Ahmed Muqeem: Drawing the Faces of Kuwait!

Ahmed considers drawing in particular portraiture an expression of beauty in nature and the translation of man’s image into a two-dimensional realistic painting with three-dimensional precision using brushes and oily colors and it is considered a reflection of the artist’s vision about the item or topic in the nature.

I think my country is alive in its people maybe that’s why I mostly draw faces and in each one of them I see a piece of Kuwait. Ahmed drew the most famous Kuwaiti personalities most notably a panorama painting of the founders of fine movement in Kuwait and the rest of the paintings are portraits of artists like Amir Abdul Reda, Mansour Al Mansour, Ghanem Al Saleh and Abdul Hussain Abdul Reda currently located in Abdul Hussain Abdul Reda Theater.

Ahmed believes that the Kuwaiti artist reached the community by spreading the culture of beauty; the beauty of form, color and font. But the society is still in the stage of identifying art and the government is responsible for promoting the culture of art. He belongs to the realism school, which transfer the element from nature directly by adding the artist’s vision in color, shape, calligraphy and design.

The great Leonardo Da Vinci forever inspires him; he had this amazing connection with nature which reflected greatly in his work. He had many artistic experiences, most notably his trip to China; where he presented three paintings after receiving an invitation from the Chinese Ministry of Culture to participate in the seventh session of cultural workshop under the name of “the sense of spirit of China”with the participation of his Arab colleagues; they met in Beijing, then they went to the village of Neiman in Mongolia and they inspired from its nature there paintings.

He participated in 2003 in the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training exhibition and won the first place award and his first foreign participation was in Madrid, Spain.

Ahmed founded Den Gallery to reflect the uniqueness of our culture, and to host all kinds of art.

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