make sure to use subtle colors in an open office plan.

3) Use appropriate artwork and imagery

In a feng shui office you want to surround yourself with images and objects that keep you inspired, creative and productive. Add flowers, art and beautiful window treatments. Hang pictures, mottos and images that symbolize what you want to accomplish. Choose furniture and accessories that speak to you of prosperity, abundance and success.

You can use your office as a template for what you want to create in your life and work. Your office and the physical objects within should reflect the transformation you desire.

4) Choose suitable feng shui office colors

Color has a remarkable impact on your psychological and physical well-being. When choosing feng shui office colors consider the following:

Soft yellow, sandstone, pale gold, pale orange, pale green, and blue-green are always appropriate feng shui office colors. Adding white will increase clarity and mental focus. Browns and earth tones will ground and stabilize the office, however, they don’t stimulate mind.

5) Incorporate stress relievers

Keep stress and irritability to a minimum by choosing furniture with rounded corners or positioning sharp corners out of traffic flow. Avoid harsh lighting or lots of glare since it can cause irritability and fatigue. You can also add music, running water or mist with essential oils to keep stress levels to a minimum.

6) Maintain health

Sitting for a long time at the office has negative effects on your health, but there are many ways to help you improve and maintain your health at work. From this point of view, work on a free area on the desktop to attract good energy with the need to take short breaks for walking and movement at the workplace throughout the day to reduce muscle tension and maintain focus.

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