Mother & Daughter

Awatef Saleh and Sama Al Wasmi

My mother who appreciates each moment we all surpass!

There are a lot of common qualities and traits between Sama and her mother, they both love nature and life, they are both fond of beauty, art and fashion since Mrs. Awatef’s belief was from the beginning centered on the uniqueness in the approach and the distinction in the natural beauty that comes from within. Awatef raised her children on the love for work and commitment, because she herself grew up in a home that sanctifies and respects everything linked to responsibilities. And because her children were the first big responsibility she had to bear, she felt overprotective towards them, so she scarified her youthfulness to take care of the smallest detail in their lives: “Motherhood created a climate of fear in my life, I did not know what fear meant until I gave birth to my first daughter; the cleanliness of the place, the food and the clothes became my first main obsession, I was extremely concerned about becoming a great mother like my mother.”

As for Sama’s first memories about her mother, they are totally different: “my mother is unique, she is one of a kind person, a strong, and passionate mother who wanted her children to become as strong as she is, to gain their own independence, achieve their own dreams, and to be characterized by determination and full commitment to all what we do. Over the years, my mother didn’t lose the magic of childhood, she transported our lives to flowering fields of experience that built in us confidence and enhanced our independence. I remember that she taught us how to preserve the nature and never play in the flower fields by telling us that nature has a spirit, and flowers, trees and everything alive around us should be respected. I recall the day when she encouraged us to apologize to the flowers we unintentionally destroyed, and we actually hugged the trees and told them how beautiful they are.

My mother is still teaching children love out of this concept and this is what amazes me till today, she didn’t lose the magic of childhood and its fascinating imagination.”
Awatef says about Sama: “I am proud of my daughter, proud of her determination to work and succeed in every responsibility she decides to handle. Sama began her work experience since she was in the seventh grade, that’s why she sanctifies work and achieves it with perfection and this is what increases my joy over her and her life that began long time ago to grant her opportunities to new beginnings and several attempts”.

(Quote) Sama: We have a lot on common me and my mom, we are quite possibly the most empathetic two people I know, we are sensitive to the world around us in a way that most people cannot relate to.

The mother is the source of inspiration, and this is what confirmed Sama, while listing the sources of inspiration she empowered from her mother: “My mother lived and is still living according to her own rules in a society that masters the fact of teaching women how to express their own feelings. She spread her love, commitment and respect among her family in first place and her close friends. Also, she has her own vision towards fashion, since she sees the beauty in the exclusivity and the uniqueness. That is what made her my inspiration in my work field. Our discussions were always focused on the fabric details and the philosophy of the designs much more than what it is new and trendy”. (Quote) Awatef:  the spirit and the eye are the most important senses every human being possesses, and through these senses we can express our love to each other, and by training these senses on love and compassion, we will be able to create a generation that believes that love opens the door of our humanity to the world.

Love letter:

From Sama to mom: Mama, I love you and you will always be to me, the girl who scales rooftops, flies kites and runs free through the woods.


Foutouh Al Dalali and Dalal Bahbahani

My daughter is the upgraded version of myself…

“In fact, sometimes I don’t know if I’m the mother or she is”! That’s how the professor and social activist Foutouh Al Dalali began her sweet talk about motherhood. Foutouh has a lot to say about her daughter whom she raised under a set of life values ​​and principles, what contributed in making Dalal the woman she became today. “I was born in the Kuwaiti golden age which instilled in us a strong desire of giving. Since my youth and I derive my inspiration from this community that was evolving and urbanizing at an amazing pace at that time, so I was among one of the first groups who joined university to get education, and I was one of the girls who got into the sport field as a member of the Kuwaiti National Basketball Team. Then I joined the political arena represented by the students’ Union at that time. I was bred into giving, and then motherhood came to enhance this feeling in me and pour it in my children to form my own motherhood”.
This is exactly the first thing that Dalal appreciates in her mother, since she is fully aware of the significant role her mom played in the Kuwaiti society since her youth, and the amount of the time she sacrificed and the efforts she exerted with her colleagues in the dazzling women volunteering work, which had a huge impact on a small country like Kuwait: “my mother infused in us some well-established values that were shaped to suit any circumstance or work. These great humanitarian principles I was raised upon, made me a committed and stable woman you can rely and depend on and take advice from. My mother’s mission and her passion to help and change for the better reflected on everything I do, and inspired me in my personal career and my own motherhood as well.”

Foutouh’s pride in her daughter was clear and obvious from the way she looked at her when she started talking: “I’m not partially proud of Dalal, I’m entirely proud of her. Dalal is the daughter whom I ask for her opinion and take advice from. Dalal is the committed and generous employee, Dalal is the mother who takes care of the smallest details in her children’s life and does not rely on anyone to take care of them other than herself, Dalal is the wife who I see a lot of love and respect in her husband’s eyes, and Dalal is the generous person who is concerned about the issues of her country and people. Dalal is a copy of myself, but I admit that she is deeper, more educated and more broad-minded than me. “(Quote) Foutouh: Motherhood taught me how to become a child and a mother at the same time, in order to understand my kids and stay by their side in all their life stages.On the other hand, Dalal has learned a lot from her mother over the years, Foutouh is the first school that taught her valuable lessons in life, first of all to love the country and to love working for the country without any return, she taught her to accept others and coexist with all differences with love, she taught her kindness and the love of sharing with others, and that giving is not giving up on what we do not need, but sharing with others what we love and need, ” my mother also taught me the importance of being the voice that claims the rights of those who do not have the ability to shout and ask for their rights. Humanity runs in my mother’s blood and her struggle for the dignity of weak people is a good example I will follow my whole life. “(Quote) Dalal: I learned from my mother to be healthy. My mother played and recreational sports all her life. She lives a healthy life, her spirit is pure, her soul is gentle and she is stronger than women are half her age. Love letter From Dalal to her mother: In many aspects, you were the perfect mother to me, the passionate, the strong and the resistant.We were -your children- your most precious art in life in which you see the principal reason to make this world better.I really look forward to be half the woman and half the mother you are today.


Hanan Al Saiid and Fatima Al Sumaiti

A mother holding love in one hand and wisdom in the other!

Between the mother Hanan Al Saiid and the daughter Fatima Al Sumaiti, there is freedom and there is friendship. Fatima did in fact inherit her love for philosophical creativity from her mother who launched a blog entitled “Al-Zain”, a page where she would freely express herself and her feelings after she lost a dear person. With no time, the blog was transformed into a platform for published stories and Hanan became part of the circle of philosophy in Kuwait.

Fatima can clearly recall the first time she discovered her mother’s passion in writing: “I was 11 years old and we were my mom and I cleaning up the storage room in our house when I suddenly ran into my mother’s old diaries. My mom opened the pages and started reading for me some of her reflections and poems. I remember being so astonished and surprised to hear such beautiful words. At that moment only, I realized that my mother writes poems.”

Fatima: “I believe that on some subconscious level, I have always wanted to be like my mother in her strength and beauty”.

When we questioned Hanan about motherhood and its secrets, she replied: “Motherhood changed a lot of things in me; it taught me to be patient, to give without conditions, to love without limits, to discuss each day with a new spirit, to understand a small creature with a personality that develops, grows and changes amazingly day by day. Motherhood was and still is for me a kind of garbling and rectifying my personality and experiences to become a more beautiful person in my children’s eyes.

Fatima, through the eyes of Hanan, is a beautiful woman proud of herself, she is independent in her approaches and ideas, and prefers to decide anything by herself without the help of anyone. But if she ever fails after many attempts, she comes to her mother asking for advice and wise thinking. Hanan continues: “Then I see the little girl whom I always held into my arms.”

Hanan adds: “I see myself in Fatima through her passion in writing and expressing her dreams and her rebellion against things happening in our society that she refuses, objects against and tries to change through writing, as I do.”

Fatima describes her mother as the most powerful woman she has ever known. Despite all the difficulties she has experienced, she was always able to lift herself and silently work on restoring confidence in her career and goals in life: “This patience mixed with force that I find in my mom who appreciates art and life, taught me a lot about myself. I can’t find anyone more loving than her, I just know that she always supports me, helps me whenever I need her and stands by my side even if the whole world is against me.”

Fatima: “My mom taught me that patience is a virtue.  Her strength stems from an extremely potent ability to be patience”.

Love Letters:

Hanan to Fatima: How proud I am to see you turning into a different person in an epoch difference can be rejected because of some habits, customs and traditions. You went into many battles and despite all difficulties you could overcome many of them with power and great courage. I learned a lot from you, my daughter, to try relentlessly, to never listen to others, to be what I want to be and to create each day a new window through which I look at the world. I learned from you how to search for beauty in ugliness, it surely exists but I can’t see it if I don’t try to. I salute here Fatima’s father, the loving husband and the amazing father, without him, we couldn’t be me and Fatima as we want and as we look like today.

Fatima to Her Mom:  If it were not for you, I would not have found myself – not that the search ever ends! You gave me the space and the freedom to run free and discover my inner facets. You are a beautiful soul Mama, and I wish that the world could experience half of the beauty I see in you.


Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah and her daughter Fatima Al Sabah

My mother is the first source of positivity in my life!
We all know Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah, the Founder of« Alnowair » positivity initiative that has spread a smile among the community in Kuwait. She is passionate about helping others, and this is what asserted her daughter Fatima who also inherited many of her mother’s qualities: “Since my childhood and up till now, I always see my mother in complete sympathy with others, her passion in life is to help others and sacrifice her time and efforts for a humanitarian goal. My mother has taught us how to sympathize with people and love charity by action and not by words. Since our early childhood, and my mother leads many activities in this field and many others.”

Sheikha Intisar raised her kids all by herself; she played the role of the mother and the father at once to instill in her children all the values she inherited from two women who raised her.
Sheikha Intisar’s grandmother (her father’s mom) was a progressive woman who believed in education in a traditional time, she was a wise lady known for her persistence and stubbornness, while her mother was affectionate and kind. Between these two women and their qualities, Sheikha Intisar grew up to become the mother and the friend to her daughters. And when asked about motherhood, she replies: “motherhood taught me so much, it is a spiritual school like no other, these precious seeds that we release to the world take a lot from us, but the most important lesson I acquired from motherhood is that my children are my own extension and reflection, they inherited many of my traits, so in order to love them I should accept and love myself at first, and also accept the fact that they are unique and different at once.”

Sheikha Intisar was one of the founders of Kacch, the Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital; Fatima remembers the days when she used to go with her mother, and volunteer herself to taking care of a group of kids and playing with them.

These trips were implants that Sheikha Intisar was keen to grow in her children so that the concept of empathy and concern towards others become a firm resoluteness in their characters, until Fatima grew up and became the president of K’s Path, thee Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat: “I’m passionate about taking care of animals, so this charity organization was the first brick in my life journey. Despite the fact that such kind of charity work does not get any attention and recognition in a country like Kuwait, but I am very proud of this achievement and happy of the growing awareness towards these issues in my community. Without my mom, I couldn’t continue in this passion, she is the one who taught us to be ourselves, to pursue our dreams, and to not listen to others. I learned from her how to be persistent and powerful, she is the source of knowledge that I resort to when I need an advice and my shelter when I crave sincere love and endless passion. Sheikha Intisar like other mothers have a lot to be proud of in her daughter Fatima, she is her daughter and her partner in the new project “Prismology”, a Skin Care range entirely derived from the philosophy of colors and gems energy: “Fatima has the ability of doing several things at once and I am proud of the existence of this exquisite skill in my daughter, which helped her reaching her goals. Fatima is a self-reliant woman, with an independent mind and great ambitions, I learned a lot from her insistence in life and indifference towards what people say as long as she is completely convinced with what she is doing” (Quote) Intisar: what I appreciate in Fatima is her love to help others, her interest in world’s issues, in humanity, and her love and interest towards vulnerable animals; she is doing all this out of passion and compassion for others.

Love letter:

From Fatima to mom: Because of you I am who I am, Because of you I am able to peruse all my dreams.


Souad Al Mounis and May Al Najjar

Motherhood released the love energy I was hiding inside

Freedom and independence mixed with infinite love and tenderness at once! This is what remembers May Al Najjar about her mother’s way of raising her children. Souad Al Mounis is an independent and free woman since her youth. Her father armed her with so much confidence, taught her and her sisters about equality and let her go out and travel so she learns how to know herself, her capacities and ambitions in an epoch where young girls’ role was limited and traditional: I traveled to Egypt when I was young to study, my father allowed me and gave me the opportunity to be independent from him and my family. And during this crucial period, I got to know myself and my strengths. I’m a strong woman who lacks nothing, so perhaps it is out of that perspective that I decided to raise my kids.

This is what May confirms, and she seems a lot like her mother not only in the looks but also in the character and the ambitions. May studied engineering abroad like her mother even though she didn’t plan to do so, she adds: “There are many qualities between my mother and I, I guess I’m unconsciously and without any plan taking the same path as her: Our first cars were the same, our educational formation as well, and our passion in healing using energy and nature which we reached after going through different experiences. My mother started employing the holistic healing while I was still questioning this king of treatment. Our passions were different for some time then, after a journey of spiritual search, I joined a field that was very close to my mom’s passion. She never interfered in my decision… She’s the soul when you find the way.

May describes her mom as the strongest woman she has ever met, and she never forgets her attitude when she was still a kid outside Kuwait, and the war was declared in the country: her mother insisted on going back to Kuwait with three children to be with her family and her husband: “I believe I knew at that time how strong is my mom, I learned from her how to insist on getting what I want if I’m convinced that what I’m doing is the right to do. My mother taught me how to be me, to love the way I was raised upon, to respect my thinking and the results I may reach out of my experiences. My mother was and still is by my side; she encourages all my decisions and supports my ambitions of all kind. We are truly similar; both of us left the engineering field to devote ourselves to the deployment of the integral spiritual health culture.

Mrs. Souad explains how proud she is of her daughter, she’s not only proud of her latest achievements but also of the great change May endured in her life to reach this phase of spiritual and metal maturity: May was a traditional girl interested in material things only, and enjoying her girlfriends and common youth activities. This young lady turned out to be a mature woman with a great target in life, May is a person with high spiritual energy today, able to change the lives of many people to the better in everything she teaches and transfers to others out of her skills in holistic healing that helps people recover mentally and psychologically from all the diseases of this century, how can I not be proud of such an amazing change my daughter could reach alone after many personal experiences she faced alone.

Love letter…

From May to Mom: I will always value and cherish the freedom you gave us, you were never one of those mothers who were always worried and nervous about their children, you never made us feel that you are attached to us which is so freeing although we were always  your priority. To have a mother like you who taught us strength and independence by being the example every child aspires to be is priceless & so precious.

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