Makeup Do’s & Don’ts In the Workplace

The face… The pre first impression

Written by Mona AL Dulaimi


1. Know your skin type, color degree and sensitivity.

The better you know yourself, the easier it will be to apply makeup correctly.

Let me say here that we all love red Matt lipstick and I have dealt with clients who asked for some certain types or even special ones that suit them.

The bad choices can be aesthetically expensive, so I recommend taking advice from a professional beauty expert, in order to get the desired result.

2. Remember, when you go for an interview, whether you prefer a natural soft look or an elegant make up, this is your starting point. (As I mentioned in “1”); if you don’t know the type of your skin, you may find yourself  making an interview with a cracked skin because you have chosen a concealer for dry skin while the type of your skin is oily!

3. Make it Luminous: Goodbye Paleness!

Mineral Finishing Products can help peeling the skin, reduce and conceal wrinkles by the use of concealer and foundation.

4. No to the blush: in case you feel nervous during the interview, use the bronzer as a blush and if you are afraid that your cheeks turn red, use a green corrector under the foundation & the concealer.

5. Blending is your friend: I remember my teacher using this sentence always. I never liked it personally since it used to get me obsessed while applying the make-up, but she was right! The correct blending for a make-up is necessary because it gives you a refreshed face, especially when you apply all other related products such as bronzers and eye shadows.

Your make-up will look more natural especially if the blending was made correctly!


1. Do not use fake lashes on ​​your whole eyelid: What is the nature of your work?

If you were applying for a job that focuses on makeup, it’s ok to put fake lashes on your eyelid since it will help you expand your eyes and show up your makeup skills.

But if the job is in a company, than you shouldn’t overdo it with fake lashes, this will put you in a very awkward situation if it ever slips or moves, especially if the lashes are exaggerated.

Instead use black waterproof mascara and don’t apply a heavy amount.

2. Shadows Lady: When you go for a business interview in a company it’s not appropriate to apply a smoky eye shadow.

Leave the charming smoky for a wedding during the weekend or a luxurious dinner. Focus on the most neutral colors that will enhance the beauty of your eyes. You can use a white pen in your eye to make it bigger.

Sure, you can make a good impression with your confident look when you answer the questions of the Interview.

3. Avoid the orange look: Try to get a beautiful and natural foundation similar to your skin color especially that no one appreciates skin with various colors when they are trying to prove themselves and their abilities during a job interview. You can imagine the incomplete delusional spots or the ones in orange!

Leave all this and be sure to get a harmonious and wonderful skin color that is not orange.

4. The lips can speak thousand words: when you go to a work interview, make sure you use an elegant nude lipstick and avoid pink or dark black and informal colors.

5. You’re not Morticia: The eyeliner should be simple and unseen. Use a black pen for the lash line then make it thick at the roots. if you have small or round eyes, start with a fine line at the middle of the eyelid down to the end of the external eyelashes and make it a little thicker to make the eye look wider.

Editor’s Picks

Make up Treasures

Where can you find the new additions of the season? What new products are worth buying?

Here are some of the products that can be found in Kuwait and that makeup and fashion editors considered the best for this season:

Mosaic Palette 

Another wonderful product that you should buy before the end of the summer: Patio Mediterranean 01; Belle Taint Mosaic Palette. I think the hot sun in Barcelona meets with the Parisian pastels.

Note: Because of the color distribution of the powder in the palette, it is recommended to use it gently. You may end up with an incomplete blush!

Lancôme Collection SS 17


I’m really in love with everything related to the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection! There is something for each one of us. My favorite from the new products is this small matt Lipstick bottle. I recommend putting it in layers if you want a long lasting touch. This product comes in several shades. My favorite shade is: Kiss Me Cherie 374, Magic Orange 186 and Energy Peach 272 that will give you an autumn look if you choose the right shade.

Visionnaire Crescendo Progressive Night Peel from Lancôme

Suitable for all skin types!

This easy to use dual-phase, leave-on liquid nighttime face peel works to gently exfoliate skin surface cells at night and provides you with amazing results on the pores appearance, wrinkles and dark spots. For a complete result, Phases 1 and 2 are necessary, Visionnaire Crescendo gives the skin a smooth touch and it helps you get a soft makeup.

Make Up For Ever

Artist Acrylic

These lipstick colors are so interesting that they can be applied easily and smoothly. They are long lasting like a liquid lipstick. Why did I say interesting? That’s because they are not sticky and do not dry on your lips. I’ve tried this charming lipstick in Dubai known for its high temperature and it looked great! Personally, I loved it because of its touch and cheerful colors such as the candy pink, the natural peach that fits beautifully with bronze skin color. You can control the color level with each swab. I recommend using a brush or cotton sticks to re-apply. The blueberry shade is the perfect one to do it!

New: Kat Von D Alchemist

Holographic Palette

Do you like Unicorn? If yes, you will love this product that will instantly turn your face into a 3D panel with its Ultra-bright highlighters. This palette is packed with high quality pearly particles. A little of this product will suffice for a color scan. I personally found that this product requires good skills while using it on dark-skinned clients since the colors are very shiny. The palette is perfect for a different makeup effect experience.

I would recommend bold unicorn women to focus on the eyes and cheekbone.

Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask Charlotte Tilbury

What I liked about this product is that it is similar to a dry texture that will keep active ingredients inside a thin piece of cloth. And because it’s dry, it won’t attract bacteria, you can even use the same mask 3 times. This product is unique and effective, especially for the weekend because of the density of its active components. The mask effects last for up to 8 hours leaving your skin moisturized and revitalized. If you have any doubt towards what I’m saying, here are some statistics that show the results of each expert and client who used this product:

91% found that it made the skin more moisturized

85% found that it made the skin brighter

100% said it made the skin smoother

70% agreed that it reduces wrinkles

73% confirmed its positive effect on facial features

KKW Beauty

The contouring cream and the shading product come in 4 shades: light, medium, dark and deep dark. It is said that the medium shade was sold within 4 minutes of its launch last June, followed by the photovoltaic collection. Each set contains a dual stick that can be used from both sides (one is shiny and the other is matt) and a dual sponge blending brush.

Pat McGrath’s New Lust:

MatteTrance Lipsticks

From left to right the shadows ranges are: Skin Show (nude), Color Blitz ( bright), Vicious Venoms (deep).

Make sure you get this set of lipsticks for the next winter! The entire MatteTrance collection celebrates personal touches that give a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity. For example: Omi is the deep neutral nude shadow inspired by Naomi Campbell. Elson is an expected personal choice and a bright red lipstick if you want to be Karen Elson.

Beauty Power Fabric foundation from Giorgio Armani

Do you like Unicorn? If yes, you will love this product that will instantly turn your face into a 3D panel with its Ultra-bright highlighters. This palette is packed with high quality pearly particles. A little of this product will suffice for a color scan. I personally found that this product requires good skills while using it on dark-skinned clients since the colors are very shiny. The palette is perfect for a different makeup effect experience.

I would recommend bold unicorn women to focus on the eyes and cheekbone.

New: Aqua XL Color Paint from Make Up For Ever

My friends always ask me about the eye shadows that we can apply when we go to the beach. This kind of strong waterproof shadows is the most important product on almost every girl’s shopping list! Once applied and dried, the color will not change. Rich creams come in many colors (including nude colors) as well as a variety of finishing touches. I found that 80-I Pale pink gold works well with a standard and luminous skin.

CND Shellac in Cake Pop

This nail polish is a great trend in the world of beauty and marked a huge success for the companies behind it. The sugary color from acrylic was greatly used this summer by all the brands. This product looks great with all skin colors. Mix it well each time you want to use it in a way that matches your outfit.

Up Your Work Makeup Game

Makeup that suits different work fields

Waking up early and applying makeup on a daily basis might be a stressful and tiring thing.

Personally I prefer the quick and diverse make-up for work. Whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a designer, or even a make-up specialist, your daily make-up must be quick, easy and professional, we want to avoid a late check in at work with a bad makeup quickly applied at the traffic lights!!

We all want to leave home with confidence with the feeling that we are naturally beautiful and elegant without any stress.

Remember that make-up must be adaptable with your work from meetings to external visits and clients’ meetings.

In addition, we must take into account the weather fluctuations especially in the GCC countries! No one wants to see the foundation turning into a sticky mud running on the face. So you can apply a beautiful makeup every day, take a look at the best latest products I found in the market:

1. Skin: Find your Foundation

Before you start applying any product on your skin, be sure to know what your skin type is.

For oily skin, I recommend Giorgio Armani Maestro fusion Foundation; with its light texture like feathers. It blends beautifully with the skin and gives a non-shiny touch.

2. For mixed skin, try Revlon ColorStay Liquid Makeup for Oily / Combination Skin Cream

A liquid foundation that provides a decent non-greasy coverage and I would say that this product gives a permanent end-to-end touch for up to 24 hours, making it the perfect product for oily and mixed skin.

3. For Dry Skin, Foundation, Kat Von D Lock-It

It’s a light texture that surprises you with its full coverage with a whiff of glycerine that provides intense moisture leaving you with a semi-final matt touch that will last for 24 hours.

4. Lines and changing the color: Twinkle the Wrinkles

If you suffer from wrinkles and frown lines, Stila Aqua Glow Serum Concealer is the perfect solution with its watery liquid texture that will provide a slight coverage that penetrates the skin, and reduces the wrinkles and fine lines.

 5. Morning Eyes: Rise & Shine

For refreshed morning eyes, try Dior Backstage Pro Fix It Concealer; this concealer works smoothly with an excellent stick that reaches the corners. I recommend this product for the far corner of the eyes just above the cheekbones. This product also works very well on hiding skin color variations particularly the ones around the mouth and its corners. There is a second option: Benefit Erase Paste. Please note that this product comes in only 3 shades dedicated for dark skin.

6.Eyebrows: The Infamous Arches

“We must never underestimate the strength of the eyebrows”… Jack Black

My favorite product to fill eyebrows will be Perfect Brow Pencil from Anastasia Beverly Hills that comes in 8 shades with a brush and a pencil to help you reach the corner and edges of the eyebrows. This smooth product dries and turns into a powdery texture.

7. The Eyes: Eyes Bright as the Sun

“When a woman talks to you, listen to what she says with her eyes”- Victor Hugo. Eye Make-up must be invisible and light. The best are the colors that are not shiny and not very bright. Try the nude eye shadow, such as brown and nude. I love the Morphe Color Shimmer Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette. Its shadows are impressive, and its exquisite shades and products have gained high popularity resulting in the selling of the collection quickly. It has shades for any season and any occasion.

8. Lips! Bold Lips or No Lips

If you are a law woman or a professional businesswoman, dare a little more this summer with M.A.C classic – Ruby Woo for any business occasion. It is a long-lasting lipstick that will not require any retouch after drinking coffee. And for a pale, timid color, try Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy… It has a smooth and creamy texture that eases a Thursday night.

9. Cheeky Cheeks for cheekbones

My favorite for red cheeks which can also be used as a lipstick is Lancome Matte Shaker High Pigmented Liquid Lipstick: Red’y in 5 and Yummy Pink. Apply both colors on the desired area then mix them together. Another favorite product is Kryolan Matte. In fact, these products are incredibly amazing and I never leave the house without any of them in my bag. They are suitable for any occasion and for any skin.

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