A diet specially designed for you! – By Sabika Al Nuaimi

A therapeutic Nutritionist holding a Bachelor degree in Food and Nutrition Sciences from Kuwait University in 2015

Specialized in nutrition in chronic diseases, food safety and obesity clinics

Lately, health and nutrition awareness widely invaded our social media networks and nowadays everyone is talking about nutrition and food without any educational background that may support the vast amount of information we get daily from social media! I see different types of diets on Instagram and Snapchat, the majority of them are posted by people who pretend to be nutritionists. But are they really? It is very important and mandatory to know that a random diet that turns out to be successful for some people may be harmful for us and put our health at risk, because our bodies are simply different and the causes of obesity differ from one individual to another: there are those who suffer from lack of iron, low protein level, hypotension, thyroid lethargy or hyperthyroidism, problems with salt intake, diabetes and tension! In short, there is no diet suitable for each and every one of us.

I think that the key to succeed in following a specific weight loss regime is to identify the target from following it: The “short-term goal” whereas most women follow a fast diet before an upcoming event – they follow a very strict diet for a couple of weeks or a month to get fast results that do not last long. The “long-term goal” is to change the whole lifestyle and commit to a healthy living, and that is the best and most effective target.

We all have different bodies, different deficiencies thus different needs, and there is no diet in the world that is designed to fit all!

Here are some quick tips that can be adopted in a healthy lifestyle that will help you lose weight gradually in a healthy way:

– Introduce yogurt in your daily diet: studies showed that consuming yogurt twice daily helps losing weight 20% faster, as the most important feature in this type of food is that it burns fat while it maintains muscle mass in the body.

– Avocado: It is a high source of natural healthy fats. One fruit contains 300 calories, but don’t worry it is beneficial for the body. Eating half of an avocado as a daily portion will increase fullness rate by 40% because it remains a long time in the stomach.

– Don’t be afraid of hot spices: ginger, cinnamon and pepper are all ingredients that contain Capsaicin an active substance that increases the burn speed level from half an hour to an hour after the meal. It also contains materials that envelop the stomach wall and in consequence lengthen the period of satiety, but we do not recommend it to people suffering from stomach ulcers.- Make sure you sleep well for your age: there are more than 500 hormones in the human body, including 3 burning fat hormones and 2 accumulating fat hormones. Burning hormones can’t work without adequate sleep for at least 6 hours for an adult woman, so be careful to sleep well to activate the vital processes in the body. Follow the quote Out of the house, Out of the Mouth since healthy nutrition starts from home because you are the first controller of all kinds of foods available in your home. Make sure to provide everything that is healthy and harmless in your environment.- Replace sugar with natural sweeteners: Replace normal sugar with cinnamon, honey, or vanilla extract when drinking tea or coffee.

The Golden Rule of Healthy Dieting:

Eat better not less & always stay active.

Fat is one of the main problems in weight loss diets. Some schools say that fat is not essential for a healthy body and completely abandoning it will help you pursue a healthy lifestyle! But that is not true, because to be able to lose weight and burn fat you will need to eat fat, but what we mean here by fat is the good ones that supply body with energy and help build cells, like: coconut oil that I consider the most suitable and the best cooking oil because it is not affected by heat and is the only oil that is dismantled in the mouth directly. Omega-3 fatty acids, such as almond oil, shea seeds, omega-9 and olive oil that should be packed in non-plastic glass bottles. Choose it virgin with a dark color because it is the best natural and non-processed oil.

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