Mother Daughter Destinations!

Mother’s Day Ultimate Gift…

A Place for You & Her!

You and Mom and a trip of friendship and love!

Mothers’ day is only few days away and you surely haven’t decided yet what to buy your mom. With so many products and goods, we may not know what gift would delight her best and fulfill her needs.

Out of this, we decided to assist you in this task, and help you pick a unique gift that will definitely surprise your mother, please her, help her relax and spend some great moments while making unforgettable memories.  The gift will be a trip to a destination in the Middle East that perfectly suits your mother’s character and interests.

City Mom?

Take her to Beirut!

If your mother appreciates culture, arts, and night life, there’s no better destination than Beirut, Lebanon, a great and unique vibrant city full of places, sights and attractions ideal for you both to visit and spend the best times together. We advise you to book at the luxurious Lebanese hotel “Albergo” that offers exceptional accommodations and services.

Tucked in the heart of Beirut city, the charming 5-star hotel is considered an ideal location from which you can start off your expeditions alone on foot or by booking any of the tours available exclusively for you and your mother or organized collectively for all the hotel guests. The deluxe hotel is few minutes far from Solidere, Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center Biel, Hamra area in addition to the National Museum and a number of art galleries, restaurants and cafes that propose a variety of local and international cuisines.

You will find in the hotel a tennis court, a rooftop pool and an indoor swimming pool so you can spoil your mom with some relaxing and quiet time. The hotel guests are totally allowed to use the sauna at the spa. And you can enjoy during your stay in this city many unique activities like fishing, golf and skiing that will optimize the experience you’re sharing with your mother for the first time.

For your first meal, we recommend you to book a table in Terrace, the restaurant located on the hotel roof, which serves the finest international American and Lebanese cuisine in a breathtaking entourage with a 360-degree panoramic view overlooking the exquisite city of Beirut.

You’ll also get the chance to do some tempting shopping in the city of creativity and innovation, so if your mother loves all what is rare and distinctive, you will find in the nearby areas many boutiques and lovely stores at your disposal. And if you ever choose to buy her a distinguished piece of jewelry for the occasion, we suggest that you take her to Salim Mouzannar’s boutique where you’ll definitely find the perfect iconic piece that will always remind her of your unforgettable journey together. Don’t forget as well to visit the biggest commercial centers in Hamra and Beirut downtown where you’ll find the finest and most prestigious international brands.

Because your mom is your rock!

Take her to Mim Museum to see beautiful Minerals

Mim is a museum that exhibits creations from the picturesque nature when components mix up with temporal and spatial conditions to form artistic pieces of minerals and precious gems with different colors and shapes. Mim is a private museum located on the Saint-Joseph university campus in Beirut. More than 1800 minerals are exhibited there, representing more than 300 different species from over 65 countries from around the world.


Nature Lover?

Take her to Oman

If your mother is a nature and mountain lover and doesn’t mind heights, the best of choices available near Kuwait is the state of Oman, where you’ll be able to enjoy safe and beautiful natural sights tours at the top summit of Oman Mountains, the “Green Mountain” (Jebel Akhhdar) situated at an altitude of 200 meters above the sea level.

We suggest this trip because it is a relaxing journey that unlocks tension and provides a sense of peace of mind and inner calm away from the city chaos and life concerns. Your mother will enjoy a quiet time-out in a secluded place under a cloudless sky and a refreshing atmosphere. Walk with her in the early morning and savor the quietness of the region. Enjoy some private talks together without any interruption, and make sure she breathes deeply and inhales as much fresh air as possible to fill her lungs to the maximum. The phenomenal resort there was designed to be the perfect gateway to heal the soul and the body. Alila Jabal Akhdar was totally constructed with stones and woods from the mountain itself by way of traditional Omani building techniques combined with new modern architecture arts and traditional decors that retrace the history of the mountain indigenous population.

For this trip, buy a book or novel written by your mother’s favorite author and surprise her with it there. Let her read on the balcony overlooking the picturesque mountains, while sipping tea of which leaves were grown and cultivated in the mountain special plantations, and to mention here that the mountain is known to house many agricultural products such as fruits, roses, pomegranates, peaches, apricots, almonds, walnuts, flowers and fruits and olives plantations.

Alila Jebel Akhdar offers several dining venues like Juniper Restaurant and Rose Lounge, and the other available facilities include a library, many events’ places, spa and boutique Spa Alila.

The resort puts at your disposal a variety of daily activities like hiking, biking, yoga, cooking classes, walks in the valleys or even trips to near villages to experience the hospitality of the Omani people. As for the hotel most famous wellness facilities, you will find a pool of shallow water and warm water with amazing views, as well as an infinity pool, an outdoor and indoor one, a hot tub / jacuzzi, massage services, a fitness center and sauna.

Half-day relaxation

Book your mom a half-day intensive massage session provided by the resort to experience a wellness journey of treatments and massages. Whether your mother is a morning or night person, the resort offers her what suits her best. The journey begins with tea in the open air, then a healthy customized meal, followed by many purifying and relaxing treatments, a foot-specialized bath, a river stones massage, a body wrap treatment and a facial session.

Seeing that it is only accessible by Four-Wheel Drive vehicles, the stunning property provides transportation, and transfer shuttles can be arranged on request. This trip in itself is considered an exciting experience in the middle of a magnificent landscape of natural caves, public gardens and animals wandering everywhere. Muscat International Airport is 2.5 hours, i.e. 150 Km away from the resort.


Desert Queen?

Take her to Dubai desert

If you want to offer your mother an unforgettable adventure in the desert and the wild, away from the busy world and the chaos, our first choice for you would be Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa in Dubai. It is the ideal destination for a woman who appreciates Arab civilization and authentic heritage especially that the resort’s décor is inspired from the heart of the desert and designed in the form of an old Arab fortress.

Situated in the heart of Jebel Ali, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa is the ultimate luxury retreat where you can enjoy stunning desert nights in an entourage classified as very calm despite being only 50 km away from Maktoum International Airport.

Walk with her under the quiet sundown, talk as much as you want and enjoy the darkness of the night and the exquisite and luxurious open spaces of wild nature.

You can share with her many activities such as Arabian Falcons shows led by wildlife experts from the resort, camel rides, and wellness, relaxing and beauty treatments available at the spa.

Before the trip, buy her from Kuwait a sumptuous Arabian Caftan and present it to her there, to wear it for dinner in the desert hotel open air restaurant so she looks the most elegant lady in the place.

Accessible through private network routes, the resort offers a Limousine transport service available upon request.

Lives for Sun & Sea?

Take her to the Dead Sea in Jordan

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar in Jordan will be your mother’s favorite destination if she’s a sea lover.

It is an enchanting 5-star hotel that provides uninterrupted views across the Dead Sea as it is located in the best spot overlooking the vast water, and is the most suitable place for walking in a setting where history and culture have so much to tell. Your mother will enjoy a luxurious stay in Kempinski Hotel Ishtar near the sun and the sea, and she’ll have the chance to explore a new majestic world at the lowest point on earth with the finest facilities and the best services.

The hotel presents many wellness accommodations among which Ishtar Jacuzzi suite specially designed to provide maximum well being and privacy. It is located in the resort area near the sea and features a spacious balcony with an outdoor jacuzzi so you can indulge in the most elegant romantic atmosphere.

Relax with your mother in the magnificent swimming pools of which water comes from the Dead Sea known to have therapeutic and pharmaceutical effective properties because of the salinity of its water. And although no creature can survive in such a high salinity water, this sea is a live one rich in salts and minerals considered a successful therapy for many skin diseases. Experience the ease of swimming in this sea because of its high salinity, whereas any person even non swimmers, can simply lie on his back and let the Dead Sea water carry him to float without effort.

Prepare for your mother a new sports suit and take her in an exciting trip to Wadi Mujib Siq Trail where you will experience an adventure like no other; you will take the cantilevered walkway over the dam and follow the course of the river between towering sandstone cliffs to the base of a large waterfall. It is an ideal adventure to take slowly and enjoy the cool water and shade while exerting some physical efforts. You will be amazed by the towering waterfall that reaches a height of 20 meters. This journey does not require any equipments, all what your mom may need is a pair of sports shoes and a passion for adventure.

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature controls Wadi Mujib natural reserve and organizes yearly trips there and the entrance fee is approximately 2 dinars. You can enter the reserve only with a guide and life jackets are mandatory. There are many thrilling trails during this trip with different lengths, difficulty levels and time required to finish it up. The terrain of the Wadi Mujib reserve consists of rugged, arid mountains and flowing rivers that end in the Dead Sea. You will be able to watch spectacular pink and brown rock formations developed by waterfalls.

Some trails are very tough to the extent that water force may push you back and prevent you from proceeding without assistance. Expect to be submerged in water any time during this adventure, so you’d better be a good swimmer, and free yourself from all precious possessions that may be lost or damaged in the water.

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