Noura and Amal Al-Shayji: Two Sisters One Passion!

Noura and Amal Al-Shayji are two very active collaborators in the beauty industry and skincare field. Their passion and personal experience with the available world-wide treatments drove them to open their own private beauty clinic in order to provide the latest and the best treatments that modern medicine can afford in this domain. Noura holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting from the American University of the Middle East, and Amal is a physiotherapist and lymphoma specialist at the Kuwait Cancer Center and holds a BA from Kuwait University.

– How did you specialize in the cosmetic treatment industry?

As Kuwaiti girls, we are interested in improving ourselves and treating defects. And after visiting many clinics specialized in related services, we found that local clinics lack of modern services, so we decided to establish a clinic where we can offer the latest findings in the cosmetic world at high quality and prices that fit us in first place and fit our family, friends and customers.

-What are the most important services offered by Derma Diva Clinic?

The clinic provides laser hair removal services. We also have a section specialized in skin care, starting from cleansing treatments, freshness sessions and problems and defects treatments for the face and body. We also provide concentrated programs for peeling in its various types, and a special section for skin and beauty that includes filler, Botox, lifting for face and neck, as well as temporary make-up lip contouring and eyebrow shaping with the temporary technique of micro pigmentation.

– What is the purpose of establishing this clinic? And what makes it different from other clinics?

Our clinic was established and is managed by local youth; we, as a group, are familiar with the latest trends on the market, and our passion in providing the best is always driving us to continuous experimentation, screening the suggested treatments to bring the best to Kuwait. What make us unique as well are our special offers and services offered at competitive prices.

– It is known that face skin loses its freshness during the month of Ramadan due to fatigue from fasting and lack of sleep, how can we maintain a fresh and healthy skin?

  • Wash the face frequently, clean it with a gentle solution and avoid the accumulations of dust and makeup.
  • Apply adequate facial creams that suit your skin type, and moisturize the skin immediately after cleaning while massaging the face in a circular way from the bottom up to ensure moisture penetration and to maintain a tight and bright skin.
  • Use a cream rich in vitamin C that keeps the skin bright and shiny.
  • Take care of the area around the eyes through the use of a nourishing cream and massage it in a circular way.
  • Take care of the lips and moisturize them twice daily after Iftar with a cream rich in vitamin E, honey and cocoa butter.
  • Do not forget to put sunscreen before going out, the burning sun double its bad effect on the skin during summer and the lack of drinking water.

What are the treatments offered by the clinic and that you recommend as part of the Eid preparations?

We recommend freshness sessions for the face and laser sessions to remove unwanted hair!

– Is there any new treatment you would like to introduce to our readers?

We actually have the Fractional Laser Action2 machine that treats acne traces and surgical scars, rejuvenates the skin, treats stretch marks and pregnancy traces, and removes wrinkles and aging traces.

– What are the most important natural and healthy tips for a fresh and beautiful skin?

It all begins from the inside i.e. psychological comfort, from eating healthy and moving a lot or practicing some activities, and the abundance of drinking water is one of the most important and vital factor for a healthy and fresh skin, in addition to the facial cleansing and continuous moisturizing.

– Any last word?

We thank all of those who supported us and contributed in the progress and prosperity of the clinic, and we hope to be at the goodwill of everyone in order to always provide the best.

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