Ali Alsahaf: Travel is in my Blood!

Traveling around the world is indescribable fun; one of the things Ali enjoys and appreciates in his lifetime. Ali considers traveling an adventure that teaches him self-reliance through practical experience. He also considers the relations he forms with people of different nationalities travel’s grand prize. I find peace in travel and it’s the ideal way to filter my mind from life’s concerns and it defiantly takes me out of my confront zone.

Love of adventure and discovering new things are an essential part of travel. He loves mountaineering and jumping from high peak, also he attends celebrations in cities, which are recorded in his memory as unforgettable beautiful moments.

Ali says: “Travel for me is not only fun, but it is also self-education and learning patience, as well as getting to know other people’s customs and traditions. In addition mingling with others leaves a beautiful imprint in me. I do not represent only myself in my travels, but I am an ambassador for my country and my family.

Ali Alsahaf believes travel is not tiring at all and he knows that many oppose this point of view; that’s why he advises them to experience travel for the sake of traveling only and nothing else, only they will know the true joy of traveling. All you need is to visit tourist attractions and historical sites first, then ask about the villages and areas that are not known to tourists to know how local people really live.

Quick Questions:

A country you will never forget, and why? Japan.

A dangerous situation: young men followed us Turkey; they thought we have a lot money.

A story you will never forget: When I traveled to Japan alone; I learned to depend on myself.

A country you are related to emotionally? Paris.

The best people: Japanese and Koreans.

If travel has seven benefits what the eighth would be? Culture.

How many stamps you have in your passport? Too many stamps.A country you dream to retire in it: Kuwait.

When you will stop traveling? I will not stop traveling.

Three basic needs in your travels? Phone, camera and backpack.

Three important principles for new travelers:

Morals, respect and patience.

The plane is a friend or an enemy? A friend and it is the most safe means of transport.

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