Life & Its Secrets!

Kuwaiti artist Hussein Dickson touched beauty in the way of life around him. He used to watch his father draws and felt in an early age the desire to beautify everything around him.

If you search among the best Kuwaiti Fine Artists you will find that Hussein Dickson heads the list; his abstract paintings tell a thousand stories and hold a thousand secret. Hussein’s father is his role model; he used to watch him draws with love, admiration and pride.

He is always keen to reflect contemporary human issues in his paintings that he takes from his interaction with his surrounding and entourage. He uses his art to transmit messages and let the viewer notices and interacts with the given matters.

He loves all his paintings but the dearest to his heart are the ones that raised a particular issue and the ones he wanted to communicate with others through them; he believes that fine art carries a semiotic message to the community and the real artist sends through his paintings a message that may reflect a certain reality, or an event, or circumstance.

According to his opinion the artist should not stop at a certain extent; thus his paintings will be sophisticated and rich in materials. Hussein usually tends to use dark colors like brown and shades of red. He also believes that the Kuwaiti artist does not need anything because he has capabilities and potentials, except the needs to keep pace with the global art movement “This is what we are doing in Den gallery, which was established in 2014 by a group of Kuwaiti artists hosting unique and cultural art. Den gallery expands experiences to promote professionals of various creative disciplines resulting in a series of successful ventures by representing Kuwait globally. It aims to exhibit artist’s artworks to the general public to encourage them to become active members in the society”.

Hussein summarizes himself as an artist and painter by saying:” The artist goes to his studio and try to transform all the scenes, dialogues and issues revolving in his mind to a painting; this in itself is creative process “.

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