A Healthy Long Airplane Ride!

Be relaxed in the plane!

Traveling is pure pleasure and the more the place is away from the take off country, the more interesting the adventure is! There are trips that take more than ten hours during which we stay suspended in the air in a large iron box called airplane. No one denies the beauty of these far regions and countries, but do you know about the factors that negatively affect the traveler’s body, what leads him to serious fatigue and exhaustion, especially during long flights? Let’s take a look at some of these factors and how we can solve them and ease the stress and pressure of traveling:

  • The chances of getting colds increase by 100 times during travel. Humidity-free atmosphere inside the airplane increases the risk of airborne infections and respiratory diseases due to viruses that live in high humidity environments. We recommend you here to start with a program that strengthens your body’s immunity system one week before you travel: Eat everyday one tablespoon of honey immediately after waking up. The specially designed airborne vitamins also help enhance immunity, thus reducing the risk of diseases. We advise you to clean your seat well, the table in front of you, the entertainment screen, the remote control, and your seat pockets with antibacterial wet wipes, such as Dettol Antibacterial Wipes or Flight Wipes specially made for disinfecting the plane surfaces.
  • Many travelers suffer from ear blockage and uncomfortable feeling that can lead to severe and acute pain especially during the takeoff and the landing. The reason behind this feeling is the change in air pressure inside the plane, leading to pressure between the middle and outer ear. This problem can be solved or at least controlled by chewing a gum or sucking sweets. The continuous saliva production helps the ear channels to not get swelled. Yawning and bloating contrary to the airway while blocking the nose “Valsalva Maneuver”, all are factors that help us get rid of this congestion. Some experts also recommend earplugs, such as Ear Planes, to lessen the impact of changes in air pressure on the ear.
  • First and Business Classes have comfortable seats that help passengers rest and sleep, but what about the economy class where there is no space to stretch the legs and lay down in general? Make sure you move out of your seat every hour and walk a little bit in the jet ways. Sitting on these straight seats will hurt your back and neck, and your legs will suffer from a significant drop in blood circulation. There are custom-made socks called “compression socks” that help restore the blood circulation to its normal levels in legs, and these socks can be worn during long flights. Experts also recommend that you take with you a sit up pillow that makes you feel more comfortable thus have a good sleep during the flight. We recommend you to try the Cabeau Evolution Cool Pillow, which gives good support to the neck and spine. To ease the tension during a trip, you just have to breathe or put drops of organic lavender oil on your body’s pulse areas such as your wrists and under your ears; it is known that the scent of lavender helps to rest, relax and sleep naturally and safely.
  • We still have to explain the utmost importance of internal and external moisturization before, during and after any long flight. Our bodies lose about 1.5 liters of water during a three-hour flight; so can you imagine how dry the body becomes during a 15-hour trip? We strongly recommend you to drink water. Double the amount of water you consume a week or more before your flight. The long-term impact of water on the body is great: the organs are more refreshed and their performance and functions are improved. These large doses of water will also help the body get rid of toxins and thus feel more comfortable during the flight. Always use artificial tears if you suffer from dry eyes or if you have had LASIK. Make sure to apply moisturizing creams on your skin and face constantly during the trip, preferably every half an hour, and do not forget to take with you your favorite lip moisturizer.

The plane, the enemy friend! The longer we stay in the sky, the more we are subject to tremendous pressure on our mental, psychological and physical health. But we certainly love this transportation mean because it is the quickest way that carries us to our destination. Here are some final ideas for improving your psychological feeling and your physical appearance before reaching the landing country.

  • Targeted eye makeup remover from Sephora is excellent to getting rid of kohl and mascara marks under the eyelids after a long sleep and waking up.
  • To feel clean and refreshed before reaching your destination, you can use the single use Wisp Max Fresh toothbrush from Colgate. They are small in size suitable for your handbag, and they contain a frozen toothpaste that dissolves in the mouth during brushing.
  • To get rid of Jet Lag, use the natural treatment provided by LIDDELL. It is a JLG spray solution for oral use. It contains a number of natural herbs that stimulate the mental stability of sleep. It should be sprayed three times a day three days before the flight date.

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