Start Here … and Now!

You may be like all other humans who wait for 364 days in order to set their goals and change their lives for the better. They put plans for the future and on the last day of the year they sleep and wake up and nothing have happened. Many of those people time restrict their ability to achieve what they want to accomplish in their lives. This attachment to time and waiting for New Year to bring about change is like the traveler who at the last minute looks for his passport and does not find it, so he cancels his trip and waits for the next year to travel again and the scenario will be repeated again!

People do the same things and embrace the same ideas, yet they expect a different life and they wonder why I do not get what I want? And why my life does not change? There is a simple equation: “What do you see and how you feel”, which means what do you see in your present? And how do you feel about things? Do you know that kindness or hatred, richness or poverty, depression or happiness are all inanimate things like a chair does not feel and does not know if you are good or evil; every one can sit on it. So your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about things either frustrate you or nourish your ambitions. Remember that your life shapes itself according to your feelings and your thoughts towards it. In the sense that life does not give you only what you ask from her and shows you what you want to see.

Purify your mind as much as you can and begin to change your look to things until feeling change toward these things and lift up your ambition; There is a saying: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear which means if you change your thinking and your behavior towards things await the appearance of what you wish in your life and not vice versa.

All what you have to do is to begin here and now! Yes, your present draws your future; what you do now and think about determines how your tomorrow will be.

This is an invitation from me to overcome the obsession with beginnings specified time and to wait 01/01 to change. If the desire exists and the intention and the goal are clear… all you have to do is to begin here and now!

Written by: Ammar Marafi

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