Start Your Journey in Ramadan!

Ramadan… The Fountain of permanent youth!

Fasting during the month of Ramadan isn’t limited to being one of the pillars of Islam and a fundamental worship in our religion that provides a great platform to gain success in Hereafter. Recent studies have shown that fasting is the best health system ever to activate body cells and organs and strengthen immunity. The process of detoxification in the body “detox” is only done if you stop eating for a certain period of time. The concept has recently spread to become a global fashion in all diet books, discussed during television programs and in women’s magazines and on internet pages.

It is worth mentioning here that defining certain food systems as “detox” is a wrong concept! Detox is actually a natural process that the human body performs to get rid of toxins and waste by abstaining from eating for certain periods of time “fasting” and not by eating specific foods and meals.

Some may be surprised by the word toxins and wonder from where these toxins have entered our bodies so that we need to get rid of them.

There are two types of toxins that exist in the body, “Endogenous” and “Exogenous”. The first type is the internal toxins that are the waste and residues naturally produced in all the cells of the body as a result of the metabolism activities. The second type of toxins in the body is not natural and is considered an intruder coming from outside sources. The majority of it comes from eating, processed foods full of preservatives, industrial additives and agricultural crops treated with pesticides and chemicals, not to mention hormones and antibiotics. Furthermore, the toxins enter our bodies through environmental pollution, whether air or water pollution, cosmetics like perfumes, makeup, creams, dyes and others. All these internal and external toxins are dangerous and chemically unstable, and if we do not get rid of it in the right way it will begin to increase and accumulate in our bodies, leading to fatigue and disease.

Throughout my researches in therapeutic nutrition, I found out that fasting for a full month, while taking into consideration a healthy and balanced iftar, is one of the best ways to enable the body to start the process of self-healing.

We must keep in mind that there is no single diet that suits all people. One of the biggest mistakes in nutrition is that we copy a certain diet and publish it to the public without taking into account the different nature of the bodies; it’s very simple, the nutritional needs of a woman totally differ from the nutritional needs of a man, and the needs of a child differ from the needs of a young person or an elderly. Even two men with the same age have different needs when it comes to the nature of their work and lifestyle, what means that they need different types of food: a bank employee needs a quantity and quality of food that is completely different from the ones consumed by a professional athlete! Even if we unite all circumstances and variables, a person remains different from another according to his genetic, hereditary and environmental composition. Even the body of one person has different needs in summer and in winter!

And this is a very important issue. Healthy nutrition is a complicated subject with many contradictions. Whenever a study is published on the usefulness of a particular type of food, a contradicted one is soon published after it that explains the disadvantages of the same type of food! Therefore, a critical analysis of each study should be carried out so that we know its sponsors, its integrity and the accuracy of its information! Unfortunately, not every study is credible without any bias or favoritism.

It is difficult to get the important and simple information that affects our daily choices, for example what is the difference between processed food and real food? What is the difference in nutritional value between seasonal and local organic agricultural products compared to other products?

These are all information that we must understand well before starting our fasting. This month can be a new page and a starting point for a different nutritional approach if we apply the detoxification properly during the month of Ramadan by keeping the fasting person away from harmful processed foods and choosing healthy meals for breakfast and suhoor. The benefits that will result are countless seeing that a full month of continuous detoxification has an effect on all the body members. It will rejuvenate the skin, activates the blood and the organs, strengthens the immunity, stimulates memory and concentration, and gives a sense of relaxation with lots of energy.

Unfortunately, many people try hard diets to lose weight, they lose weight and quickly recover what they have lost and even more! I advise all these people to benefit from the month of Ramadan to rehabilitate their exhausted bodies from various diets so this month will be like the starting point that helps them change their lifestyle to a healthy way that is easy to follow and thus stabilize their weight and settle their souls without the need to a continuous fight against overweight and obesity with diet.

A final advice: Fasting in Ramadan, is like drinking from the fountain of youth: it rehabilitates the whole body if it is done correctly, so prepare yourselves by reading and acquiring a healthy food education and by setting in advance a plan that starts before the holy month, and if you are lucky, never ends!

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