The Style Icon: KAREN WAZEN

Karen Wazen is a well-known fashion icon, with a goal to find the right balance between family life, her career and her herself as a woman. With a passion for expressing herself and communicating her stories, interests, and thoughts with others, she uses her digital platforms to give an uncensored preview into the world of being a modern fashionable mother, wife, and entrepreneur. AL OSTOURA had the chance to meet her during Paris Fashion Week.

–          Is fashion a passion to you? How so?

To me, fashion is a form of expression, and this is something I am passionate about. Through my style, and outfits, I am able to communicate my stories and feelings with an audience. I am able to express my mood with no words.

–          What do you like the most about this industry?

This industry has opened many doors of communication for me. Through my platforms I am able to deliver messages which I strongly believe in. Even though at times, things could get overwhelming, the feeling of having people on the other end who trust me, believe in me and support me makes it all worth it.

–          What are you doing in Paris? 

I am here in Paris to attend the ready-to-wear shows of some of my favourites designers at Paris Fashion Week, and also to visit showrooms of designers. It is an honour to be here amongst fashion experts, press and other influencers and bloggers in the fashion capital of the world.

–          Style is an expression of oneself. How can you describe your style? What characteristics in your style distinguish you from others?

I would like to think that my style reflects my character with some key characteristics such as; effortless, chic, minimalistic, edgy, and cool.

–          After having your lovely twins, how did you bounce back to being healthy and fit?

After two pregnancies in one year, it was difficult for me to get back into shape. I was very preoccupied and focused on my children and work that at some points I forgot about myself as a woman. It was very important for me to realize that I should also account for “me” with some “me time”. I realized how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle in order to have a healthy mind. I cut carbs and sugar after 4 pm which helped in losing weight. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of working out, but my husband and I found a fun way of spending time with each other while exercising. We take walks three times a week and really enjoy it. Of course running after 3 toddlers is also a constant exercise.


–          A Diet secret you swear by?

I do not believe in Diets. I believe in a healthy lifestyle and eating what you like in moderation.

–          A beauty treatment you love?

The occasional facial mask while watching a series.

–          A fashion quote you live buy?

Less is more.

–          A fashion designer that embodies you?

Today I would say that one of the fashion designers that embodies me is Dior with creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s collections. With strong elements and notions of feminism, romanticism and art, I feel very connected to the brand.

–          What are your impressions of the women of Kuwait? Have you even been there?

I have never been to Kuwait , but have heard and seen through social media that they are passionate, fashionable and beautiful women with a strong drive to express themselves in the Arab world.

–          The IT bag this season?

Nile bag by Chloe

Okhtein banana waist bag is one that I love. It is practical, fashionable and unique.

–          The shoes to own this season?

Balenciaga slip on trainer Sneaker

Andrea Wazen Brooke Sandals, I like the modern/cubic take on the classic strap   sandal.

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