Beauty Talk with Reem Al Ashrafi

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is a subjective matter, what can’t be denied is where your morals lay within!

Why did you choose to work in the world of beauty?

I loved this field from an early age and I also love beautiful people with kind hearts.

What is the most important information we should know about skin?

The most important piece of information that everyone must know is to drink lots of water, which maintains the skin’s beauty and freshness. In addition to using face sunscreens.

What are the major skin problems women living in the gulf face?

Women in this region suffer from Melasma, because of not drinking enough water and not putting face sunscreens. In addition, to pimples that appears due to eating too much junk food.

How can we maintain a pure and healthy skin throughout the year?

You must use face sunscreens every 4 or 6 hours depending on the type skin and to eat healthy food and drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily as well as use day and night creams daily.

Who is your beauty icon among celebrities?

Lebanese singer and actress Cyrine Abdel Nour, Nadine Nassib Njeim and the Iranian top model Mahlagha Jaberi.

Is there a Kuwaiti female figure of breathtaking beauty?

Fatima Almomen and Dalal AlDoub.

Which moisturizer cream you use?

Hyaluronic acid cream and serum from Beautymed.

Which is your favorite make up brand?

Laycogel, because it is a medical brand and made from natural materials.

Which is the best foundation in your opinion?


What is your night routine to maintain a healthy skin?

I use before sleep vitamins mask for half an hour once a week, then I apply my night creams from Beautymed and Murad.

What would we find in your daily makeup bag?

  • Sunblock 30 SPF from Murad.
  • CLARINS HydraQuench for Lips.
  • Mosaic Powder number 2 from Avene.
  • Hand and nail treatment cream from Clarins.
  • Dermadoctor deodorant and La Perla perfume.

What is the best product to treat dark circles under the eyes?

Renewing Eye Cream from Murad and Dark Circles from Derma Heal.

Which homemade mask you recommend?

Coffee mask with egg whites; you mix these two components and put it on the face for 20 minutes. This mask renews the skin and removes the effects of acne.

What are the most important daily routines that will help our skin to be healthy and beautiful?

You should eat too much fruits and those who suffer from the pimples they should drink carrot juice in the morning and orange juice for healthy fresh skin.

Is there a new product that you like?

Hyaluronic Acid from Beautymed

Is there a new treatment that you like?

Laser treatment to get pink lips and to remove double chin through laser.

Which is the best makeup store in Kuwait?

Sephora and VaVaVoom.

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