Sulaiman & Farah .. The Duo behind Qumooth?

“Qumooth” and symbolic art!

For me, I suddenly discovered “Qumooth” during one of my random search on instagram, and since that day I have been fond of the personality of this veiled woman, this eternal activist with social interests. “Qumooth” has a dominant presence and a loud voice even though she never speaks! She may be present and expresses what is going on inside her through her different slogans and interests. On the papers of local juices and sandwiches, the creative duo Farah and Suleiman draw “Qumooth” in all her moods.

Farah and Suleiman met at the University of Miami where they studied engineering, graphic design, art, marketing and advertising, design and management. But after working for two years in Kuwait, they felt they lack of personal artistic innovation, and felt the need to have a special job that unleashes their creativity at their own standards and personal ideas; here “Qumooth” was born to express in her own way about all the events, occasions and news that occur in our world, and to be the official character of the dh_c studio that generates multidisciplinary designs aiming at reconfiguring the realities so that this generation becomes able to understand the world we live in.

The dh_c studio view for art is generally summed up as the sensory embodiment of intertwined mental ideas that merge into reality. Art is considered a mirror and its reflection is an idea emanating from the artist himself, received by the recipient according to his personal interpretative criteria. This is why both Sulaiman and Farah believe that art has a multi-meaning message, perhaps because it depends entirely on the way or the image that each individual receives. That’s why they do not like to interpret “Qumooth” or define her under one name, since they find pleasure in listening to all the different explanations and opinions that revolve around her. “Qumooth” is a mysterious personality that raises a whirlwind of dialogues and debates about her existence and entity, giving her creators a wonderful opportunity to understand how people accept symbols that usually mean something different whenever placed in a different position.

Although “Qumooth” is still searching for herself and her primary target in life, but she knows by instinct that she was created to be a symbol of love. She is completely covered, her identity is unidentified because the mystery is a power lying within the unknown. The absence of any known features for “Qumooth” grant her sensory presence, her expressive feelings and her body language more force and influence on the issues she is interested in. Even the contradiction “Qumooth” has and that is expressly obvious between her conservative traditional appearance and her modern liberal interests, is only a reflection of the contradictions in life, society, people and individuals. Like all of us, “Qumooth” is the product of this country, an extension of the heritage and culture she was raised upon and the house where she grew up. This vital personality never surpasses rules, except for the fact that she is a woman painted on a sandwich paper we usually forget the existence and ignore the historical and artistic meaning. When “Qumooth” decided to couple her presence with this bag, she meant to teach us to never believe in the immortality of small things around us! Our lives are fast and intertwined, what prevents us from slowing down to focus on details to appreciate and enjoy them. We unite with routine and forget to ask questions: Where did these shapes we see every day on paper bags come from? Who designed it? From where did he get inspiration? Why is she everywhere?

“Qumooth” appeared for the first time on earth when the duo thought of designing a clothing collection that would address the desires and motivations of the 21st century woman: her desire to be interesting, free in her individuality and distinctiveness despite the pressures of our societies on her to be subordinate and traditional. The collection wasn’t completed yet but whenever the designers thought about these main desires of today’s woman, appeared a greater need for a personality that represents and symbolizes these motives.

With “Qumooth”, the search for inspiration wasn’t difficult. She is passionate about everything, she follows the news, she’s well-informed about everything related to social media programs, she’s an avid reader, communicates with her family, and have many friends. “Qumooth” is the first to celebrate mothers’ day and national holidays, she is first to participate in the parliamentary elections, the first pro- women’s rights activist, the first to attend the Oscars. She doesn’t only express her opinion in fashion, but also practices it in the streets of the world capitals during different fashion weeks. She’s the first to put a pink tape when breast cancer campaigns begin and expresses her sad feelings towards the Syrian issue. Qumooth’s magical beauty lies within her constant presence and her interest in other people’s issues. She sacrifices herself, her time and her sense of humor to serve humanity.


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