Abrar Al Ebrahim ..The Eternal Beauty Seeker!

Kuwait has tremendous youthful potentials in various fields and Abrar Al Ebrahim is considered one of the first Kuwaiti jewelry designers who adores this art and developed her talent through research, education and training. We interview Abrar Al Ebrahim to talk to her about the opening of her new jewelry boutique Th’haba, which includes her personal designs as well as many local, Arab and international jewelry designs.

Who is Abrar Al Ebrahim and what is her greatest passion in life?

Architect and jewelry designer; she loves life and traveling also she is addicted to museums and art galleries. She is the eternal beauty seeker and believes in unlimited love.

How did you enter the world of jewelry?

I began five years ago specifically in April 2011 by chance and the people’s admiration of first creation encouraged me a lot.

 What distinguishes Th’haba from others?

It is characterized by simplicity and the fine details in placing the diamonds. It’s also characterized by renovation; I lunch small collections of jewelry depending on our findings and inspirations from poetry and nature.

What distinguishes your designs?

I use colored diamonds and other kinds of diamonds also my designs are bold in blending color with stones such as using turquoise with colored diamonds.

Tell us about the opening of your boutique?

Th’haba includes my personal designs as well as many local, Arab and international jewelry designs. Also it includes a selection of traditional jewelry with a full explanation and provides bespoke design services.

Why did you choose this name for your boutique?

In our traditional spoken language, Th’haba is an adjective relayed on a woman with high moral qualities and superb life ethics. Th’haba the concept is for the Th’haba woman.

What is your favorite material?

18 carat gold, because of its wonderful color and it is easy to formulate and solid to put precious stones and diamonds.

Are diamonds woman’s best friend?

Diamonds may be a woman best friend, for me all materials, stones and metals are my friends. I don’t mind having a lot of precious friends.

For whom you design?

I design for each woman that appreciates art and effort in the design and sees beauty in the smallest details.

Do you find difficulties in your work?

Time is the biggest challenge I face at work; I work from 7 am until 10-11 pm and I relax only on Fridays. In addition, to bureaucratic difficulties that I hope they find quick solutions for them.

What are the most important qualities the employer must have?

Patience, courage, courtesy and honesty.

What inspires you?

Nature, poetry, the Qur’an, and different stones.

Who are jewelry designers that inspire you?

Annina Vogel, Fernando Jorge, Al Khudhairi and a wide selection of books.

What is fashion for you?

Unfortunately, I do not follow fashion and I try to create my own Look.

Do you think jewelry is a significant part in elegance?

Jewelry is the ideal way a woman can use to express her personality.

What are your favorite plans for Th’haba?

Launch a series of educational books by the name Th’haba. I also intend to organize workshops and lectures by local and international speakers in the nearest future.

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