Dar Hamad .. Celebrating Culture through Food!

Dar Hamad .. An ancient family and an authentic concept

The visit was different; the initial concept of the place is integral and arranged in a beautiful and sophisticated way that makes the visitor feel that he’s going to live a unique experience full of history and heritage. Al Hamad family house was and is still owned by Hamad family since the beginning of Kuwait’s urbanization, when back then it was an old building constructed on sandy land overlooking the sea that has been developed today into the famous Arabian Gulf Street. Over the years, the house hosted generations of relatives and guests and was a true example of the authentic Arab hospitality that make guests experience the Arab generosity, probably the most outstanding feature of Kuwait customs since the ancient times. Year after year, the house perished, so Al Hamad Family decided to renovate it and share with people this site that reflects the Kuwaiti heritage and hides within its walls beautiful social memories. That’s how came up the idea of creating the restaurant Dar Hamad. At Dar Hamad, the chefs serve authentic Kuwaiti cuisine from the 1960s and 1970s with a modern touch. The creative engineer Jassim Al-Sadah inspired the design of the house from the “Sandoog Mubayyat”, an ornate wooden box that is usually and traditionally presented to the new bride and that contains her dazzah or dowry (gifts and fancy stuff that the groom and his family present to the bride before the wedding party). This box is commonly linked to joy and presents and Dar Hamad design reflects this traditional idea.

The food offered in the restaurant is mostly Kuwaiti, inspired by the cuisine of local families who have mastered their dishes for generations. However, the owners of Dar Hamad were keen to recreate the dishes in a modern style by adding a contemporary touch to them and presenting them in a sophisticated and exceptional way that meets the taste of adults and young people. The target is to immortalize the traditional Kuwaiti food craftsmanship in the mind of current and future generations. “Al Majboos” is present at Dar Hamad in all its varieties, in addition to “Al Mrabian” and the famous fish and rice dishes. The Tapsi dish is one of the favorite dishes there; it is made of layers of eggplant, potato and veal with sour tomato sauce. The chef in Dar Hamad never hesitates to serve reminiscent dishes, such as the school pasta, kebabs of all kinds, and delicious shawarma sandwiches with fresh tannour bread on the side and pastry bread with dates.

Dar Hamad activities are not only limited to food and hospitality, there are also facilities and rooms on the first floor dedicated to hosting special events and cultural activities of all kinds, as well as a chai lobby, a lounge and two private rooms named after two types of old jewelry Al Hammah and Al Tilool.

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