Naqwa..The Perfect “sougha”

Nagwa started back in 2004 as Hail w Zafaran, the idea started from the founders’ personal need to gift local Kuwaiti dessert to friends and family when traveling abroad. At that time, the only available options for food gifting were more international middle eastern sweets rather than local Kuwaiti ones.

The founders started researching the Kuwaiti sweet categories; knocking doors and meeting old Kuwaiti ladies; collecting traditional home recipes and experimenting with them adding a modern twist to the shapes, size and packaging while making sure to maintain the local traditional flavors.

Since its inception, the brand gained an unmatched reputation and supreme customer preference in this category of food gifting for the uniqueness, superior taste and high quality of its product offering.

With its rebrand from Hail w Zafaran to Nagwa in 2013; Nagwa emphasized the food gifting aspect, and capitalized on it with huge investment in packaging design aiming to bring traditional Kuwaiti dessert and find its place in Kuwait contemporary culture. Being the first in the category of Kuwaiti food gifting, Nagwa found its way to be the leading Kuwaiti influenced gourmet food-giftshop in Kuwait reaching global standards.

In 2013 the brand name Hail W Zafaran became Nagwa; best choice and selection. The name reflects the care we take in introducing only the highest quality products deserving of the Nagwa brand name and its meaning.

Nagwaoffers a wide selection of traditional confectionaries like Rahash, Darabeel, and ghuraiba; with a modern approach in presentation (size, shape) and packaging. We at Nagwa are proud to say that we use all natural and premium ingredients to capture the most authentic flavors. For example one of our most demanded items is the Rahash wafers where we tried to recreate the traditional experience of eating Rahash with bread to simply a bite size layer of Rahash and wafers coated with different types of chocolate and flavors like pistachio and rose.

Nagwa was the first to introduce the mini Gers Ogaili back in 2004 making the amazing Gers Ogaili compatible to the modern lifestyle.

Today, Nagwa operates with a mission to provide its proud gifters with gourmet confections in elegant packages each telling a different cultural story in its food content and design.

As we at Nagwa take celebrations seriously, it is our responsibility to celebrate the local festive seasons with our community; offering new seasonal packages and products that match people’s occasions and needs.

In celebration of the biggest season in the region “Ramadan” Nagwa adopted the concept of generosity under the title  “لهجةالكرم”. We always try to spread those little moments of kindness and joy when sending or receiving a gift, something that is rooted not only in the Kuwaiti social etiquette but the Arab hospitality in general.  From this we came up with new visual theme and products.

Ice Kareemآيس كَريم

Is our new born product that will be launched in Ramadan, inspired by the ice cream carts that we all grew up chasing in the neighborhoods and using Nagwa flavors of Date, Rahash and Qirs Oqaili we’ve created individual size premium ice cream that will revive the childhood experience yet served in an elegant box.

Ramadan 2017 visual theme design was built around a narrative, highlighting the social values of gifting and generosity.


From that narrative a full visual theme came to live. Colors were inspired by the latest fashion runways specifically  Marc Jacobs’ Spring summer collection. Understanding our client’s elegant taste in fashion and food.
In Nagwa we always try to tell the cultural story in a new way. So our product development team is in a constant search experimenting how can we recreate the traditional flavors in a contemporary way. And to communicate the origins of the flavors we have designed travel friendly tin packages, each one of them tells a cultural story. So you would find packages with different abstract modern graphics inspired by specific cultural elements. This Ramadan we have the Dama game as part of the visual theme, telling the story of dama.

Our top sellers include the Ghraiba pistachio which is highly demanded from our clients locally and across the GCC. Rahash wafers and Darabeel are also among the top sellers and definitely cannot forget the famous mini Gers Ogaili where Nagwa started.

Currently we are serving and celebrating people’s occasions from six boutiques spread throughout Kuwait (Jabryah, Dasman, Airport, Kaifan, Hawali, Salmyah). Two more boutiques are coming out in 2017. A partnership with a delivery platform, Carriage, was launched earlier this year. We are also working on a plan to branch out to the GCC by 2018.

Nagwa has a boutique branch in airport serving travelers, providing them with the most convenient gift from Kuwait. As we always say internally, Nagwa is the taste of Kuwait in a box;It is the most ideal gift for your friends and family abroad, the perfect most compatible souvenir that would make the gifter proud and captivate the receiver by creating this special moment that we are always in search ofboth from the food development or the last most elegant travel friendly gift packaging.

We are very thrilled and excited to announce soon our new catering project dedicated mainly to the Kuwaiti traditional breakfast section in weddings. We will have new limited items only for catering with beautiful themes that match people’s most memorable day.

Nagwa takes it as part of its social responsibility to support local talents. From its early stages Nagwa partners with an amazing team of designers and architects as we believe Kuwait is filled with great talents. We are proud that our internal team has Kuwaiti talents in the marketing, packaging and design, and product development.

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