The 90’s Hair Trends are back! by Mona Al-Dulaimi

Although the nineties ended more than a decade ago, it is difficult to ignore the hairstyles and makeup trends that characterized this era.

It is worth mentioning here that the nineties witnessed the tendency of women at the time towards popular trends worn by celebrities and filmmakers. And those people were really proud of the big influence and impact they could have on women that helped them feel independent and confident wearing the same look as their idols.

From hair buns to braids, hot rollers and hair gel, all these childhood obsessions are back and they’re here to stay.

Hair Gel Trend:

Do you remember when you used to apply gel on your hair so it becomes sticky, wet and shiny? If you do not remember, that is fine because history tended to repeat itself and this trend made a comeback in 2017 spring – summer shows and we have seen it with Givenchy, Altuzarra, Balmain, Hood by Air and Loewe.

How to get this Look:

Use a generous amount of wax and gel, but avoid water because it will give you a temporary wet look only.

The famous hair expert Cesar Ramirez recommends the use of wax as it works on teasing the hair in a straight way and gives it a more intense look than gel. Start with drying the hair then apply wax on all the roots and make sure to use a sufficient amount of wax for your hair. Avoid using gel because the water contained in most gels will work on bringing back your hair to its normal look.

Curly Hair:

We have seen the hot rollers in many SS17 shows like Gucci, Moschino, Charlotte Olympia, Vanessa Seward, Dsquared, Anna Sui, Brock collection, and Topshop. And we have also seen many bold haircuts with light or thick curls.

How to get this look:

Choose your rollers based on how much curl you want to get. If you want light curly hair, you have to use small rollers, and if you want softer curly hair, you need large rollers. Start with drying your hair carefully before putting on the rollers to get better curls. Small rollers should be hot if you want to get more stiff curls and large rollers should be slightly warm for soft curls.

Divide your hair into parts from the fringe to the neck and attach each part with a hairpin. Then start by putting the roller on the tip of the lock and roll it until you reach the head and hold it with a pin. Repeat this step until you’re done with all your hair.

To increase the volume of the hair on both sides of the top of the head, fold up the rollers diagonally and make sure the rollers are well fixed so you get the desired result. Leave the rollers on your hair until they become cold and begin to remove them from below. Brush the curled locks by using a comb or your fingers to get a soft curly hairstyle then use hairspray to fix your look for a longer time.

Bun Trend:

We saw the bun in SS17 shows of Christian Dior, Jenny Packham, Zero and Maria Cornejo.

How to achieve a bun:

Pull your hair to the back in a pony tail and decide where you want to achieve the bun then brush your hair softly and divide the pony tail to 3 parts then start with rolling the hair in the middle of the head and fix it with hairpins.

Braids Trend:

The braids trend is back in the SS17 shows of many designers like Valentin Yudashkin, Leitmotiv, Gucci, Christian Dior, A Detacher, Emporio Armani, Emilia Wickstead and Andrew Gn.

Hidden Treasures of Apple Cider Vinegar

Prepared by: Mona Al-Dulaimi

I’ve always preferred natural home remedies that do not contain chemicals that harm our health and skin internally and externally. And apple cider vinegar was my all time favorite since it’s a simple element available in every home and many celebrities, such as Miranda Kerr, Madonna, Megan Fox and Katie Perry (to name a few), use it in their daily healthy eating plan. And apple cider vinegar is made out of the best and the most beneficial natural ingredients.

It can be purchased from many commercial centers such as Sultan and Lulu Hypermarket, Saifco, City Center and Geant and many more.

Listed below are the main benefits of apple cider vinegar:

– Allergy:

If you are suffering from sore throat causing you allergies and you are sick and tired of coughing and taking pills, you will simply need to bring a glass of warm water, add a teaspoon of apple vinegar to it as well as hot pepper and two tablespoons of honey, mix them together then drink the mixture, and you will instantly feel relieved and the coughing will decrease.

– Digestive problems:

Do you have a feeling of bloating in your stomach? To reduce gases and constipation, the solution is very simple:

Add a tablespoon of apple vinegar to a cup of warm water (you can add honey as well), and drink it before eating your meal. Apple cider vinegar also helps relieving heartburn, a common health issue in the Middle East.

– Perfect for skin cleansing:

Apple cider vinegar works on restoring the hydrogen level in your skin. Apple cider vinegar when applied on the face with a piece of cloth absorbs oils and reduces fine lines and makes the skin smoother.

– Eliminating bad breath:

Gargling water mixed with half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar helps getting rid of bad breath.

– Fighting acne:

Add a small amount of apple cider vinegar to a 3/4 filled cup of water, dip cotton in it, put it on the acne for 10 minutes then wash your face thoroughly. You can repeat the process up to 3 times a day.

– Relieving body odor:

Helps restoring the balance of the acidity level in the body, responsible of killing odor-producing bacteria.

– Decoupling hair:

Put the apple vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair then comb it.

– For a tastier salad:

Adding apple cider vinegar to a salad gives it a delicious flavor and an incredible taste.

– Using it as a deodorant:

You can mix equal amounts of vinegar and water, and with the use of a piece of cotton, you can apply the mixture under the armpits to get rid of sweat odor.

– Skin softening:

If you want to keep your skin smooth and fresh, you can use this vinegar as a daily cleaner.

– Reducing blood pressure:

It helps lowering blood pressure seeing that the main ingredient in vinegar is the acetic acid.

– Reducing wrinkles:

Wrinkles are the worst nightmare any person can have, especially women. So the act of mixing a teaspoon of cinnamon with apple vinegar and honey, and applying the mixture on the face for 30 minutes then washing the face, will greatly help reducing wrinkles.

“Many celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Madonna, Megan and Katy Perry (to name a few) incorporate ACV in their diet.”

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  1. ohhjacqui

    Omg, this post brought back some memories, especially the gel! We called it wet gel and it was the most disgusting blue gel ever 😂 at the time I thought it looked amazing 🙂 really enjoyed reading this post xo


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