Abdulaziz Al Humaidhi The Artist… The Architect

When we asked Eng. Abdulaziz Al-Humaidhi about himself, he said that first he is a good son for wonderful parents, a loving husband for a wonderful wife whom he considers his best friend, and a brother of three siblings who have accomplished some remarkable achievements in life on a personal level. As on the professional side, he is an architect, art lover, designer and sports fan. This young Kuwaiti ambitious man is excelling in the local interior design world; that is why we hosted him in this issue to tell us more about his passion, his ambitions and his life.

What does creativity mean to you? And what role does it play in your career?

Creativity has many meanings for me, through it I might probably find solutions to problems and many different requirements. It is also the other vision through which I see life with its many challenges. I find creativity in my life in every idea via which I express my feelings through art.

Tell us about your career as an architect.

I studied both architecture and Fine Arts at Rhode Island University for Design, and few years after graduation, I founded my own company that provides engineering services and architectural designs for different projects. I find myself proud of all the projects I’ve worked on, without exception: every design I make is a new step in my career towards a better understanding of the profession secrets, on the architectural level or when dealing with customers and people in general.

What did this field add to you on the personal level?

I guess the architectural field has armed me with technical skills and analytical ability: for example, I must always learn a lot about the different fields and ideas, what makes me a permanent endeavor to solve the problems and obstacles my clients face. I learned how to work on several different topics simultaneously, in addition to be able to deal with people from different backgrounds and majors. My profession taught me patience, the ability to listen to my customers in order to reach a result that will satisfy them and fulfill their demands. And in the end I learned how to be determined and perseverant.

You are currently managing your father’s company; tell us how were you able to preserve your father’s professional legacy while applying your youthful vision?

I do not deny my father’s support in creating all signs of readiness in me to be able to manage a successful company with a good reputation in the market, his professional legacy is very large, and his personal touch or let’s say his long experience played a great role in the evolution of the company. Despite the changes I have made in the main activities of the company, his legacy remains in the quality of our services and our professional ethics that we are keen on preserving as we’ve learned from him.

I received a company that has always aimed at finding realistic architectural solutions but I wanted to add an artistic side for the design I’m accomplishing in the Creative Studio with the help of a group of creative young people from the architecture and design fields.

In your opinion as an architect, what are the three most important principles to create a suitable space?

First you must consider that any space should serve the desired requirements either the functional ones or the theoretical. Second, from my point of view, the proper lighting, the size and the durability are the three most important factors for an ideal space.

In an ideal house, what are the things that we should insist on having, from your architectural point of view?

Be sure to have as much natural lighting as possible, as well as an area dedicated to plants and greens whether it is in the form of an internal private garden or an exterior one such as a terrace for plants or a green outdoor space.

We live in a modern city of concretes and there are no green spaces in our homes, and we will never feel the importance of such matter until we experience its benefits by ourselves.

You also have an artistic side; tell us about your passion for art?

I work on art projects that shed the light on political and social issues through artistic sculptures.

I exhibited my work in local and foreign exhibitions, and though some of the ideas appear to be global and international, they still raise questions about the local and regional side more than something else.

Tell us about your recent project “Inspire Pure Fitness”?

The project is located on one of the most beautiful sites in the city, and has a beautiful view that we worked on enhancing through huge glass facades that surrounded the pool and the golf course. I also made sure to overcome all the challenges we’ve faced in this project by creating a space that meets the current and future needs of the customer at the same time.

Being married to Bibi Hayat, one of the most famous Businesswomen in Kuwait, how does she inspire you and what is her influence on your life?

Bibi and I are the complete opposite in everything, and despite the difficulties we’ve encountered at the beginning of our marriage, I was able to appreciate and love our differences. Marriage teaches us to respect the “incompatibility” between us. It makes us create new ways to benefit from the differences rather than be concerned about it. I always see in Bibi great opportunities for me to mature as a man on a personal level and to progress in my career and life. Bibi is very modest, and I don’t know if she will agree with you on the idea of ​​being “one of the most famous businesswomen in Kuwait”, but her career is very important for her personal and professional maturity. This is what helped her become who she is today. I am very proud of her and I love her more every day.

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