Travel is an open book of possibilities

Forever Wonderer is her nickname on social media and her job in public relations requires from her to travel everywhere. But whenever she’s on vacation, she always chooses to travel because traveling for her is a passion and a life. The non ending questions that haunt her make her an eternal researcher for everything that is different and new, and sometimes she finds many answers during her travels and trips. We asked her about her travels’ most beautiful memories:

What does vacation mean to you? And what is the first thing you insist on including in your vacation?

Vacation represents the time you spend with yourself, the time during which you get to know yourself and your needs… Every day you become a new person and if you don’t know yourself well you won’t be able to give it what it needs

How many countries did you visit so far? What is your favorite continent?

I’ve traveled to Thailand, Sri Lanka, Italy, England, Spain, USA, Montenegro, Maldives, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, France, Lebanon, Zanzibar, Turkey and Austria. As for the best continents, I see that each continent has a certain feature and I cannot prefer one over the other: sometimes I tend to Asia and some other times to Europe or Africa.

Tell us about a state you automatically fell in love with from your first visit? And why

Italy … I visited Rome, Milan and Venice during my trip. This country has a wonderful spirit that I haven’t found anywhere else. Its people love life and enjoy it. It is characterized by its delicious cuisine; and its majestic culture and history make it a deep rooted place in the soul. Not to forget fashion there. It is a country that combines everything I love music, culture, fashion, food … and love.

Italy was deep and spiritual! It had everything I ever wanted in a country!

What was your favorite vacation? Where did you spend it and what did you find special about it?

My favorite holiday was in Phuket, Thailand, it was one of the most comedic experiences in my life: my fellow travelers, our adventures and the things we faced there in the sea and on land have made this trip an unforgettable vacation.

When you spend your vacation in your country, how do you pass it and does it is differ from your holidays outside your country?

I try to explore the new and the old in my country … it varies in terms of visiting parents and friends but I always make sure to do something new or get to know a new place or make a new friend on every visit.

I spend some vacations in my country looking for something new every time. New place, new journey or new friend! There is always something to find even in our own hometown.

What are the benefits of traveling from your point of view?

Traveling is an open book, you learn a lot from it and it teaches you self-reliance and patience and helps you know yourself better.

Phuket Thailand was the most comedic vacation I have ever had! We laughed all the time! It was the most fun indeed.

Tell us about a journey that was highly spiritual and during which you felt that you’ve found a piece of yourself and how?

It didn’t happen yet but I am getting ready to live such experience at the end of this year: It will be a trip to Nepal and India….

I am going to Nepal & India in the end of this year; I am expecting a spiritual journey like no other.

Are you a city girl or a countryside girl? Or as per the mood!

Do you prefer the desert or the sea?


Tell us a about something that has happened to you during one of your travels and that you will never forget?

During my last trip to Lebanon, I entered a pet shop and I found there my favorite animal, a husky… I hopelessly tried to take him with me to Dubai, but my attempts did not succeed, as he needed papers and vaccines… During my whole stay in Lebanon, I used to pass everyday by the shop to visit the husky and play with him until I returned to Dubai. You can say that I made a friendship with the husky that I will never forget.

What is the thing that always accompanies you in your trips and you never go without?

My mobile phone, my credit card and my passport…

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