Reprogramming Your Food Mind!

When my first son Dari was a child; I remember one day we came back to Kuwait to spend the holidays with our family and friends, Dari visited our relatives and they asked him: Do you want an apple? He said yes. They brought him an apple cut into four pieces, but he didn’t eat it. They asked him why you are not eating; he answered spontaneously: where is the arugula?

This puzzled my relatives for a few minutes; they did not know that I always give my son since he was a child the apple wrapped in arugula. I took this method from one of the natural nutrition schools, which is not to give the child a sugary fruit without vegetables; in this way his mind will not be programmed to love sugars. That’s why my son did not know how to eat the apple without arugula.

After several years of the famous arugula story among the members of our family and friends my daughter had the same situation with a Hummus dish, because her grandmother used to give her Hummus with parsley and she was not used to eat it with bread.

In fact, this is what happens every day with many people when they try to change their nutrition style; at first they get frustrated because they are accustomed or mentally programmed to a certain way for many years they spent using the same dietary methods. And when they want to change they find it hard in the beginning, because the food that we know and trust is part of our expertise, memories, and feelings towards our family and community. The change plan requires an integrated program for reprogramming taking into consideration that the human being hates and fears everything that makes him leave his comfort zone.

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