Zizi Boushahri .. The Dynamic Business Mogul

During the first few minutes you feel amazed by the spontaneity of her balanced self-confidence, and as time goes by you find yourself trapped within the circle of her positive energy that touches your spirit.

Zainab Boushahri who everyone around calls (Zizi), is one of the best persons you may meet and who will transfer to you a certain passion for life and work, and make you grab the secrets of actual achievement, success and joy you share with those who helped you even a little bit.

Alostoura met with Zainab Jawad Boushahri, the General Manager of Boushahri Specialized Polyclinic and Boushahri Clinic. Zainab graduated from the University of Kuwait with a degree in business marketing and began working with her father and brothers at the Boushahri Commercial Group as Legal and Human Resources Manager for 10 years. Currently, she works in the field of medical services, and she’s been doing so for nearly 12 years. She is a wife and a mother for 5 children, three girls and two boys.

You dreamed of becoming an architect … How did things turn out so that you ended leading a team of medical staff and famous doctors in the medical field?

Actually, after graduating from high school, my grades qualified me to join any scientific college. I seriously wanted to study architecture, but in 1989 this specialization was not available at the University of Kuwait, so I decided to travel abroad. But my mother rejected the idea, so I discussed the matter with my father who suggested that I study commerce in any specialization, and then carry on in design after completing my university studies. Accordingly, I chose to do business marketing and I never regretted this choice.

What did you gain from studying in Kuwait compared to the experience you could have acquired if you studied abroad?

First, living among my family and parents is at the heart of my life. I don’t like emigration and I quickly miss my country. Second, acquiring an experience on the ground during the studies, and third, making friendships I am proud of till this day. I am very lucky to have special friends who are still with me and around me till this day. My friends are my sisters and I never felt that I was girl with no sisters.

The modern management major is no longer separated from the rest of the other majors, such as sociology and psychology; as a general manager of two medical centers, how do you perceive this interference?

The interference is present despite everything. If you want to succeed in any job, the team you work with, 8 hours a day throughout the year, shall be the first element in your plan towards success, this is why you have to understand their conditions and circumstances and be a sister to them, a friend and a manager who guides them and not reprimands them, especially that the majority of the colleagues are females: singles, wives and mothers.

Dealing in different ways with this combination of people gives me a great experience and dazzles me with the reactions I get. I believe that investing in human beings brings us to the top of success. There is no successful work without a cohesive team that feels safe.

There are a big number of medical centers and clinics in the country, how do you assess the services of the Boushahri Polyclinic and the Boushahri Clinic?

Yes, there is an abundance of clinics in Kuwait, but I feel very excited in front of an honest competition, and for each hard worker his share! Our presence since 2000 as well as our efficient services and our continuous development have classified us among the first clinics in the country.

You are the one who leads and manages; how do you coordinate all this with your duties at home and your children’s needs?

My children are the real investment in my life, and my husband understands the nature of my work. I have one rule that I follow and that I inherited from my father: I never mix up things. The minute I enter my house, I become the wife and the mother only and focus on my duties at home. Thank God I never fail to do what I have to do.

How do you spend your days? Give us details about one working day. How does it start and end?

I am a morning person and I believe that God starts to give us whenever the sun is up. I go to work long before the working hours when all is still calm. Then the battle begins as I move between the two centers, I like to be at the heart of details and meet the patients. I am also proud of the team that works with me because our personalities are similar, what helps me understand them well. I don’t care to be a manager because my day is so busy and sometimes time flies so fast before I even notice and you see me telling everybody see you tomorrow inshallah.

According to what you choose the doctors? What are the standards?

Competency – Experience – Credibility – Strong working spirit, there are many doctors out there but few of them feel responsible towards their patients, few of them work passionately.

In presence of a big competition in cosmetic surgery in Kuwait, what do you do?

The intense competition pushes the surgeon to be more creative and do his best to excel. I have faith in our surgeons who are very experienced and excellent enough to guarantee the satisfaction of the patients. We do not exceed the limits in our cosmetic surgeries; our goal is to not be artificial or exaggerated.

What about the latest developments in Boushahri Polyclinic and clinic?

A year and a half ago, Boushahri Clinic has been completely renovated from the basement to the sixth floor in terms of decoration, equipment, machines and services, and we will soon be opening a new field of specialization that serves a specific segment of patients. And you all know that we have a special department for medical equipments, which in turn provides us with the best medical equipment. In addition, we always make every single effort to be the pioneers in providing health services at an efficient and affordable price for all.

A sentence that summarizes your philosophy in management

“Just as you want people to treat you, treat them in the same way. Never underestimate others’ abilities and always be skilful in everything you do.”

We noticed that there are short videos on the company’s instagram page in which you personally appear to give social and beauty tips. To this extent you’re dedicated to your work?

My work is part of the society in which I live. I’m aware of the problems we face together as a one society, and know the questions that always come to minds. These tips are part of my duty towards this community. I personally appreciate who advises me, so how can I not advise others if I have a certain experience and information?

(This is the woman’s era), a sentence you said and that reached us, how did you come up with this conclusion?

I meant by this that because of the nature of the woman being a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother, she is capable of accepting, enduring and achieving in a great way. And now after sharing all the work’s ups and downs with the man, the woman has proved out of all her experiences that she is capable and creative, despite the responsibilities that fall upon her, so you see her in different situations and circumstances but always successful and perfect.

We would like you to offer to Alostoura readers a golden advice on how to preserve their beauty health with the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan and the travel season.

First ladies drink plenty of water because the skin and the body suffer a lot when you don’t drink water. I advise you to stay away from the sun rays on the beaches and frequently put creams of high protection and prevention. Finally, I hope that you will not act unreasonably during your trips and undergo cosmetic surgeries no matter how simple they seemed or inject unknown materials that may damage your health and physical appearance. In our work, we face many disastrous cases resulting from bad experiences or the trial of a new product in a country outside Kuwait without being sure about the physician’s competency. Unfortunately, we find it difficult to repair and restore because it’s impossible for us to access the medical information that accompanied the operations outside Kuwait.

Zainab or Zizi as everyone calls you, what is the secret of your vitality?

Contentment and satisfaction! I am always satisfied with my fate, and if I get hurt, I see it directing me to a better decision in my life that never came to my mind. I feel pleased whenever I accomplish something, and I sleep without hatred or grudge. I never compare myself to anyone and I love those around me with nothing in return and for no reason. I see all the good things around me and I am happy with them, and I do a job that I love with all my heart, and I enjoy a country called Kuwait. In short, my heart consists of many rooms that are all reserved and I’m still working on accommodating a larger number inside. There is a phrase written on one of the walls at home, and which I consider the essence of my faith in life: “All stories begin with love, and with affection and respect, love persists. The family and the country always come first.”

Whenever I look at it I start my day actively and thank God for his endless blessings.

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