The Designers Behind LEAL DECCARETT: Travelling For Inspiration…

Ever since they launched the brand, Francisco and Karen have worked on designing collections that merged the Colombian heritage with European and Middle Eastern, to add a modern touch that women nowadays need. The pieces are comfortable, fun, and are meant for everyday!

Even though the spirit of the Colombian heritage is found in most of their designs, Karen and Francisco’s creativity is also drawn from other cultures they have come across during their travels. To discover more on the relationship between travelling and creativity, we had this small talk with the designers behind LEAL DACCARETT:

–          Do you think Traveling is important for the creative process as a designer, and why?

There is nothing that we enjoy more personally than exploring new places, cultures and people. Although you don’t need travelling for being creative but it opens your senses to new things and it is not the only way.

–          How do you get your inspiration from your travels?

We try to enjoy the places we visit with all our senses.

–          Tell us about your most favorite world destinations when looking for new ideas and concepts? And why do you favor them in particular?

We always start with our main inspiration, the soul of the brand that begins with our own roots, which is a mix of Colombian European and Middle East culture. We also enjoy new places and new experiences.

–          Is there any specific culture that inspired you the most? How so?

We are Latin and we feel very comfortable being so, it’s fascinating, fun and sensual!

–          What do you find so inspirational in your travels? Is it the people, the food or the architecture?

It’s the experience! We like to travel with a native because it’s the best way to get inside the culture and to understand what it is all about. We like to get in the mood of the places we visit.

–          Your designs are bold colorful and versatile. Who is the woman that you design for?

She’s confident, loves to have fun, takes risks, loves playing with colors and not unpredictable.

Also, she’s in love with our brand!

–          What would a jet setter lady need in her suitcase?

Space for All the new collection of Leal Daccarett.

–          When you travel, what are the most 5 fashionable items you must take with you ?

  1. The Alegrias dress
  2. Cool Sleepers
  3. Great high hills
  4. A cocada skirt
  5. A nice clutch

–          If you were to be in an deserted island for some time, who would you take with you?

Francisco will take Karen, Karen will take Francisco and both will take Jacobo, our son.

–          Your favorite cuisine?

Italian and Arabic.

–          Your number one destination for a vacation?


–          Where will your second house be in?

It will be in Cartagena/Colombia in the Caribbean

–          If given the opportunity to use any country’s flag to turn it into a collection, which flag will you choose, and why?

Kuwait! So that we have the excuse to go there and show our work.

–          Any last thoughts?  

We are thankful to you guys for such an amazing welcome of Leal Daccarett.

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