10 Tips for Smart Packing

Ten innovative ways to prepare your travel bag smartly!

Let’s travel… But the suitcase and everything that must be in it, is still a dilemma to us whenever we start the piling stage! There is a lot to take with us, but there is no space right? And what about all those small items that may break or get lost? I’m almost sure that you’re scared too from the nightmare of fluid leakage inside the bag, or the broken compact make-up products.

We gathered here ten smart tips for you to pack your bag and travel comfortably and successfully:

  1. The Spreading Technique: spread your luggage.

Before you begin packing your luggage in the suitcase, spread it on the ground to know exactly how much clothes and belongings you will take with you so that you can determine the suitcase size, and do not forget to leave some additional space for the new purchases and gifts that you will bring back with you.

  1. Roll baby Roll! : rolling instead of folding.

Try this time to adopt the rolling technique instead of folding the clothes like squares and putting them on top of each other in the suitcase. Take the items that you will wear together, such as the skirt and the sweater, put them on top of each other and roll them nicely. Repeat the process with all the items and place the rolls side by side in the suitcase. You’ll discover how much space this method will save you.

  1. Your shoes inside the shower caps!

If you do not have dust bags to store the shoes, just put them in a plastic shower cap. These caps will separate the rest of the luggage from the shoes, and will keep the pair of shoes in one place. You can also roll the pair of socks and place it inside the shoes before storing them in the cap to avoid the shoe shape from deforming.

  1. Pills containers for jewelry.

Put your small jewelries in a divided pills container. This container is excellent for keeping earrings and rings from being lost between clothes in the suitcase.

  1. Your old glasses case for cables.

Put your laptop cable and charger in your old glasses case, as well as your earphones. The goal is to store all your needs and save place while being able to reach them quickly when opening the suitcase.

  1. More guarantee for non-leakage of liquids.

Put a piece of Saran Wrap over the nozzle of any liquid bottle that you will take with you, such as shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and perfume, then place the cap over the saran wrap and put the bottle in a non-flammable toiletry bag or Zip Log bag.

  1. Buckle to keep the bag locked.

If you do not have a special lock for your suitcase, just use a paper clip. Insert it into the pull- tab rings to hold your suitcase. This simple trick will help enhance the strength of the suitcase and prevent the pull-tab from being easy to open.

  1. Cotton to prevent breakage of compact make-up.

In order to avoid those unpleasant surprises when you discover that the compact powder you brought with you has been broken into small pieces due to the pressure and abuse of the suitcase while traveling, put a piece of circular cotton inside the box to keep the content as it is.

  1. Pick the Travel Size.

Usually we recommend that you give up your usual shampoos and body lotions while traveling. Leave your routine products at home and discover the ones offered by hotels. Their choices are usually excellent. But if you do not like this experience, make sure to put your favorite products into plastic bottles with a size suitable for travel. “Moji’s” the Japanese store, offers a great selection of these high-quality bottles.

  1. Weigh your bag before heading to the airport.

No one wants to be that traveler who is surprised by the excess weight of his suitcase when arriving to the airline counter! A very embarrassing situation that obliges passengers to open their suitcases in front of strangers and remove things from them in order to fit the allowed weight. You can avoid all this by purchasing a small scale for suitcases, just check the weight of your suitcase and do the necessary before going to the airport.

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