Abdulmotaleb Nathar .. Surrounded By Positivity!

Abdulmotaleb Nathar .. Kuwaiti youth… keys to its renaissance!

-Who is Abdulmotaleb Nathar? How do you introduce yourself to people when you meet them for the first time?

I am a very sociable person; I always surround myself with joy and try to be friends with people who see life in a positive way. I like to make others happy in any way.

– Are you a media person? Are you a project owner? What is your job or professional career?

Media was and still is part of my life, since it was my major at university, I learned a lot from media, especially in all that involves self development and refinement of the social personality, until I started my first project, a company specialized in marketing and social media.

– What is your passion in life?

Traveling is my first passion in life, discovering all what is new and learning from the cultures and heritage of other populations. The world is very big and I look through it for the different and the unknown and whenever I find something I never knew before or learned a new lesson I feel happy. Maybe that’s why I consider traveling as my first passion.

How do you describe the social youth scene in Kuwait? And what are its most important features?

I see it completely different between yesterday and today, transitions are faster and different from what they were in the past. It has undergone radical changes because of the speed of time.  Today we see young people thinking about building their way of living and future starting from the first steps. They have clear aspirations and clear expectations for the future they want to build for themselves. Today’s youth have become more conscious, more understanding of their responsibilities, and ready to take bigger steps toward achieving goals and drawing their own destinies.

– What are the most important activities that you try to attend and do in Kuwait?

Sports activities in general and marathons in particular; I also do my best to attend artistic forums, where I see and meet artists from inside and outside Kuwait. I am also an activist in the voluntary field of cancer prevention.

– How would you describe your normal routine day?

It always starts with morning coffee, I am an all kind coffee lover and then I go to the office, where I dive into in the public relations world and I do not forget to devote some time to practice my favorite game football.

– We see a clear rebound in the dynamism of young people in Kuwait, whether through their diverse activities or their large business projects. What is the reason behind this booming in your opinion?

Causes may vary, but it must begin by the raising in awareness among young people concerning their abilities and self-confidence. The concept of trade in Kuwait has recently diversified to include many activities that Kuwaitis haven’t mastered before. And we should not forget the social media, which made communication easier and faster, since it is a motivation for anyone to take that step, especially that nowadays the employer recognizes the importance of this tool, which enables him to spread and expand without the need to spend big amounts of money on advertising and marketing as it was the matter before.

– Do you think Kuwait is a friendly country to youth or a depressing one?

Being a positive person, I will answer this question by an invitation to look at the number of prestigious youth projects and funds allocated by the State to fund youth projects; this would silence any person doubting the support and encouragement the State of Kuwait provide for its young producers and creators. Today the youth of Kuwait through funds and supports have become an ideal model for every young man in the Gulf intending to open a small project.

– What are the steps the government needs to take in your opinion to increase opportunities for youth empowerment?

We are a generation that aspire speed and development. As we grew up in a time characterized by these qualities, our lives and experiences were all fast and developed based on the instantaneous electronic communication, the information is a click away as well as progressive decisions and more. We hope that Kuwait will keep pace with this development in its institutions and formal procedures. And we also wish to see young people given the opportunity to occupy high positions and have the ability to be decision makers. I believe that young people are an amazing energy and an enlightened mind and if they are given the appropriate space for creativity, they will contribute to a spectacular rebound for this country. We have seen promising Gulf examples that have supported young people to be the keys to their renaissance, such as the government of Dubai, which has given young people vital ministries in the country.

-If you receive an offer to be a minister, which ministry will you choose and why?

The Ministry of Youth because in my opinion many things the young Kuwaitis need are missing. Through my discussions and my listening to many of the youth dialogues, I concluded that the ministry needs to rephrase its priorities by taking young people more seriously and contributing to their constructive activities and investing in them. The youth of Kuwait would be happy if the Ministry fully studied their needs and thus invented or provided some local courses to develop their talents and experiences which would later be reflected in their productivity for the State.

  -What is the biggest and greatest dream you are currently working on

Visit as many countries as possible.

– Who is the successful man in your opinion? Tell us about his qualities?A successful man has many qualities: he bears responsibility, he has self respect, and respects others, he has appreciation, humility, courage, he backs down, and never loses hope.

– A country that you constantly love to visit and why?  Spain (Melaka) This city reflects my personality; it is very simple, freely characterized by its beautiful regions and diverse activities.

– A phenomenon in Kuwait that you love?Help and support for others; we enjoy supporting a friend or a relative when he sets up a new project, and we get involved and interested as if the project is owned by us and not by the person we’re helping!

– Define elegance / fashion from your own point of view?

Elegance is simply harmony and a platform that reflects the person’s personality.

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